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God is the Steady State out of which the Big Bang is spoken.

TWO BY TED GIOIA: I Presided at the Birth of Google – by Ted Gioia So I couldn’t have predicted, back in 1999, that Google would engage in mass surveillance and operate as a trillion-dollar broker of its own users’ private and sensitive data. I couldn’t have guessed that the company would kneel down before totalitarian regimes in its constant search for bigger markets and more profits. I couldn’t have foreseen that pirates and crooks of all stripes would use Google as a tool in their own criminal enterprises. I never imagined that Google would deliberately fill up its own search results with advertisements and worthless links. But those shameful eventualities were all implicit in an enterprise that chased after financial returns above all other metrics. If that’s your goal, core principles and altruistic values come at too high of a price.

Jack Kerouac at 100: Part 1 (of 2) – by Ted Gioia Long before Kerouac wrote On the Road, Kerouac had already fantasized about a liberating journey. His mother decorated his boyhood bedroom with the nursery rhyme motto: “Jack be nimble, Jack be quick,” and he apparently took the admonition to heart at every phase of his life, whether eluding tacklers during his brief but promising football career—which might have blossomed into genuine stardom at Columbia University until a broken leg and his own restlessness derailed his sports ambitions —or later moving to his own personal beat on the roads of America. . . .

And it’s even worse for John Updike, Norman Mailer, and Saul Bellow—maybe the three most celebrated American novelists of their day, yet now missing in action from course syllabi, magazine essays, and (most telling of all) bookshop shelves. Much the same might be in store for J.D. Salinger and even Ernest Hemingway, who both hang on as important names, but are more often mocked than praised in the overheated world of social media lit crit. Harper Lee might even get cancelled, a mystifying development for a writer considered so forward-looking just a short while ago. Philip Roth still has devoted fans and a seemingly impregnable reputation, but in a strange twist, his high-profile biography got pulled from the market just 15 days after release.

Here is the abstract (with my paragraphifications and emphasis) from the peer-reviewed paper “The unbearable heaviness of climate coloniality” appearing in Political Geography by someone named Sultana. –

The extremely uneven and inequitable impacts of climate change mean that differently-located people experience, respond to, and cope with the climate crisis and related vulnerabilities in radically different ways.

The coloniality of climate seeps through everyday life across space and time, weighing down and curtailing opportunities and possibilities through global racial capitalism, colonial dispossessions, and climate debts.

Decolonizing climate needs to address the complexities of colonialism, imperialism, capitalism, international development, and geopolitics that contribute to the reproduction of ongoing colonialities through existing global governance structures, discursive framings, imagined solutions, and interventions.

This requires addressing both epistemic violences and material outcomes. By weaving through such mediations, I offer an understanding of climate coloniality that is theorized and grounded in lived experiences.


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Intellectual Insanity The vitae of Grzanka (seen wimping out below)  A career spent in Gay Bars of one form or another and it becomes, what? admirable? “2007-2008 Queer Research Team Graduate student member.” Really. Really? As in: ‘We’ll huff and we’ll puff and we’ll blow this house up from a little sausage balloon to make kiddy hats to a huge hulking Hindenberg of “Queer Research” making a nose-first landing into the burner on your kitchen stove.

This was perhaps the most utterly insane scene of the entire documentary, hands down… @MattWalshBlog pic.twitter.com/qF9MXvsmtv

— Kyle J. Maxwell (@khendriix_) June 2, 2022

Landlords Rehab Image Through ‘Housing Provider’ Rebrand  Last month, the real-estate reporter Rebecca Baird-Remba was writing an anodyne story about a commercial lease when an automated suggestion popped up in Google Docs. “Inclusive warning,” it read. “Some of these words may not be inclusive to all readers.” The word was landlord. Google suggested she instead try property owner or proprietor.

Sedan Crater –  The 1,280 by 320 ft (390 by 100 m) crater was created on July 6, 1962 by a 104-kiloton-of-TNT (440 TJ) thermonuclear explosion. The device was buried 635 feet (194 m)[  below the desert floor in Area 10 of Yucca Flat and was the largest cratering shot in the Plowshare Program. The explosion created fallout that affected more US residents than any other nuclear test, exposing more than 13 million people to radiation.  Within 7 months of the excavation, the bottom of the crater could be safely walked upon with no protective clothing and photographs were taken.  Russian thistle, also known as tumbleweed, is the primary plant species growing in the crater along with some grasses. Analysis in 1993 observed that the original perennial shrubs once living there had shown no recovery. 

daily timewaster: That Stationwagon!

Salted egg chips? Inside the Bay Area’s cult-like following of  “exotic” potato chips: A new snack flavor can keep the proles occupied for a week.   via  @HappyHectares Yonex Jones’ newest music video shows the San Jose rapper alternately riding on top of his truck and standing inside of it to sell bags of Spicy Sour Doritos that are only made in Israel. A glass counter display presents an array of chips that aren’t readily available in the United States, like Chinese Chicken Cheetos from China, Esan Hot Pot Lay’s Chips from Thailand and Nacho Cheese Doritos from Korea.

Asian supermarkets like 99 Ranch have long carried international Frito-Lay snacks, and thousands of Asian chips hit Bay Area homes through local delivery every month, according to the Fremont grocery app Weee! They have a cult-like following among customers who feel compelled to collect each new flavor, like catching Pokémon — especially those that are more complex than the average American offering. And more recently, the so-called “exotic chip” industry has crossed over into hip-hop. (See The Chronicle’s taste test of these chips here.)

Sarah Goodridge, Beauty Revealed. 1828

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  • John the River June 4, 2022, 6:50 AM

    That caught my eye.
    “The work is a watercolor painting on ivory, thin enough for light to shine through and thus allow the depicted breasts to “glow”.” Size, only 2.6 inches by 3.1 inches.
    And a self portrait by the artist of her own breasts. Sent to Daniel Webster (of all people!) perhaps as an enticement.
    Imagine what that women could have done with a iPhone.

  • Mike Austin June 4, 2022, 8:09 AM

    I am elated that the US government has a plan for its children! And here it is:

    1. Murder the child in the womb
    2. If that fails, give it a Covid vax at 6 months
    3. Begin to lecture surviving children from pre-K to High School about anal sex, masturbation, changing genders, the correct methods of oral sex and the joys of homosexual sodomy
    4. Begin grooming all children in churches, summer camps, amusement parks and schools
    5. Administer puberty blockers at an early an age as possible
    6. Subject all public schools to the ministrations of 3-letter agency psychotic wind-up toys who somehow have acquired expensive weaponry and the training necessary to use it
    7. Administer abortions to teen-age girls without parental knowledge
    8. Graduate them from High School with no knowledge of reading or writing or arithmetic
    9. Send them to colleges for degrees in Native American Lesbian Art while teaching them that America is the most racist society ever
    10. Get them $100,000 of student debt load.

    The result of this program is all around us.

    • ghostsniper June 4, 2022, 11:02 AM

      Sending children to public schools is legal child abuse.
      In fact, unless the parents home school or send them to private school, the abuse is mandatory.
      The obvious next step will be to make home schools and private schools difficult or impossible to do.
      So, the gov’t prefers mandatory child abuse.

  • Kerry June 4, 2022, 5:36 PM

    The picture of the young person tied to the net puts me in mind of our beloved Janis singing, “Don’t you know/when you’re lovin anybody babe/you’re takin a gamble on a little sorrow/but, then, who cares, baby ’cause we may not be here tomorrow/And if anybody should come along/he gonna give you love and affection/I say, get it while you can, YEAH!”

    That young person looks positively joyless. It hasn’t occurred to her she isn’t promised tomorrow, much less 1,028 days. Granted, it’s too exhausting to live like each day is your last, but FFS lighten up!