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Memo2File: Zip It About His Tweets Already.

WARNING: Don’t Ever Try to Out-Troll the Master

“Please tell the president to stop it with the tweets!”

If I had a dollar for every time a nominal conservative makes this plea to me in person, well let’s just say I’d have lots of dollars. My response is, however, always the same: “If not for rare truth-tellers like Sean Hannity and candidate Donald Trump’s Twitter feed, Hillary Rodham Clinton would now be the president.”

The overwhelming majority of the “mainstream” media is indeed fake news and “the enemy of the people,” and social media is how Mr. Trump vaulted over their misrepresentations and outright lies to speak directly to the electorate to become President Trump.

There’s a very good reason he now has more than 62 million followers on that one platform alone, but what he has done is far more significant than short-circuit the propaganda of the pseudo “journalists” at CNN, The New York Times, et al.

In the last two and a half years, with a tweet here, and another tweet there, President Trump has successfully and repeatedly baited the most pernicious anti-American actors on the national stage so that they reveal themselves to the whole world for who they really are and the threat that they represent to our Republic and its founding principles.

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  • Anon August 3, 2019, 1:14 PM

    Watching cable news one common thread from those pundits and reporters who oppose Trump and those who do not so obviously oppose him is that they think he tweets too much and is too offensive. Obviously if they dislike Trump and want him to lose the election they would not be giving him honest advice. So it seems to me that more than anything else about Trump they dislike the way he bypasses the MSM and goes straight to the voters without a filter.

  • kinch August 3, 2019, 1:16 PM

    Nailed it.

    And the pathetic thrice-cuckolded cucks out themselves as the soyified pathetic morons they truly are when they bleat about this. A Twofer.

  • Jeff Brokaw August 4, 2019, 6:12 PM

    People drive me nuts with the never-ending bitching about tweeting. Tweeting!!

    They say it’s “un-presidential”. What does that even mean? It’s literally meaningless. As in, there is no definition we all understand. So that’s not a valid reason to dislike a guy who is doing everything else right.