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The "Not Insane" To-Do List

"There is no multi-tasking. There is only the monkey mind jabbering so fast it seems like multi-tasking." *

CHIEF AMONG THE RESOLUTIONS about to be made will be the one in which "we here highly resolve" to get more stuff done. "Productivity" has become a pagan idol and it's cult is GTD -- or "Getting Things Done." Merlin Mann @ 43 Folders is the high priest of this cult and David Allen is his prophet.

As Bokonon says in Cat's Cradle, "Busy, busy, busy."

But putter not, I am here to "restore you to life."

As you know, we all have far too much to do. But the only reason this is so is because of the proliferation of productivity tools that respond to our insane lust to be "productive." Driving this insanity is the To-Do list which is, being limitless, is unlimited in its ability to drive us insane.

It's time to stop the To-List insanity. To just say no to To-Do.

Toss all you've previous To-Do Listing Systems you've got out -- paper and/or electronic -- and convert to this new, improved certifiably not-insane system.

Click to enlarge

Prints out on 3x5 cards suitable for your Hipster PDA

A PDF file suitable for printing is located RIGHT HERE.

Don't say I never do anything to increase your sanity, because I just did.

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Ghosts of Christmas Past

From the ever-wonderful Sippican Cottage

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Life List: "My God, what have I done?"

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The Sorry State of After You Say You're Sorry

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Al Gore as the Powerpoint Jesus

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The Rise of the Purple Warriors

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Bill and Hillary's Hippie Daze

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New York Times Anonymous: The 12 Steps

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THE BULLSHIT BEHIND BIOFUEL: Smithsonian Magazine -- Who's Fueling Whom? "There are more than 200 million cars and light trucks on American roads, meaning they would require two billion acres' worth of corn a year (if they actually used only 50 gallons a month). The country has only about 800 million acres of potential farmland."


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Gore to Earthlings: The Memo


From: The Global Control Center of the Great and Powerful Gore
To: International Party Animals Here in Bali
Re: Let's Make Our Kickoff Tailgater a Real Scorcher!

For Immediate Release

Dear Little People,
Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome, im cabaret, au cabaret, to cabaret, to Bali!

I hope you all got your "Goodie" Bags and genuine Vuitton suitcase of cash. If not, talk to George and he'll hook you up. It's supercool, but not too cool, here in Bali and it will get groovier as we trip out together. As for the formal opening with the world's press in attendence, I want to remind you again that it is Black Thong optional. Full Brazilian waxes are available gratis, like everything else, at the Spa. You see anything else you like around the grounds, Prius, Hummer, or a small Balinese girl or boy, just sign for it. But, hey, remember to "play safe." This is, after all, one of those 3rd world countries.

Because, for special groovy people like us, it will always be 1968, the special surprise headliner at the our Woodstock South Pacific Live Earth Acid Test and International Human Hump-In here in Bali is, once again, Country Joe and the Fish!, singing their new song that is currently number one in the Mission District of San Francisco, "Feel Like I'm Fixing to Fry Rag ( Next Stop the Heart of the Sun )." Now, you gotta admit that is far out! Just thinking about it makes the years and the pounds just melt away doesn't it?

Here are the lyrics. Learn them. You will sing them with enthusiasm.


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When Words Collide: Yabble

New times require new words. Freshly minted, I give you:


1. To complain peevishly or meaninglessly, in a staccatto fashion, supported only with a keyboard and an internet account.


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The Ice Storm of Iowa: A Choice of "Sortas"

Opening somewhere in the midwest soon:

As the 2008 election scandal looms in the background, the inhabitants of Iowa begin to slip into an existentialist void, wherein social taboos are shattered on whims and the line between adult authority and juvenile irresponsibility in campaigning is practically nonexistant. Focusing on three candidates in particular, the Edwards, the Obamas and the Clintons, "The Ice Storm of Iowa " chronicles a brief period of rapid moral deterioration, as the candidates shatter their social "roles" in pursuit of votes, within an environment turned inwards on itself. -- The Ice Storm of Iowa 2008 - Plot summary

The Democratic rivals struggled with an ice storm -- and each other -- as they spent Saturday courting constituencies crucial to winning the nomination and the White House. -- Democrats in Iowa battle ice, each other

This is not to say there is no clear choice here. There is only what I'd call a "sorta" choice.


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It's Midday in Seattle on December 1. Do You Know Where Your Global Warming Is?


My backyard 14 minutes ago. More coming down and sticking. I'm also getting reports of a real deep freeze setting in back on in New England. If you've got some spare global warming hanging around, bring it on! As for me, I'm putting on the robe and going into hibernation mode. Wake me when the Ice Age is over.


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New Republic Editor Twists Slowly in His Own Wind

Franklin Foer's plea of "Guilty... but with an explanation" for the New Republic's Fictional soldier's stories is at Fog of War.

There will be a tsunami of comment on this all over the sphere. This is just an early warning signal.

You can play "follow the flamers" at Memeorandum where the dog pile is only just getting started.


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The National Geographic's "Gospel of Judas?" Crap Then. Crap Now

Remember the fluff published by National Geographic about Judas being simply "misunderstood?" It turns out that NatGeo well understood what they were doing. They were publishing a scam. And took pains to hide their tracks. Here's today's item from NYT (via The Anchoress) Gospel Truth - New York Times by April D. DeConick, a professor of Biblical studies at Rice University, is the author of "The Thirteenth Apostle: What the Gospel of Judas Really Says.


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