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Wall 2.0: Might Have to Put Machine Guns On the Wall (Just in Case)

“Afghanistan Bananastan.” I don’t want to disturb the media’s unremitting focus on the latest Trump tweet, but it is time to consider machine-gun posts and Apache attack helicopter air patrols over the wall to protect the US from the Failed State directly to the south. Time for another Pershing expeditionary force? Overdue I’d say.

On Mexican State Collapse: a Guest Post by El Anti-Pozolero

You may have read the news just a few days back: the Mexican military captured not one but two of El Chapo’s sons in the heart of Culiacán, the Sinaloan capital. One son freed himself—which is to say his entourage and retainers at hand overpowered and killed the soldiers at hand—and then, in a decisive riposte, seized the entire city center of Culiacán to compel the liberation of his brother.

The forces that emerged were in the literal sense awesome and awful. Heavy weaponry that would be familiar on any Iraqi, Syrian, or Yemeni battlefield was brought to bear. More and worse: custom-built armored vehicles, designed and built to make a Sahel-warfare technical look like an amateur’s weekend kit job, were rolled out for their combat debut. Most critically, all this hardware was manned by men with qualities the Mexican Army largely lacks: training, tactical proficiency, and motivation.

Then the coup de grace: as the Chapo sons’ forces engaged in direct combat with their own national military, kill squads went into action across Culiacán, slaughtering the families of soldiers engaged in the streets.

Cowed and overmatched—most crucially in the moral arena—the hapless band of soldiers still holding the second son finally received word from Mexico City, direct from President AMLO himself: surrender. Surrender and release the prisoner.

RTWT AT: On Mexican State Collapse: a Guest Post by El Anti-Pozolero

[UPDATE: You might think nothing could be worse than ISIS. You’d be thinking wrong.

After about three months of training it was time for the “final exam,” which involved “cutting people up a special way,” Capache explains. Recruits took turns administering a specific, byzantine series of stabs and slashes to a live victim—usually a thief or petty criminal the cartel deemed deserving of such punishment. The first series of ordered knife cuts was meant to torture for information without killing. Then to strike fatal blows. And at last to cut up the body by hand for disposal. — In Mexico’s Drug Cartel Country, a Murderer Who Kills Murderers Tells His Story  Trust me, you don’t want to RTWT  ]

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  • Dave Jenkins October 22, 2019, 9:47 AM

    Would be interested in knowing what percentage of these heavy weapons were provided by Eric and Hillary’s Fast and Furious program.

  • mary October 22, 2019, 12:27 PM

    Love the map. I’ve been saying that for years.

  • Donald Sensing October 22, 2019, 12:48 PM
  • Donald Sensing October 22, 2019, 12:53 PM

    In 1993 I was assigned as a principal staff officer of US Army CID and so attended the worldwide convention of the International Assoc. of Chiefs of Police. Would up having an extended conversation with the chief of police of Rio de Janeiro, whose spoke flawless English. He told me two things. One, in his mind, America did not have a crime problem at all. Second, there was a large section of Rio that the Brazilian army refused to enter. So this kind of thing has been going on a long time, and not just in Mexico. Of course, Brazil does not border the US.

  • ghostsniper October 22, 2019, 12:56 PM

    While in the army I pulled hundreds of hours of guard duty on the east german border.
    If the US Army was stationed on the mexican border there would be no need for that expensive wall.
    And, the soldiers are already being paid.

  • Donald Sensing October 22, 2019, 2:35 PM

    So I picked up this ball and ran with it. If Mexico is teetering on failed state status, let us not get too smug. We are getting closer every day: Mexico and USA – failed states to be?