February 15, 2006

Freedom, and Gasoline, Ain't Free

A FINELY DISTILLED VINTAGE RANT from AskMom: Freedom, per Gallon

Here's but a small sip:

The current shrieking and sniveling, most of it by people who can afford mega-vehicles, vacation houses and exotic travel, is unseemly. Not to mention just plain dumb and out-of-touch. Voters are about to send a message to their governments and it won't be a demand for more protected acreage and wildlife at any price.

No, we love our private transportation, our suburbs, our freedom to move about when, where and how we please. God help anyone who tries to restrict those freedoms or increase the price of that freedom unreasonably. Here's a memo for the Sierra Club et al: in a contest between being able to drive to the kid's little league game, the grocery store and the library, and some allegedly endangered marsh leech, the leech is going to lose. If you don't understand why, you too are an idiot and you may leave now.

Billions of people all over the planet would love to come here and pay one-fifth of their average hourly wage for a gallon of gas. Where they are now, gas is about a week's pay per gallon. Not that there is much gas, or work, available. Or that it matters anyway, since there are few motorized vehicles. And the ones that do exist are used by local thugs to drive around gunning down anyone trying to improve their lives. By, for instance, having free markets and fast, cheap delivery of good food, safe water and GASOLINE.

Read the rest and then ask for a refill.

Posted by Vanderleun at February 15, 2006 4:01 PM
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OT, but:

"Why did our fictional Time Traveler return to New Year’s Eve 2005? The paradoxical answer might be that it was the last real time of peace he knew of in the 21st Century."

Dan Simmons is back with more about the Time Traveler. Long post. I'm still reading...

Posted by: jimharalson at May 16, 2006 10:49 PM