December 10, 2004

Who's Behind Outsourcing? The Butt-insky Party

The lucid Porretto @ Eternity Road is talking cold turkey about the roots of oursourcing in "Finding The Waste Line." To four heavily over-regulated items that make the US uncompetitive he adds a fifth:

If we add the frequently visible fifth component of capital plant, another set of regulatory bodies is called into action: zoning boards, building inspectors, open-space-preservation-and-acquisition agencies, and legions of non-governmental "community activists" with far too much clout. At this time, all of these regulatory groups are de facto more powerful than anyone who might want to undertake production -- and far too adept at getting their hands into his pocket.

It's not a matter of amassing the money and the land any more. Not in America. It's more about getting permission from an ever-expanding gaggle of third party meddlers. Some of them can call the cops to enforce their will. Others are skilled at trading their influence for bribes of various kinds, though the transaction is seldom baldly described as such.

All in all, a thought-provoking item, in the Poretto tradition.

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