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Motive Means Opportunity: The Nordstream Perplex

MonkeyWerx has some very interesting insights into The Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Sabotage

One of the more interesting commenters on the US Proxy War with Russia is MonkeyWerx, a man who uses publically available flight information via SkyGlass by AVIAR Labs to track the movement of government flights around the world. Last week he became interested in the flight record of a certain very long, very unusual flight of a Navy P8 (seen above).

That said, the Russians also have this data and it certainly didn’t help our case that Biden told them we would take the pipeline out should the Russians invade Ukraine. We have seen Biden “slip up” on many occasions so this isn’t a surprise. You would think that the bobbleheads would have at least put someone in the game that would have the cognitive ability to at a minimum play the game, but that clearly isn’t the case.

Here are a few facts about the sabotage:

  1. Biden said we were going to do it

  2. It happened “overnight” on the 26th of September

  3. We have a US Navy P8 fly from the United States to a refueling rendezvous point over Grudziądz Poland at 0210 hrs GMT

  4. The two aircraft, Callsign N/A, and BART12 sync up at 26,400 ft for an extended 1:20 minute refueling, disconnecting at 0328 hrs GMT

  5. The BART12 air refueler RTB’d to Spangdahlem Air Base Germany and one should note the flight record has been wiped

  6. The Navy P8 then continues onto the Nord Stream Pipeline location and descends to an altitude of <10,000 ft at 0345 hrs GMT

  7. The Navy P8 exits the area just prior to 0700 hrs and is the only aircraft over the area the entire time

  8. At 0709 hrs GMT the Navy P8 returns back to the United States. Note: the US Navy P8 HexCode is AE6851 and is NOT listed in the aircraft database. Furthermore, the aircraft flew as “masked” meaning it did not want to be tracked

  9. Datapoint, there were recorded 2.3 magnitude shakes in the area at that same time

  10. The following morning NATO Forces announce that overnight the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline has been sabotaged

  11. A Poland Ministry Official posts a tweet thanking the United States for taking out the Pipeline

  12. On September 29th in front of the UN Security Council a Russian Federation spokesperson presents the known facts and asks the United States representative directly in a yes or no requested response, “did the United States take out the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline” in which the US representative did not confirm nor deny it and didn’t answer the question, but instead took an offensive posture. . . .


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  • OneGuy October 6, 2022, 3:49 PM

    How, exactly, does a P8 take out a pipeline on the ocean floor and then 17 hours after it leaves the area take out the second pipeline? Asking for a friend.

    • Vanderleun October 6, 2022, 4:12 PM


    • pgt beauregard October 6, 2022, 4:51 PM

      The P-8 operates in the anti-submarine warfare (ASW), anti-surface warfare (ASUW), and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) roles. It is armed with torpedoes, Harpoon anti-ship missiles, and other weapons, can drop and monitor sonobuoys,

      • OneGuy October 7, 2022, 8:29 AM

        What you said is true. But the question is “How, exactly, does a P8 take out a pipeline on the ocean floor and then 17 hours after it leaves the area take out the second pipeline?”

        The word “exactly” is key in that question. It is doubtful that a torpedo or anti-ship weapon can track down and blow up a pipeline AND that doesn’t explain the 17 hour delay. IF you were to plan to take out this pipeline clandestinely with very little chance of failure would YOU have chosen a P8???

        I think the P8 is a red herring.

  • John A. Fleming October 6, 2022, 5:38 PM

    It would have been uncharacteristic of the FUSA to have done such an overt act of war. The past being another country, they normally used accidents or events caused by others as an excuse for action. We didn’t start things, but we were intent on finishing them.

    It’s hard to know today what today’s deep state organs of the USA Federal government are willing to do. Empires in their decline are willing to risk a lot to stay on top, until the realization and acceptance comes that decline is inevitable.

    I think it’s still more likely that accident is more likely than sabotage.

    Two points of curiosity about the dog that didn’t bark in the night:
    1. Nobody seems to be in a hurry to investigate the cause that I can tell, but maybe it’s because either the investigation is being suppressed or the news of it here in the USA.
    2. Has anybody noticed that the CIA has gone dark this entire administration? During the Trump and Bush years, the CIA was always out there in the news pushing “IC best assessments” that were contrary to the administration stated policies. Seems like those guys are running open-loop silent and deep, what with the non-entity senile dude with the 30-second attention span when he’s not giving a teleprompted speech. Whatever they are doing, it can’t be good.

    • Casey Klahn October 6, 2022, 11:10 PM

      John, very good catch on the CIA thing. You want the CIA silent under normal circumstances (Panetta was a showboat in the job and what a dick), but given the context of our current administration it is very possibly a bad thing.

  • Auntie Analogue October 6, 2022, 8:05 PM

    Just a theory here, and that is that Russia blew its own pipelines.

    Why would Russia do that?

    Instead of announcing that it was shutting off the pipelines’ delivery flow, which would invite condemnation of Russia for the hard-heartedness to force Europeans to freeze through the winter and to bring Europe’s economy to its knees, blowing up their own pipelines would let Russia watch the EU and USA & NATO squirm, not just from deprivation of Russia gas, but also creating the suspicion that the EU and USA & NATO sabotaged the pipelines.

    It’s also worth considering that the U.S. P-8 aircraft may have been monitoring Russian or other forces engaged in sabotaging the pipelines, trying to collect evidence of such. On the other hand, it could have been that the P-8’s were making sure no other nation’s forces were spying on a U.S./NATO mission to blow the pipelines.

    Mass media today – and that includes the amateurs on the internet Peanut Gallery – make discerning fact from propaganda fiction more difficult than having to live in Plato’s cave.

  • Casey Klahn October 6, 2022, 11:31 PM

    Trying for the 10,000 mile picture, here.

    Kissinger, everyone’s favorite diplomat, said the last thing you want is for Russia to cease to exist. You do not want the status quo to be changed that dramatically because: what comes after this? Nazi Germany and the Axis powers being the exception, you don’t want major changes – you want the world where the US is incredibly powerful, and her opposites are just sort a there and minding the store. Not rocking the boat too much. What’s a Crimean Peninsula and a Donbas to great world powers? Nothing, really. Fuck them. Just as long as Russia stays in her lane, and China minds its own manners, we can do business here. Pay off the right people, run the slots quietly, stock the liquor stores, keep the governors happy; nothing too out of the ordinary.

    Russia is going to fuck around and ruin its own damn self before you know it. Putin will be deposed, and something else will exist as Russia. Russia has gone from being a world power, to now being a not-very-effective regional power (possibly with nukes, but possibly not able to make use of them).

    What does Biden, inc., really want? They want to run the rackets. Social Liberalism is a great machine for corruption and graft. Keep the people fat and docile, disallow voting, run the media, pay the insiders, and everybody is happy. Trump was an outlier, and it’s unlikely the rednecks will ever have another leader of any strength again anytime soon. A mouthy Florida governor? Shut up.

    I had a young conservative guy tell me earlier that even though the Covid was not severe, it could’ve been. Thus, the lockdowns were merited. No thank you. I’ll take the fire-breathing, in your face, hardcore American patriotic redneck anytime. I’d even take a Canadian trucker. But, Lord save me from GOPe who roll with the punches. I want the ones who give the punches.

    Too bad about that pipeline. Next slide!

  • steveaz October 7, 2022, 5:36 AM

    Just spit ballin’ here, but, if the US could take about 1/3 of Russia’s real estate we could pay off the national debt with the proceeds from leveraging the fossil fuel and timber futures.

    Biden has decided to stick America’s nose into Ukraine for a reason. Other than trying to corner the Democrat’s domestic opponents by ginning up foreign foils for Trump-ian Conservatism, it must be to rescue our fiscal situation.

  • Snakepit Kansas October 7, 2022, 5:41 AM

    I watched the MonekyWerks show in whole a few days ago. US bombed that pipeline bigger than snot. No accident, and accidents like that do not happen in two spots at roughly the same time. Russia could simply shut off the valves if they didn’t want to pump the natural gas. They are not going to blow up their own stuff.

    One more source of fossil fuels is cut off. One more reason to force Eurweenies to wind and solar. A bunch of people will die this winter but that is the cost of forcing on folks, what they know is best for them. The ones that die are probably old or frail. Relieve the system of some social parasites.

    • james wilson October 7, 2022, 12:59 PM

      Things are looking grim for Europeans this winter which obviously brings pressure onto those US satellites to leave the US plantation and make an accomodation with the Russians. The pipeline strike would have been designed to take that temptation off the table. It now appears the strike failed to damage the larger volume pipeline.

  • Dirk October 7, 2022, 4:33 PM

    I’m amused. The US fleet just happened to be sitting directly on top of NS2 a day or two before it blew.

    I shared that tidbit right after the explosion

    Shared the following day, that the info shared the day before regarding the US gator fleets being present was scrubbed. Could no longer confirm the fleets presence.

    7 /10 days later a blogger confirms it. My god what great Intel work.

    Let me guess gods lips to bloggers ears, only.

    I grow tired of the nonsense. Thanks for the ride.

  • John Reddy October 9, 2022, 7:45 AM

    Am I missing something? The time stamp on the tracking pic is 9/29/22, 3 days after the incident.

  • Casey Klahn October 9, 2022, 8:17 AM

    Now, the sabotage of train system in Northern Germany. Is this the CIA? Or, perhaps the Die Grünen (German Green Party)?

    Maybe Monkey Werx has a flight pattern record for the trains in Germany.