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“LOOK… PERIOD!” Joe Biden is the Mister Bluster in the 21st Century

Joe Biden was in rare blustering form today as he tried his patented “LOOK……. MIKA… BLAH… LOOK… MIKA… BLAH BLAH MIKA ….. PERIOD! on the lead whore of the Morning Joe, Mika Whatshername.

Ace notes:She gave Biden an out: Just agree that we can search your University of Delaware records for any mention of sexual harassment. Mika must have known that any such complaint would have been scrubbed and bleach-bitted long ago. So she was asking him to consent to a search that she knew would be fruitless. And she was offering him this out by design. But even so — He still refused, citing preposterous reasoning for his refusal. And then he just melted down and stared at the camera for an uncomfortable five or six seconds as his senile brain tried to remember what the hell they were even talking about:

Mister Bluster now:

Mister Bluster then:


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  • Roger.45 May 2, 2020, 3:53 AM

    The Democrats will send Sandy Berger to the National Archives to search for the papers.

  • Jack May 2, 2020, 6:03 AM

    Biden’s “boss” Obama sealed all of his records and has successfully stonewalled every human effort to reveal anything about his life, from birth cert or true nationality, to educational history, transcripts and proof that he was some kind of professor to his medical records.

    If Biden has nothing to hide he would haul these records out, make all of them available and let the chips fall.

    Like Obama, he’s really a lousy sob, all the way to his core and so is his libidinous brat, Hunter.