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How the Mainstream Media Can Get Me to Vote Democratic Again

It is quite simple and easily done. What's more a simple pledge by the major networks, CNN, The New York Times and its assorted camp followers traipsing down the path towards circulation zero, could assure the Democratic Party's hegemony for at least a decade. All these bozos have to do is run front page, top of the news slot, pledges that if we allow the Dems to win they will, once and for


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Making the LA Times

A site worth 70 million words - Los Angeles Times

Seattle blogger Gerard Van der Leun stumbled across a trove of L.A. photos by Ansel Adams -- mostly outtakes from a shoot for Fortune magazine -- on the library's website in March. Van der Leun was a fan of the photographer but didn't know he had taken extensive photographs of city life. So he posted the pictures to his online Flickr site. Suddenly, the photos got linked to sites around the world, and he was flooded with e-mails about the shots.
The latest was last night when somebody wrote to ask me the address of a building in Los Angeles that has not existed since 1951.

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A Man With A Plan Panama -- Vacation, That Is

One of my more clear-headed email correspondents has a plan for a little R&R for Iraq Operations at this point in the game. To wit:


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Lunch at the Cardiac-A-Rest, Yawl

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Local Business, Charleston, South Carolina

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Pictures of the Gone World

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And Now A Brief Review of Pat Buchanan's "State of Emergency"

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I wake up early in the hotel room near the shore and, before going to the airport, I take the time to walk the beach for a few minutes and gaze at the big ferris wheel now dark and motionless on the Santa Monica Pier, all the kids, friends and lovers it hoisted into the Friday night sky now sleeping at home. I think for a moment, but only a moment, about the last time I rode the wheel up into the night. Then I file that memory away and turn back to my day.

Lincoln Boulevard is almost bereft of traffic in that dawn haze that defines so many of the mornings I have spent in Los Angeles. I detour down Palms Avenue in Venice and take a quick glance at the small house where the smaller marijuana farm grew unattended long ago when we walked the beach, made love under the pier, and listened to 3-Dog-Night rehearse in their garage. The house is still there, but the small patch of ground is long ago gone under concrete.

They say that if you can remember the sixties, you weren't there. But my curse is that I was and I remember everything.

Then it is on to the airport and the early flight that will hurl me across the continent. A full plane and everyone thinks it is quite unremarkable, boring even, that we are raised up to a place high above the earth where, exposed, we would freeze and die before our fall was barely begun. Unremarkable that the coffee is hot and the wine chilled as we receive them in our seats that move through mid-heaven at more than 500 miles an hour.


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Overwhelmingly Brilliant.

"The security of the United States is not a game. Can we afford a party that treats it like one?"

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Gay Is Busting Our All O-O-Ver....!

The semi-pro gay outer (Republican Gays Only) David Corn continues to promote his "List of Gays to Be Outed Agenda" with

Copies of The List (see below) have been sent by gay politicos to a variety of social conservative groups that look to the Republican Party to make their religious right dreams come true.
I must admit that it was only recently that I thought of Corn as a man more fit than any other to fly the Rainbow flag from the top of his pole; of a man ready to fight the good fight for gay freedom, gay justice, gay marriage, and the gay American way. This latest obsession of his to make sure


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Liberal spokesman and author David Corn has a site that's been deluged today around his article, "The List" which begins:

There's a list going around. Those disseminating it call it "The List." It's a roster of top-level Republican congressional aides who are gay.
This may well be the reverse Monica of the new century; the first time that a remote hand-job has had a hand, so to speak, in bringing down a government.

At the same time, the rich and full aroma of deep irony revolves around what can only be seen as a Democratic initiated and driven effort to purge Congress at all levels of homosexuals because they are, well, Republicans or work for same. Coming from a party that is first and foremost about advancing gay and lesbian rights on all fronts, it seems especially shameful that -- to settle all their old scores and gripes and grievances -- they are going willing to sacrifice the lives, careers and reputations of their fellow Americans on the altar of their derangement.

It would be obvious and popular to the point to the Hypocrisy! of it all in this case, but that's the cheap and easy way out. It really is more despicable and viscous than that. Corn pretty much sums up this deeply disturbed mindset in his article when he writes:

I have a copy. I'm not going to publish it. For one, I don't know for a fact that the men on the list are gay. And generally I don't fancy outing people--though I have not objected when others have outed gay Republicans, who, after all, work for a party that tries to limit the rights of gays and lesbians and that welcomes the support of those who demonize same-sexers.
You'd be hard pressed to find a statement that more sums up the proposition that "The end justifies the means." Corn's subtext is, of course, 'I'm not going to publish it, because I don't have to. Now that you folks in the media know there's a list, you can go and find it from someone less moral than I am. Please write or call if you'd like a pointer. Strictly on the QT, off-the-record, and very hush-hush.' A morally aware person with a respect for the privacy of a fellow human being's sexuality would not write about such a list at all. Case closed. But I don't look for any real moral awareness to rise from the reactionary spear carrieers of the party of "post-modern moral certitude and relativistic rectitude." It's just another example of the extremes of the Democratic Party going after the blood of the moderates, Democrat or Republican, straight or, in this instance, gay.

It would seem that if you can't win an election on the issues, you win it on outing the gay members of the opposite party. Color me not surprised. Politics as pure perversion. If the moderates of this country have come to believe that the Republicans are "capable of anything," just wait until they get a load of what the New! Improved! and Even More Degenerate Democrats can do.

Gay Partiot is also worth reading on this subject at Gay Patriot More Foley Fallout: The Gay GOP Witchhunt Begins

NOTE: I must confess that I did not coin the term "Masturgate." This crime against the English language was perpetrated by the infamous Roger L. Simon who tells me to note this factoid because, to him, it is a matter of "pride of authorship."

UPDATE: File under Two Minds with but a Single Thought. From the comments:
Mr. Simon will have to show he coined "Masturgate" before October 1. That's when I included it in a post on my blog, which I cross-posted to Daily Kos.

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