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Long Read of the Week (So Far): “The Will to Power and Contemporary Politics: A Martian Perspective”

[FILE UNDER: “It’s Probably Nothing:”Odd ‘cloud’ seen over the skies of AZ, CA, Mexico ]

“The humans have a bifurcated social structure that divides them into two major groups. The first group, the majority of the population, appears to do most of the productive work in their economy. With respect to the second, much smaller group, a tiny fraction owns almost all of the wealth and occupies most positions of economic and political authority at the highest, directorial levels; the rest occupy bureaucratic positions in the lower operational levels of their State, or positions in the judiciary and above all, the apparatuses of public education and communication.

“A striking feature of daily life among the humans is that the second group subjects the first to a campaign of concerted, continuous, and incessant humiliation and psychological terror. Day and night, carefully-crafted propaganda blares out from every apparatus of public instruction, and all of their many and ubiquitous types of communications media, derogating the first group (in Earth jargon, “straight White males”, or alternately, “the Right”) and collectively impugning it for a vast and seemingly infinite litany of crimes and outrages (many of which accusations appear to be transparently fabricated and wholly imaginary). A standing feature of this propaganda is that it ridicules, insults, and blasphemes the religion of the Rightists and desecrates the memory of their ancestors, for example in ritual public vandalism and destruction of monuments the White males built to honour those ancestors.

“In the face of this hectoring and abuse, which every citizen regardless of age or social standing is allowed and encouraged to commit, the White males are exhorted to “check your privilege and be quiet”. (“Privilege” refers to universal legal rights that, according to the official State doctrine, all humans enjoy by virtue of their species-being, but at the same time scandalously unjust when claimed or exercised by one of the White males) A strict public decorum requires them to not only acquiesce without any contest or objection to the accusations made against them, no matter how seemingly improbable, but to be deferential and apologize profusely and abjectly. Any objection they may raise, or defense they may make, is considered a crime of violence- and, notwithstanding the otherwise jealously guarded monopoly on the administration of justice accorded to the State at law, anybody may take it upon himself to avenge the outrage personally and physically or otherwise punish the offender with impunity. The offender is imprisoned if he resists, and in any case altogether dishabilitated and banned from social, economic, or political participation without any sort of legal procedure or possibility of appeal, notwithstanding the State cult of the “rule of law”.

“Perhaps most striking of all is that, notwithstanding a sentimental exaltation of marriage and family life at the level of popular culture, that the family is a central instrument of State policy, and that population growth has long been regarded as an especially urgent interest of the State, seemingly no effort is spared to undermine the White family, above all the authority of the father; the latter is “patriarchy” and deemed an especially heinous form of barbarism to be eradicated. The White father is exhaustively stripped of all of authority over his wife and children in a way that seems calculated to add insult to injury. The wife of a White male is not only allowed, but exhorted as a sort of duty of citizenship to divorce her husband, whereupon she is customarily awarded custody over their children and most of his present assets and future earnings, to be spent at her discretion.

“Whatever his marital status, his children are exhorted in the course of their education, and once again as highly commendable civic behaviour, to serial sexual delinquency if female, and to homosexuality and, more recently, self-castration and public repudiation of his sex if male. (The latter practice is incentivized in that it is attributed with a certain expiatory-redemptive efficacy by the State religion; it is deemed sufficient atonement for the congenital infamy of “Whiteness”, and entitles the youth who undergoes it to rights, opportunities, and status that would otherwise be denied him). Not only can any female elect to have her yet-unborn child murdered in the womb with impunity and without any consent from its father, much less hers, the State is required to subsidize the procedure, and the abortionist uniquely exempted from any regulatory scrutiny under the police power of the State, which is otherwise omnipotent and omniscient.

“Last but not least, a campaign is underway to strip the Rightists of their right to own small arms for sport and personal defense- even though juridically this right is considered “Constitutional”, viz. inviolate. To underscore the avowed intention of humiliating and emasculating the Rightist family men, the orchestrators of the campaign have opted to use minor children as the public face of the campaign.

“The second group are colloquially known as “Leftists”. The Leftists appear to occupy a status similar to the twice-born castes of the Hindus, the elect of the Calvinists, and strata that claim to regenerate status and are socially recognized as such, in other religions that exist on Earth. The Leftists claim to possess, by a type of special grace, a special gnosis that elevates them to a singularly rarefied form of moral and ethical consciousness, a holy state known as being “woke”. The “woke” individual has a privileged ability to discern right from wrong and justice from injustice, and on the basis of this charisma “speaks truth to power” on behalf of “oppressed” peoples that the woke have determined to have suffered injustice, above all at the hands of the Rightists and White men. Since membership in the ranks of the woke is based in charisma, in a claim to special grace, there are no fixed criteria of entry into its ranks, although all White men who have not undergone the aforementioned expiatory castration are disqualified, as is any White woman or non-white man who is of Christian religion or otherwise accused of harboring Rightist thoughts.”

RTWDamnedT @ The Will to Power and Contemporary Politics: A Martian Perspective


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  • ghostsniper March 27, 2018, 1:53 PM

    The problem, as I see it, with the communist americans, is there is no discernible way to visually identify them. The day is coming when it will be necessary to “trim the fat” but there seems to be no way to identify the fat until you subject yourself to positioning in which you yourself might be trimmed.

    See, the american communist is a master at lying and s/he is a chameleon that takes on whatever shape it must in order to accomplish it’s self centered plan of survival and power. An american communist (ac) might be sitting across from you at the supper table tonight and you wouldn’t have a clue until such time it reveals it’s boot on your throat at your most inopportune time. If you had known it was an ac you could have dispatched it at your convenience. Same with your neighbor, or the head of the county council, your pastor. They wear the mask of deception. In silence and behind the scenes they plan to eliminate you. Not directly, oh no, they do have a plan for you though, and you’re not going to like it.

    They don’t seem to understand that their way is that of suicidal cannibalism, they consume everything including each other. That’s the way communism works. Minus the silent e consume is a subset of communism. Again, their inherent lying causes all of their ilk to believe they will not become victims of each other. Lack of foresight is a badge of honor amongst them. So is ignorance of historical fact. “This time it’ll be done right!”, just like was said all the times before, and it never was. It’s best is it’s worst. The worser it is the better it is, until it is no more. Or reduced to a simmer, or a whimper. Laying in wait til the next time.

    How do you eradicate this human stain?
    You can’t, for to do so you must eliminate what it means to be human.
    The american communists are wrought in out of control emotionalism. Emotions must always be held in check by logic. But sometimes logic doesn’t “feel” good so weak people revert to emotionalism. On an individual basis emotions should always be tempered with common sense. In a democracy when emotions are out of kilter in people the authorities are to render repair so as to not negatively menace the balance. It is at this point that the downhill slide begins. When people are no longer held accountable for their emotions.

    Over the winter we have been playing around with edged weapons, throwing knives, hawks, and others but it has been on a very limited basis because of the physical constraints of the buildings we are using. When it warms up we will be taking these activities outdoors where the activities can be enhanced and exploited. To identify an ac you must get close enough to encourage it to pull it’s mask off revealing it’s true nature. sharp edges and wetworks

  • Howard Nelson March 27, 2018, 7:39 PM

    — Its best is its worst –. Well put!
    White privilege is unearned status held by Whites.
    Black privilege is unearned status held by Blacks.
    Freckle privilege is unearned status held by Freckles.
    Whites — to be defined by as yet undefined DNA coding and navel linting.
    Blacks — to be … DNA … navel ..
    Freckles — to be … DNA… navel …
    Unprivileged — earners, recognizable by their self-effort.
    Dimwit Dumszzts — We know who we are and are satisfied to be in the majority. Our next meeting will not be held since our members are worn out waiting for privileges. At that meeting of none, naught will be freely disbursed.

  • John A. Fleming March 27, 2018, 9:49 PM

    I often test my thoughts by the structure of ecology. Are we humans really so advanced that we have broken free of the constraints of our ecosystems? I think not. The laws of ecology are invariant at every level of life. It is the nature of our cosmos. Perhaps I merely build strawmen because I am not so learned. Yet I believe the exercise does help to crystalize my thoughts. Analogies have limited utility, but they do instruct.

    Imagine a herd that occupies the choicest land in the ur-surengeti. The herd is strong for they are well-fed, their antlers are large. But out on the edge, the predators and scavengers lurk. The predators prey upon the herd mates who live on the sketchiest land, where life is hard and unyielding. Out on the borderlands, the herdmates are stronger and tougher and wily, the predators are more fierce, they are co-evolving faster than those who live in the bounteous center.

    This is unstable. There WILL be an overturning. Those in the center see both their mates and their nemeses pressing in. Some will attempt to negotiate with the predators, in the false hope of being eaten last. Some will point to their large and spectacular antlers, in the false hope that their frontier-mates will recognize their aristocracy and fling themselves at the predators to buy more time.

    There are two other options for the centrists. Gather your kinsmen in sufficient numbers, break out and flee. Only hardship and dangers are guaranteed.

    The other is, if you the centrists can make an alliance with the borderers first, but in any case you must first stand, and then carry the assault against the predators and drive them back, reduce their numbers. Only hardship and dangers are guaranteed. The appeasers will only come to your aid at the end.

    Do you see it? Only hardship and danger are always guaranteed. The hyenas will always gnaw your bones. Sweet green grass in bounteous meadows is but a season. Fatten up, get strong, get hard and fierce, and prepare.

  • Jaynie March 28, 2018, 5:48 AM

    Long, long, read. Powerful piece. Brilliant overview of the very big picture. Some of it extra unpleasant, too much for me.

    However, the contrast between left values and right values disrupting the ability for the right to be able to trust and work with the left was a cogent diamond in there.

    That and the contrast between the will to power of the left versus that of the ancien regieme patrician, that seems to be what it does all boil down to.

    Asymmetries lose us the day. The left somehow has the power and the will to successfully paint a horrible picture of the right. And yet, all the while it is they themselves which are the amoral thing.

  • Richard March 28, 2018, 8:49 AM

    “A republic, if you can keep it.” B. Franklin
    With apologies Sir, to you and your brilliant colleagues. We couldn’t.
    Too many dead canaries to count, as the Left continues hurtling ever onward towards mass insanity and inevitable social collapse. At some point, the Sheeple are going to clamor for someone, ANYONE to simply make the pain stop. At that juncture, the Sheeple will cheerfully don their shackles and lick the hand of their master. Freedom is slavery,Comrade.

  • Jim in Alaska March 28, 2018, 10:13 AM

    Right G V’leun, it was a longgg read. Alas I think it can be summed up with; Yes, of course, they’re Bat Sh__ Crazy but so are we for allowing them to get where they are. Another alas, I see little hope in his conclusions.

    I suspect what we need are Cossacks on the marches, such as Imperial Russia had to buffer the ottomans, etc., but our marches are internal, within and throughout the nation’s boundaries, and in this day & age, good Cossacks are hard to find.