January 23, 2005

You Might Be A High-Tech Redneck...


* You post squirrel recipes on a website. * You've ever bought beer online. * You write to Hewlett-Packard to sponsor a NASCAR team. * You've modeled your new 'Daisy Dukes' for a webcam. * You have a celphone headset for your fishing boat. * Your robot dog is named 'Bubba'. * You paid more for your computer than you did for your house. * You subscribe to the chewing tobacco newsgroup. * Your windows wallpaper is the confederate flag. * You make John Wayne MP3s. * Your IM lists are "Hunting buddies" and "Mama'n them". * Your ringtone is a Hank Williams song. * You changed beauty shops because they didn't offer websurfing under the hair driers. * You modified your gunrack to hold a rifle AND your laptop. * You help install a wireless hotspot zone in your favorite Honky Tonk. * You've ever called Graceland to tell them their webcam was down. * You have your monster truck magazine collection on CD-ROM. * You've ever been to a computer show wearing a Lynyrd Skynyrd T-shirt. * You've used your shoe's spike heel to pry out a DVD that was stuck in the player. * Your ISP's office is on a gravel road. * You sent your husband an Ecard of Dolly Parton on the first day of deer season. * You have Harley Davidson stickers on your mouse. * Your Windows sound files are all steel guitar. * You wrote a really cool flash animation that involves Jack Daniels. * You've ever emailed a digital photo of your new tattoo. * You know the GPS coordinates of your deer stand and duck blind. * You've used a photo editor to see what you'd look like in Tammy Faye makeup. * You've used a locking CD case to close a bag of salsa chips. * You've ever gotten Kripsy Kreme icing INSIDE your PDA. * You've ever spilled moonshine on your Blackberry. * You wired your grandma's outhouse with broadband just for giggles. * You have a satellite photo of the Dallas Cowboys' Cheerleaders on your wall. * You've ever painted a URL on an overpass.

Email, we get email, we get stacks and stacks of email....
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