March 3, 2015

Reading Assignment: "“ISIS is no worse than the KKK” "

“ISIS is no worse than the KKK” | Chris Hernandez

A certain strain exists within American society, a portion of our population who believes evil’s root causes are all white, male and Christian. This culminates in the amazing belief that Muslim terrorist organizations like ISIS, responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent people over just the last several years, warrant no special attention. Adherents of this belief continually downplay the blatant and obvious international threat posed by ISIS and its ilk, while simultaneously bringing up long-ago atrocities in a desperate attempt to find moral equivalence between Islamic terrorism and American culture. This desire to find something, anything, comparable to ISIS evil led even our own President to talk about the Crusades during a recent prayer breakfast.
Consider that for a moment. An army of Muslim fanatics is killing thousands of people, invading an allied country, executing prisoners in unspeakable ways and even televising the brutal decapitations of American citizens. And for no reason I can think of, our President brings up events hundreds of years old. Maybe in an attempt to convince us, “We’re just as bad.”
A few days ago the Huffington Post, mouthpiece of the “we’re evil too” crowd, published something – and I know this is nearly impossible to believe – far more ridiculous than normal. This is the title of their article:
KKK Was Terrorizing America Decades Before Islamic State Appeared
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Posted by gvanderleun at March 3, 2015 6:24 PM
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That's a laugh. Most Klansmen would be pissing down both legs if they came face to face with ISIS troops.

Posted by: chasmatic at March 3, 2015 10:19 PM

ISIS...latest product of the Isramerican symbiote, via "arming 'moderate' Sunni's" to destroy Assad's Shi'a regime in Syria. "We" are not "just as bad"...we are way, way worse. Think on it: before General Drone Killer - recently elevated from 3 to 4 stars - started blowing up entire villages and butchering wedding parties in Yemen, there were c. 200 Jihadis in the entire country. Now there are thousands. Something is clearly wrong...and the root cause isn't to be found in the Middle East. It's to be found on Wall Street (see: Tribal Fed/petrodollar) and DC (see: Netanyahu addressing bought-and-paid-for Zionist-puppet Congress). A Congress whose operative policy is "Israel gets to have borders, but America doesn't". Operational definition: ZOG

Posted by: Haxo Angmarl at March 4, 2015 4:55 AM

Haxo: what you say sounds like Klan propaganda.
Blame the Jews for everything that's wrong.
Bubba, that dog don't hunt.

"Root cause", uh? The root cause is people that think ISIS is a good thing. It ain't.

To address a scourge such as Islam we must think in terms of extermination.
Think: Dresden;
Think: Hiroshima and Nagasaki;
Collateral damage? Every time some unfortunate guy gets beheaded and the video goes viral?
Really, collateral damage? You're worried some kids or old people are gonna get killed?
When they kill one of ours, we kill one hundred of theirs.
It has been seen and experienced in most every other country in the world, from the "super-powers" to the Third World yocky-dock countries: Islam is not a good thing.
It benefits nobody, apparently not even the adherents.
Instead of cowering and hoping that it won't happen near us we should be fire-bombing Baghdad and other concentrations of Muslim terrorists.
Can't find 'em? Enlarge the target area.

Posted by: chasmatic at March 4, 2015 5:53 AM

Since Im way too old to really do anything about it except vote...and yeah, that voting thing can fix it, I'm gonna keep my powder dry and try to teach my children what they are really up against. But that ship has probably sailed. My girls are millennials and I don't harbor a great deal of hope that they will get it until these devils are on the doorstep and probably, by then, I'll be pushing up daisies. Ah...too late, shoulda listened in class.

Only nits can breed lice and when people complain about things today I wonder how Obama's supporters think and feel if they actually can do either?

So when I hear people complain I wonder: What else should the world expect from an illegitimate, half-breed, communist muslim?

Posted by: Jack at March 4, 2015 8:52 AM

It's like being in Caligula's Rome. A half breed faggot of dubious provenance on the throne and toadying grifters running the place.
You gotta forgive me, I'm not well ... sometimes I think I've seen too much.
I wish Putin had grown up in Boise. – Remus

Posted by: chasmatic at March 4, 2015 9:53 AM

As far as I'm concerned this ISIS entity is less dangerous than the average neighborhood jackboot that has the authority to kill you outright with no repercussions.

ISIS is over there, the jackboots are over here.

Stay armed, with a variety of tools.

Posted by: ghostsniper at March 4, 2015 10:30 AM


Every time I hear one of these little pajamaboys busily constructing moral equivalencies I'm reminded of my all-time favorite quote from Albert Einstein, to wit:

"The majority of the stupid is invincible, and will be with us always."

Attaboy, Al.

Posted by: Rob De Witt at March 4, 2015 10:59 AM

The KKK was founded by democrats. The last KKK member of congress, Robert Byrd, was a democrat.

Posted by: Ray at March 4, 2015 11:23 AM

I'm not going to read that article. Has anybody? Can you tell me if they mention that the KKK was a bunch of Democrats who hated (1) blacks and (2) Republicans?

Posted by: ELC at March 5, 2015 6:04 AM

ISIS is more like the Khmer Rouge than like the KKK.

Posted by: Speller at March 6, 2015 12:51 PM

Speller: a lot of folks in this country have never heard of the killing fields.
Yelps of denial:
"Do people really do things like that?" and "Nah, that would never happen here".

That's the nice thing about reality though, consequences are immediate and proportional: a short'n sharp feedback, no room for dithering excuses. — Remus

Posted by: chasmatic at March 6, 2015 9:28 PM

It's the history. There's no doubt about it. What has happened is for the last 150 years, the Democratic Party has refused to own that it was they and their fellow travelers who formed up and operated the KKK. It's now the current Democratic party and it's fellow travelers who are the enablers of ISIS. Apparently the Democratic party hasn't really been progressive.

Posted by: MarkInKansas at March 7, 2015 2:01 PM