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Meet the New Boss Same as the Old Boss

Such rules are the rules of power. Some are written. Some are not.

You learned the real rules in elementary school like everyone else—so why would anyone put on a kabuki, writing as if no one had ever heard of any “protected classes” before their employer, after lengthy and expensive philosophical and ethical cogitation, emitted this linked list of victim-sets whom no one may “attack” or be “cruel or unfair” to.

Spare us! We know what a “protected class” is. We know what the list of them is. That list changes day by day and is written nowhere—any copy is a stale cache entry. You don’t actually expect your writers to refer to it. And they won’t. So why such gestures?

The answer is: they are subtle, semi-conscious gestures of loyalty to power. Voluntary obeisance, like scratching a mosquito bite or licking chapped lips, always feels good. And always soon demands more to feel better. Of course the same is true of rebellion, and its gestures of disloyalty—which also work exactly like a little drug….

We now consider it absolutely normal for social-media accounts to be dragged out of their houses at night and given the Genickschuss in the full NKVD, Gestapo or Camorra fashion—with no warning or explanation at all. Next morning, they are hanging from a bridge with “404” sharpied on their chests.

Obviously, this would not have happened to them had they not done something wrong. Doubtless even in the Camorra there is some formal process for when you just have to whack a guy; no doubt within the platforms there is a process too. At least when it’s a big account. But nobody not involved in that process will ever learn anything about it.

It is important to understand why all these very different institutions, not to mention Twitter and Facebook, converged on the same opaque, arbitrary process of execution. It’s not just that barbarous monarchy works. It’s that barbarous monarchy scales….

The right product is the product the customer wants. The marketing strategy behind Hitler’s anti-Semitism was clear enough. Hitler’s customers wanted to fight. So the product they needed was an enemy. Americans do not want to fight. They do not like being in a cold civil war. Very few of them are trench-hardened World War I veterans. The product they need is peace—but, peace without being misgoverned or humiliated.

It is obvious that anyone who is a white nationalist believes that the best life is life in a white-only community. But what the white nationalist really wants is a safe, cohesive and orderly community—such as he would also find in Japan. If Japan wasn’t so racist. “Segregation” is not an end—but a means to this end.

What if there was another means? What if there was a path to safety, cohesion and order that worked well not just for white people, but also for the whole motley crew of genetic mystery-meat which we’ve managed to heap on our long-suffering continent?

White nationalists would probably still be fine with it, if that path just meant “white people run the show.” Which might even work—but what if there was another means? If we white people were well-governed by mutant alien pangolins, what’s the problem? Imperialism works, and what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

From Gray Mirror’s Censorship: a 21st-century approach.

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  • Stargazer March 31, 2021, 11:43 AM

    Gray Mirror (aka Curtis Yarvin, aka MoldBug) can produce exceptional commentary, albeit frequently abstruse. You have to WANT to read it. He makes you think. I don’t have his vocabulary so I find myself having to look up meanings in order to (try) understand the message he wants to convey. Regardless, I nearly always learn something interesting from his posts. Good to see him posting again.

  • ghostsniper March 31, 2021, 2:31 PM

    I could only wade into that site a couple paragraphs and my eyes glazed over as they spontaneously do when the writing is to, shall we say, overtly complicated. I’m a plain person and prefer all things the same. I’m only willing to bend so far under any circumstance. If I am reading something I expect the writer to write what I enjoy and to be specific.

    The inset paragraph about Substacks guidelines seems to say two things at once. I read it 2, 3 times, and could not come to a conclusion, so, I figured THAT was the conclusion. Please. Gimme something I can use! I bailed at that point.

  • Zaphod April 1, 2021, 6:17 PM

    It’s arguable that Imperialism Done Well creates more eventual dysfunction in the governed than Imperialism Done Poorly. Talk to a Hindu Dot Indian professional when they’re feeling unguarded and you’ll quickly find out just how bitter, warped, and twisted they are by the fact that Whitey showed up and freed them from Muslim domination, ran the place better than they ever could, and eventually upped sticks and left because they were more trouble than they were worth to try to hang on to.

    Empires are a bad idea.. but given that the USA is a multi-ethnic empire, then if it’s to be governed well it needs to be governed like a well-run empire. Being of a naturally bloodthirsty bent, I’d break it up — but saner heads would do well to try to set up a Milet System and run it better than the Ottomans could. Importing more Armenians and Phanariote Greeks would at least provide the right historical counterbalance to the Usual Suspects in a Multi-ethnic Empire:D… But no more Kardashians, please.

  • Zaphod April 1, 2021, 6:21 PM

    There are many times when I want to grab Yarvin and shake him and scream ‘Just @#$@#ing say it!’ … but he does have a family.

    Sometimes his meandering discursive approach works though. Remember that he’s not just trying to get across some Theory of Everything, he’s also trying to knock down the invisible walls of thought we are hemmed in by. Takes a lot of words and splatter gun to make these visible to us.