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My Own Private Dumb and Dumber Idaho

You know, this sort of thing is getting just plain tedious.

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Moon on Strike

"Nothing I can do/ total eclipse of the moon." Be there or be.... sleeping.

NASA supplies a handy chart for lunar eclipse totality in your time zone HERE.

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Liberalosis: A Disease Killing and Crippling Millions of Our Fellow Americans

"Remember, only you
can prevent Liberalosis"

EXHIBIT A: "It's become folly for people to go on about how they would kill Hitler if they could go back into time or kill someone like him if they saw him gaining too much popularity.So if these people are to be believed:What the F**k is George W. Bush doing alive?Why hasn't somebody killed this idiot yet and made the world safer? "--Hitler Redoux [sic] by "The Voice Of Reason" at Independent Media Center

Liberalosis is a psychiatric classification for a mental state in which the perception of political reality is distorted.


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Child Care


Children are easy.
One gun will rule dozens.
Shoot one, the rest will obey.

Children are easy
To keep and control.
No need to water or feed.

Children are easy.
Their tears are quite tiny.
No need to hear them or heed.

Children are easy.
They gather in schools.
It's simple to beat them en masse.

Children are easy.
Their bones are like sticks.
You can snap them in two if you please.

Children are easy,
And much cheaper to kill.
One bullet can blow away three.

Children are easy.
There will always be more
For the bags, for the bags, for the bags on the floor.

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