May 4, 2010

New Words for the Grinding of Dull Old Axes

hatchet-2.jpgMorgan @ House of Eratosthenes wants to work up some new names for old things:

"We have a lot of things infesting us that seem to hang around from one year to the next, because nobody puts together an organized campaign to make ‘em go away. And it isn’t possible to put together such a campaign if these things aren’t named. I thought, without taking the time to actually invent the names, I should start a little list of what they are."

Interesting. Here's my free-association "off-the-pop-of-my-head" names for the infestations collected on Morgan's list. Add or subtract at will.

1. Vaginism: That branch of feminism that seeks to divide privilege from responsibility, so that all gender disparities having to do with privilege can be ended, but disparities dealing with responsibility can endure indefinitely.

2. The Apocolyptics: That sect of Christianity that seeks to win converts through fear and threats, by linking random disasters to the vengeance of an angry, spurned God.

3. Fellatioration: Excessive adoration for a public figure based not on the sensibilities of his ideas, or their likely success, but rather on the uneducated perception that he would be a close and dear friend if only his acquaintance could be made somehow.

4. The Putzion: Pronouncing oneself to be the champion of a debate after having deployed nothing but “zingers.”

5. Warriortizationism: The mistaken belief that war must be caused by those who show the temerity to acknowledge it is coming, or to respond to its arrival, or to prepare for its arrival, or to enlist for the purpose of responding to it.

6. Intellexecution: Making horrible ideas look like possibly-good ideas, by socially stigmatizing their opposites.

7. Prevalidization: When an awful idea of yours is put to a test, and fails, behaving as if history began the day after that test; conveniently forgetting about any & all occasions on which the idea has been exposed as a miserable failure.

8. Evilation: Insisting that secular people like you are just as moral as religious people, and then defining morality according to your own personal likes and dislikes — how else could it be done? — completely missing the irony.

9. Cake-Eatery: The notion held by certain people “at the top” of a structure of money, power or prestige, that people beneath this level should be forced to cope with limits that don’t apply up there. Hypocrisy coupled-up with a sense of elitism.

10. BabyHueys: Angry people show off their anger. Say they’re angry because they don’t have stuff. The other people get them whatever it is they want. The angry people stay angry as if they were never given the stuff, even though they were.

Posted by Vanderleun at May 4, 2010 12:11 PM
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For #2, I humbly submit "The Apoplectolyptics." Longer, I know, but implies the image of bulging forehead veins and frothing mouths.

Posted by: Julie at May 4, 2010 1:09 PM

"-completely missing the irony."

Yeah. That's one Rushie was talking about today. They don't get that we're making fun of them when we blame Obama for the oil spill - "Obama's Katrina."

There's a commercial from "The Ad Council" (what is that anyway? someone should research) encouraging us to "watch out" for those "predatory lenders." I've been somewhat amused by that term... like there's some banker out there with his teeth bared just looking to loan money to someone who won't pay him back! WATCH OUT!

Posted by: Western Chauvinist at May 4, 2010 1:48 PM

2. The Apocolyptics: That sect of Christianity that seeks to win converts through fear and threats, by linking random disasters to the vengeance of an angry, spurned God.

I didn't realize that Global Warmists were Christians.

Posted by: Don Rodrigo at May 4, 2010 1:55 PM

Gerard - this was great! Can I suggest that next time you supply the definition and let your readers supply the word? (Yes, I know that WaPo used to do this, but they always got some great answers anyway).

Posted by: old salt at May 4, 2010 4:24 PM


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