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Loose Lips from the Labyrinth

Full Automatic, Belt Loop Bump Fire @Hyphy101dre … language… simple, any auto with a recoil will do it. You need to position an object, your thumb in front of the trigger, grab your belt loop. Take safety off, pull the barrel forward, that pulls the trigger, Bang, recoil pushes back, resets triggers but you’re pullin forward. So Bang again and again.

Quote of the day – Maggie’s Farm “The only reason to fire so many rounds so fast is to kill large numbers of people,” Ms. Feinstein said in a statement. “No one except the government should be able to easily and cheaply modify legal weapons into what are essentially machine guns.”

An update from the story the media is pouring extensive resources into not covering. Sebelius’ Testimony at the Menendez Corruption Trial: Harry Reid Inveighed on Me to Meet with Menendez and His Million Dollar Donor, To Convince Me to Pay Him More Money from the Government’s Medicaid Coffers

There seems to be nothing the Kremlin “fake news” merchants can’t accomplish.  The Russians are now being credited with causing the breakup of Spain. “Russian propagandists scored a victory in Spain this weekend after ”boldly injecting fake news and disinformation” into the debate over Catalonian independence and seemingly influencing the election results, according to U.S. information warfare experts.” Each time the technique is the same: divide and conquer.

Jes call us’ns “Dunkin:”Dunkin’ Donuts Removing A Third Of Its Donuts From Menus At 1,000 Stores

Five words should strike terror in the hearts of these would-be dictators: A Country Boy Will Survive.

Every black adult male should buy a rifle: Arming more black males would reduce the killing because it would even the sides.

Worth Less : Megyn Kelly makes $23m a year from NBC

Revolution returns to Europe   Catalonia organized the fire brigades of Catalan towns to form human shields between the polling stations and the Civil Guard. It established mechanisms to hide the ballot-boxes from the national police and transport them to a secret site for counting. Where the national police forces broke through, ordinary citizens defended the vote with their bodies, resulting in nearly 1,000 injuries, against roughly a dozen injuries for police, in a display of determined but non-violent resistance.

Run on the Shooting Bank: High capacity magazines sell out after Las Vegas massacre

Sense of Events: There is never a time when the Left says, “One more gun control law, just one more, and then we’ll never ask for another.”

Silicon Valley pretends that it is in business to make the world a better place. That’s on a par with “Bernie Madoff meant well.”

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  • ghostsniper October 5, 2017, 6:19 PM

    If you’re not using P-Mags, you’re wrong.
    And you’re broadcasting you are an untrustworthy novice. Beware.
    Keep 2 packed, always, and rotate them out monthly or sooner.
    Keep 98+ empty at all times, don’t strain the springs.
    FWIW, the ultra high capacity stuff has been out of stock and/or unbelievably high priced for at least the past year. The media claims gun prices plummeted after Trumps election but I’m not seeing it anywhere and I’ve dealt with 40+ dealers over the past year. Fake Media.

  • Howard Nelson October 6, 2017, 3:17 PM

    ‘Revolution returns to Europe’
    The avalanche is starting to slide, the tidal wave is swelling for an awe-full helling, the earth has begun quaking to destroy the faking, the tectonic plates are shifting as men’s spirits are lifting and flushing away the ordure of the old order..