July 30, 2004

Elf and Author David Sedaris Marries and She's a She

THE LITERARY WORLD, THE GAY WORLD, NPR, AND MACY'S were thrown into a tizzy with the announcement of the marriage of best-selling author, NPR star, and Macy's Elf David Sedaris' heretofore secret heterosexual liason. A deeper shock was felt when Mrs. Monique Sedaris also revealed they were expecting twins and had signed a movie deal outing their marriage.

The announcement came, as these things often do these days, from a web page written by Mrs. Sedaris @ akamonique.com

I Married David Sedaris

The truth was bound to come out, especially with Davey's book tour in full swing. So rather than read some cheesy exposť in the National Enquirer, we decided to tell the story ourselves.

We met last year, not long after David saw me on the "Today Show," chatting about my own bestseller, Finding Your Inner Slut.

[MORE.... ]

Sedaris' editor at Little Brown / Time Warner in New York did not return phone calls on this matter, but a Time Warner spokesperson commented that "It is not our policy to comment on the private lives of our authors. We will, however, forward any letters concerning this to them in France."

Brendan Lemon, Editor-in-Chief for OUT Magazine was slightly more revealing. In a brief telephone interview, Lemmon would only say, "We never comment on stories we are pursuing and developing. I can say, however, that if you want to know the real details of this, you might want to keep a look out a very special and fabulous "At Home" spread in our Christmas issue."

Village Voice Gossip Scribe Michael Musto was unreachable, but we did learn he was "vacationing" in Paris for the fortnight.

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Are these REAL people? Are there other real people that care about all this? I didn't realize the print world was also full of bandwidth-eating a$$holes.

Please don't tell us when they decide that it would be unconscionable to buy large jars of mayonnaise at Costco.

Posted by: slimedog at July 30, 2004 01:38 PM
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