March 24, 2004

Yet Another Reason to Bid New York Adieu

Bowling Ball Thrown From Brooklyn High-Rise Nearly Strikes Police

A Brooklyn man is charged with attempted murder for allegedly dropping a bowling ball from the 17th floor of an apartment building Monday, nearly hitting three police officers.

The two police officers and a parole officer were walking past a building on Christopher Avenue in Brownsville when a bowling ball crashed onto the street near them. They were not hurt.

Police arrested a 69-year-old man who lives in the building, Douglas Stiff, and charged him with attempted murder, reckless endangerment and criminal possession of a weapon.

Sources tell NY1 that Stiff has another ball on his balcony and that he was wearing binoculars. -- NY1 News: Top Stories

The binoculars are a nice touch. Even money the next person to endeavor to perfect this new New York Mania will use a spotting scope.

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