March 8, 2005

One Moonbat Queen to Rule Them All

JUST WHEN YOU THINK IT IS SAFE TO LISTEN TO THE DEMOCRATS, out comes an amber alert. Here are some of the "refreshing" remarks and actions of she who would be Hillary, Teresa Heinz Kerry, during a recent work-release outing in Seattle. Proving once again that nothing keeps you out of the asylum better than infinity money, her hyper-kenetic ways were on view all over the town , as reported by smiling Joel Connelly of the aptly named Seattle Post-Intellingencer . [Italics added]:

"Nobody told me what to do," she told a Saturday fund-raiser here.

How many millions of votes the free-wheeling Teresa Heinz Kerry cost her husband is unknown but as her own step-children have noted, you don't cross the "Step-Money," especially if she owns the plane. Speaking of which...

Heinz Kerry flew into town on her own Gulfstream jet (the Flying Squirrel, named for a Sun Valley ski run) direct from a conference on global philanthropy at Stanford.

She talked energy-efficient building design with Seattle Art Museum boss (and old friend) Mimi Gates. She dined at Wild Ginger and flew back east with takeout food from the Third Avenue restaurant.

After her energy-efficiency meet-up, we assume she sold The Flying Squirrel and took Southwest back home thus improving the ozone and fighting global warming one private jet trip at a time. Right? Right.

Heinz Kerry remains outraged at attacks by bishops on her husband's pro-choice views: "You cannot have bishops in the pulpit -- long before or the Sunday before the election -- as they did in Catholic churches, saying it was a mortal sin to vote for John Kerry." .... Heinz Kerry gave no examples

Heinz-Kerry to Church: 'Just shut up and behave like the good little Bishops of old.' Free Speech for John but not for the Church of John.

"The church has a right and obligation to teach values," Heinz Kerry declared. "They don't have a right to restrict freedom of expression, which they did."

I must have missed all those post-election excommunications of Democratic Catholics who voted for Kerry.

COUNTING THE VOTES: "Two brothers own 80 percent of the machines used in the United States," Heinz Kerry said. She identified both as "hard-right" Republicans. She argued that it is "very easy to hack into the mother machines."

Let's look at that again very slowly -- "very... easy... to... hack... into... the.... mother.... machines..." I'm sorry but that's just plain bad bull-goose loony. Perhaps she is signalling her alien abduction issues. I mean, is it really possible that people sit around and listen to this stuff and take it seriously? Or are they just hoping for a handout from the Tides Foundation. Excuse me, but I've got to go hack into a mother machine for answers.

"We in the United States are not a banana republic," added Heinz Kerry.

No argument here. I'm glad Teresa finally got around to that idea.

"I fear for '06," she said. "I don't trust it the way it is right now."

I fear for the Democrats in '06 as well, but only if this woman and Ward Churchill are allow to rant about the country.

Theresa Heinz Kerry campaigned tirelessly -- "When I put out, I put out"

I'm not touching that one with a ten-foot opinion poll.

"Think about last year," she said. "Once John had his nomination, the Republicans spent $90 million to destroy his reputation."

Too bad the Democrats couldn't have gotten some of the many millions Michael Moore made destroying Bush's reptutation. Might have made the difference. But on the other hand, think of the money they saved by having things like the New York Times and CBS News in the tank for Kerry. Overall, I'd score it a wash.

"We have to develop a discipline for this party, so the people of this country know more clearly what it is to be a Democrat," she said.

It seems clear that if she keeps showing up on her flying wine celler and spouting off like this, the people of this country will know VERY clearly what it is to to be a Democrat.

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Well, if a ten foot poll is not enough, then we just have to get new voting machines ... or maybe a new pollster ...

Posted by: Rudy at March 8, 2005 10:38 PM

For thou, but not for moi.

Posted by: erp at March 9, 2005 5:47 AM

"Ah, the little people. They can be made tolerable. They just need discipline!"

Posted by: P.A. Breault at March 9, 2005 7:48 AM

Of all the places to criticize elections she chooses Washington State. After 3 recounts we have a Democrat governor who "won" by 129 votes. What a joke.

Posted by: Ken J at March 9, 2005 8:22 AM
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