December 6, 2007

Speedbumps on Utopia Parkway

HO-HO-HO! Zucker at MSNBC to hack at employees in $20-$40 million bloodbath: PEACOCK PURGE "Mad as Hell" units to be spared as cable midget struggles to become first loser. For now. "Shows hosted by Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and Dan Abrams, as well as the documentary unit - are sacrosanct and won't be affected by any of the cuts." (via The Green Report)

Good Question, asked by Reuel Marc Gerecht a year and a half ago: "Why would the Iranian clerical regime, which has clandestinely spent hundreds of millions, if not a few billion, dollars over twenty years on nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs, give up its quest for the bomb -- especially when it is an issue that unites, not divides, the ruling clerical elite?"

One Year IN:

Via Ninme who is now cheered up.

The Illusion of Central Position: "Everyone is breathlessly awaiting Romney's speech this morning as if it's going to change everything." ( Tom Bevan @ Real Clear Politics ) Zzzzzzzz... actually most working stiffs are breathlessly awaiting lunch this morning, but you and yours yabble away.

Dickless wonders: John Dingell (Mich.) and John P. Murtha (Pa.) evaluated by Dick Cheney -- "They are not carrying the big sticks I would have expected." via Webutante

When is enriched uranium not "military" uranium? When it is "civilian" uranium. Former UN Ambassador John R. Bolton enumerates The Flaws In the Iran Report. His conclusion? "While the president and others argue that we need to maintain pressure on Iran, this "intelligence" torpedo has all but sunk those efforts, inadequate as they were. Ironically, the NIE opens the way for Iran to achieve its military nuclear ambitions in an essentially unmolested fashion, to the detriment of us all." This would seem to be a case of 'becareful what you don't ask for, you might get it.'

Alamand Left: There's a new lady dancing at the temporary Huckabee Hoedown this morning as the New York Times proclaims Pulpit Was the Springboard for Huckabee's Rise. Reaganaut, pastor, Governor, Clinton-Slayer, and "a charitable Christian," Huckabee's deep Evangelical roots seem to be selling well in Iowa.

Pile O' Dough: The Aussies call it the World's largest D'oh Nut but it's really just 80,000 doughnuts all piled up. No American would have settled for less than The Singularity.

Chilling dissent and assent in Canada. Mark Steyn comments on Canada's "Human Rights Commissions" and the recent move to silence him and Canada's news magazine, Macleans for "Islamophobia." Steyn: "I can defend myself if I have to. But I shouldn't have to." More evidence that in Canada brains only drain to the south.

Elsewhere in Canada Ilkka Kokkarinen's "teenage dream of living in the city of Bladerunner is again one step closer."

Only extreme killings in Nebraska can interrupt the Drudge Report's decade long love affair with extreme weather conditions. But you can feel flood, snow, and record cold fighting their way back into their customary top spot.

Tracking Treason: The Belmont Club showcases a story out of England ( British imam's daughter under police protection after converting to Christianity) to underscore what has by now become obvious: The native Western liberal intellectual elite is going betray every principle it espouses to a) bash America; b) keep itself "safe".

Good Women Make Bad Soldiers: Author Kingsley Browne, guest-blogging @ The Volokh Conspiracy will spend some days discussing the implications of his new book, Co-ed Combat: The New Evidence That Women Shouldn't Fight the Nation's Wars : "Inclusion of women in those roles results in a segment of the force that is physically weaker, more prone to injury (both physical and psychological), less physically aggressive, able to withstand less pain, less willing to take physical risks, less motivated to kill...." Surprised? I'm not and you shouldn't be. [Via: Amy Alkon]

Further footnotes on the wussification of America:
Editorial: The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA - Graphic photos should show context "In the larger context of world events, the decision to publish the photo would not seem controversial. The incident happened and it was extraordinary. It was news. But some readers have little tolerance for images depicting harm to people and animals." Short form -- STFU already!

Matthew Yglesias: anatomy of an intellectual crackhead "The truth is that I'm not terribly interested in Yglesias, who is the sort of cheap, fashionable writer every age produces in scads, or in the conflict between the Pentagon and Iran, which will presumably end in one of the usual military clusterfucks. What I'm interested in is crack, and how it works."

The Big Eye: $200 Million Grant To Build World's Largest Telescope

White House vs. Blogs, Round 137: In 2004 I wrote "West Wing Dot Gov" The White House Blogger @ AMERICAN DIGEST "As the Bush Administration more and more comes to resemble "The Gang That Couldn't Think Straight," they might -- if they can pull a crisp moment together -- consider both suggestions very, very seriously." Now it is far, far too late in the game.

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Gerard -

Did you read the text of Romney's speech?

I listened to it live this morning, and intend to read the thing before the weekend. I liked what I heard - for the most part - and think the content will improve with age.

I am interested in your thoughts.

Posted by: TmjUtah at December 6, 2007 7:27 PM

As someone who thinks it's time for John Murtha to end his time haunting the halls of Congress, you should visit the web site of Murtha's opponent, Lt. Col. William T. Russell at: He needs your support in this effort to defeat Murtha.

I hope you'll also consider joining "Bloggers 4 Russell," a group that now totals 40-plus and which we hope will reach 500 by Election Day. To join, please either leave me a comment at: or send me an e-mail at: Joining will give you the opportunity to communicate with others who are backing Lt. Col. Russell.

I'm writing all this month about why Murtha shouldn't be in Congress -- and Russell should. I discuss how Murtha has misrepesented himself consistently to the voters of the 12th District of PA. Please visit. Commnets are always welcome. Thanks for your assistance.

Steve Maloney

Posted by: Stephen R Maloney at December 7, 2007 1:21 PM
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