November 29, 2007

These Just In Thursday

The Manolo says "When the honeymoon is over ....

... even strong marriages can reach the point where one passes out on the couch beside their oblivious husband as he ponders what he has got himself into.
Ayyy, the Manolo is the one wise. Of course, we do not put it beyond whomever is attached to the fifth hand to take advantage of the Pamela Anderson, once the proud lifeguard of the beaches of Malibu, and now employed as a lowly fluffer in the Valley.

Ron Paul according to Glenn Reynolds, emperor of the one-liners "His voice is too high, he can't remember who the Kurds are, and he often comes off like a crazy old man in a bus station."

cryingindian_2.jpgVarifrank shoots. Varifrank scores! It's not a bug, its a feature.
Democrats can run only if the conditions are just right. Democrats are the "goldilocks party". Picky, choosy little girls that are not above breaking and entering someones house to break their furniture and eat their food. They can't debate, they can barely talk to each other,much less a critical audience. No, not those folks, the 'Delicate Flowers' the 'victims of society', the 'angst and sadness' party. The party that cries more than "Iron eyes Cody".

Again with the "Can't we all just get along?" Rodney King shot in San Bernardino
No global warming at UNICEF:The Children of Kashmir Are Freezing
UNICEF decided to place posters of children from Kashmir in freezer compartments in supermarkets. The message on the poster was "The children of Kashmir are freezing." This way, shoppers who were contentedly going about their daily lives, buying frozen foods and living in an area with a high standard of living, were faced with the harsh reality of Kashmiri life.
Cash, cold cash has always been what UNICEF's about.
AllahBear.jpgUntied from the whipping post: Briton convicted in Sudan blasphemy case
British teacher Gillian Gibbons was convicted of insulting Islam for letting her pupils name a teddy bear Muhammad and sentenced to 15 days in prison and deportation from Sudan.... Religious conservatives in Sudan have been outraged by the naming of Gibbons' class teddy bear "Muhammad" in an apparently insulting reference to Islam's most revered prophet and defense lawyers reported receiving death threats.... The maximum penalty for the original charge, which has attracted world wide attention, was 40 lashes, a fine and six months in prison.
Bad news -- 15 days in a jail in Sudan. Good news -- You get to leave Sudan after. Her next lesson plan? Teaching British kids to name their dogs "Stay."
Plan to turn oceans into pond scum comes off rails: 100 Billion Dollar Global Warming 'Fix' Discredited By New Research

On the third hand: There's Oil in That Slime

gulabi203.jpgCode Pink India Style -- Now we're talking: India's 'pink' vigilante women
"They wear pink saris and go after corrupt officials and boorish men with sticks and axes....Two years after they gave themselves a name and an attire, the women in pink have thrashed men who have abandoned or beaten their wives and unearthed corruption in the distribution of grain to the poor.

They have also stormed a police station and attacked a policeman after they took in an untouchable man and refused to register a case."

Don't say it can happen here. Let's face it, our Code Pinkers haven't got the balls.

Safe to get high: Pilots on antidepressants pose no safety risk. Research on Viagra not cited.

Pre-Human Dating Scene Revealed @ LiveScience "Ancient human relatives may have dated more like gorillas." And the difference between then and now is?

Say goodnight Whoopi: The Radio Equalizer: Brian Maloney: Whoopi Goldberg Loses Last Major Radio Affiliate
According to press and trade reports today, Wake Up With Whoopi was yanked from WKTU-FM today without warning, other than a brief note sent to staffers mere hours before the change. Poor ratings were cited by the station.
An Air America Nation mourns.

Rollin rollin rollin
Though the streams are swollen
Keep them doggies rolling

Six Thousand Sunni Arabs Join Security Pact to Help U.S. Forces Block Terrorist Escape Routes

Move em on (head em up)
Head em up (move em up)
Move em on (head em up)
Cut em out (ride em in)
Ride em in (cut em out)
Cut em out (ride em in)

Neo breaks out the hypens in Chavez: what a guy
Chavez is the darling of the Left, partly because he is one of the few ascendant Leftists of the old school, whose rhetoric of "let's-nationalize-everything-and-make-the-poor-richer-and-the-rich-
poorer-and-stick-it-to-the-US-and-by-the-way-I'm-so-well-meaning -that-I-need-to-become-a-dictator-to-expedite-the-whole-process-so-
just-trust-me-I-have-your-best-interests-at-heart" rings true with those who are soggy with nostalgia for the days when Castro and Che seemed to be the wave of the future.

It Could Happen: Richelieu's been hitting off the big bong again, but he's not that stoned:
On February 7, presumptive nominee Mike Huckabee pledges a campaign of "compassion, comparison, and civility" against presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama. New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg announces the formation of an exploratory committee for an independent presidential
campaign. Rumored budget: $1.5 billion. The cover of TIME magazine screams: "Tsunami 2008: The Year of the Upset."

If you believe, as I do, that paying $500 for some strips of plastic wrapped around two lenses with some designer's name stamped on the inside of the strips, this post is for you: Adventures in $40 eyeglasses | 43 Folders

More info and clickable links @ Glassy Eyes | Eyeglasses. Good eyeglasses. Cheap.

Politics for Dummies:
How Hard is it to Caucus in Iowa, Really?
"If you are a Democrat, don't listen to the media claims that the caucus is confusing and arcane. It IS these things, but only for those who are actually running it! There IS math involved, but only for those actually running it. For all other caucus goers it is a great opportunity to come out and chat with friends and neighbors and be counted. You do have to pay some attention, listen to instructions to move to the area designated for your candidate, and be awake enough to be counted, but otherwise it actually isn't hard."

Don't sugar-coat it Mencius!
"I believe that the entire Western university system needs to be crushed, broken, pulverized, autoclaved, autoclaved again, thermally depolymerized, mixed with radioactive strontium, and shot into the Sun. That is, if the Sun can handle it. If it starts developing huge festering brown spots after ten or twenty years, we'll know we should have gone with the Oort Cloud instead."

Why do I think this is a bald-faced lie? "More Than 1 Billion Trees Planted in 2007, with Ethiopia and Mexico leading in the drive to combat climate change through new lush forest projects, a UN report said Wednesday."

Maybe it's because of this near-parody SNL routine from the UN press release:

"I am elated beyond words at the global interest and action that was motivated by the Billion Tree Campaign. I knew we had it within us as a human family to rise up! We called you to action almost exactly a year ago and you responded beyond our dreams. Thank you very much! Now we must keep the pressure on and continue the good work for the planet. Plant another tree today in celebration!" -- Wangari Maathai [emphasis added]
Actually, to keep up the "reported" pace of last year, we're going to have to keep going at 31 trees per second day and night.

The Bear is back! In From the Cold reports "U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptors reportedly conducted their first-ever intercept of Russian Bear H bombers on Thanksgiving Day."

Masters of imitation those orientals: Fake Shark Fins Made From Pork. Tastes like chicken!

Can't keep the plants straight? Malkin is here to help.Welcome to Horticulture Journalism 101. (Keep scrolling down for new updates to this handy CNN/YouTube illustrated plant guide.)

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