March 31, 2008

298 Feeds. Some of the have to be worth reading.

Sippican Cottage: I'm The Only Serial Killer In Massachusetts

I've seen people painstakingly build Web edifices of large handfuls of monomaniac patrons, being counted over and over as they compulsively visit a page and yell stuff in the comments. Then the bloggers get a book deal based on the traffic numbers and no one buys it. It's as if you got every person that stands on a highway overpass and yells at traffic to sign off on your business plan. If I had to rename the Internet right now, "Potemkin" would appear somewhere in its new title.

The Belmont Club: After the Surge

Sooner or later there has to be a showdown between the Iraqi government (which although Shi'ite dominated is neverthless partly made up of Kurds and Sunnis) and the militias. And this showdown can never be concluded purely by negotiation, however one may wish them to be. Recommending negotiations also doesn't address the fact that Sadr and other militias probably won't respect any ceasefires, especially if they are encouraged by NYT stories describing their glowing victories. The mortar volley on the Green Zone today demonstrates that a ceasefire is only understood as working one way.

William M. Briggs, Statistician: Tall men in planes

Pants for the tall are a cruel joke. Even if they carry labels that promise lengths of 35 or more inches, we know that these labels are a lie. Yes, the legging material may stretch for yards and yards, but there is never enough space where it counts. These pants are called "short-rise" for obvious reasons.

One Cosmos: More Odds & Endlesses

Whenever you hear the phrase "socially conscious," reach for your revolver. For the left, this replaces being "spiritually conscious," or just having a conscience in the traditional sense. It is their version of "fundamentalism."

Word Around the Net: REAL MEN COOK VI

Recently I took a beef kielbasa and laid it on a bed of turnip greens then dumped red wine vinegar and orange juice (one orange worth) on it trying to make a sweet and sour effect. It cooked for an hour and smelled awful but by the end it really did taste terrific. Sometimes it doesn't turn out so well.

Missio Dei Playing Jesus

There is a temptation in love to become someone's savior, to be their Jesus. When we love it is possible for someone to see us as their savior. But as Bono asks, is it for the lepers in our own head?

Maggie's Farm Toxic Incentives: Moral Hazard Ahead

In truth, buying a home mortgage is no different from an LBO, or buying options on margin. Didn't these people ever play Monopoly? Newspapers and pandering politicians call these unlucky gamblers "homeowners," but they aren't. They own nothing but debt and a contract.

about:blank CheeseBurger Flavored Water. Introducing "Meat Water"!

Mmmmmmm. "You can even taste the ketchup!". You are also advised to drink it warm. Sounds delicious!

World Climate Report "Warming Island" - Another Global Warming Myth Exposed

As was the case of the previous two scare stories we examined that turned out to be untrue (global warming leading to amphibian decline in Central and South America, and the Inuit language lacking a word for "robin" ), the story of "Warming Island" was also prominently featured in the New York Times.

Rachel Lucas Most people have to pay a psychologist for this kind of mental help.

You need me to take over functional oversight of Earth one day, and in order for me to do that, I have to spread the word about how great I am.

neo-neocon Obama didn't go to law school for nothing

Politician as therapist, as conversation-enabler. It's an interesting idea, and fits in well with Obama'€™s belief in "dialogue" as the solution for the world's ills. But it's got a few flaws.

Stuff White People Like #93 Music Piracy

Because of the availability of music online, a very strict social hierarchy has been created within white culture whereby someone with a large MP3 collection is considered "normal," a large CD collection is considered to be "better," and a person with a large vinyl collection is recognized as "elite."


"The staff of Newsweek will shrink dramatically, after 111 staffers on its news and business sides accepted a buyout last week."

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