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“MOB-OCRACY” The Legacy of Hussein Obama 

ANTIFA…. OCCUPY…. BLM…. Obama’s Legacy. Marxist Jihad on our history. Flaunting communist symbols….. This is as radical as it gets folks. And it needs to be shut down. But it won’t be for a while…they are a well-funded group. See: Soros. I’m not a big ‘make a new law’ person – but I would absolutely support laws against covering your face at these “riots” that the media laughably calls “protests.”

Yes, it’s time to kick back with a cold one and America’s Favorite Hillbilly, Joe Dan Gorman, “Founder of Alt-Middle,” as he pins down the Loony Left with five full clips from a nailgun.

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  • Rob De Witt August 29, 2017, 8:29 AM

    Jeff Cooper said something to the effect that people who commit a felony while wearing a mask are worthy of being shot on sight.

    Hard to disagree, isn’t it?