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Long Read of the Week: JASON WHITLOCK — “Black Pride Religion Ordained By White Liberals Taking Black People And America Straight To Hell”

I am repulsed by the people who have worked tirelessly for more than 400 years to convince black people that our skin color is our most prized asset and defining characteristic. This conceit originally led to our physical enslavement. It has now led to our mental enslavement. 

The stewards of the zeitgeist –i.e. the spirit, mood, characteristics of a particular time in history –” have persuaded black people to pursue blackness above all else, above faith, intelligence and freedom. 

I object. Passionately. 

This blinding, irrational pursuit is leading to the destruction of black people and the destabilization of our country.

I object because I love black people, I love America and I love God.

I do not love the stewards of the zeitgeist, and they do not love me or any other black person who would dare object to their racist manipulation of black consciousness and black culture. 

The root of my disdain is biblical. Sixty years ago, the hallmark of black culture was religious faith. It carried us through slavery, Jim Crow segregation, lynching and was the power source of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Civil Rights Movement.

In 1965, political sociologist Daniel Patrick Moynihan authored what would come to be known as the Moynihan Report, a study of The Negro Family: The Case for National Action. Written to influence President Lyndon Johnson’s policies regarding America’s black-white racial dilemma, the 16,000-word Moynihan Report spelled out the devastating impact of 350 years of racial oppression on the black family. It predicted that the growing matriarchy defining black culture would undermine the progress of black people in a Western society built for patriarchal families.

Today, the Moynihan Report reads like a biblical prophecy. Fifty-five years ago, Moynihan argued black people’s survival in America was a modern miracle.

“A lesser people might simply have died out, as indeed others have,” Moynihan wrote.

We didn’t die out because of our religious faith, the world’s primary source of hope. Faith in a higher power made our spirit unbreakable.

The Moynihan Report was written to make the case that America should take extraordinary measures to invest in the black nuclear family. It was written as a rebuttal of President Johnson’s Great Society initiative. The Johnson administration disavowed the Moynihan Report and its author. The mainstream media spent the next several years framing Moynihan as a racist.

Over the last 55 years, the stewards of American culture have worked to disconnect black people from our religious faith, our salvation. Black pride is our new religion. Our skin color and the degenerate behaviors white liberals have deemed as authentically black have become the hallmarks of black culture. There’s nothing blacker than repeatedly saying “nigga” in public spaces or having a baby mama/daddy or dealing drugs to survive poverty. The highest form of blackness is being a victim of racism, especially if it involves a white cop.

According to the stewards of the zeitgeist, George Floyd is 100 times blacker than Dr. Ben Carson.

Black entertainers are instructed to and rewarded for evangelizing for blackness and celebrating black victimhood. Being a victim of a racial slight often causes the victim to speak in tongues. Victimization is so coveted that some believers fake racial incidents and speak in forked tongues.

Black Lives Matter is a mega church for the religion of blackness. LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick are pastors at the Nike denomination of BLM. It was James’ and Kaepernick’s responsibility to change the culture of sports from worship of God to worship of blackness.

Look at what has happened in our lifetime. As a child, the most frequent message you would see at a televised sporting event was a fan in the stands holding a sign reading “John 3:16.”

For God so loved the world, He gave his only begotten Son; that whosoever believeth in Him, may not perish, but may have life everlasting.

Now, we are bombarded with messages promoting the salvation of loving blackness. Some NBA players wore jerseys with “Love Us” emblazoned on the back. Can they not recognize their narcissism?

Loving a skin color, loving a millionaire black athlete, loving a black rapper improves the world? Really?

Salvation, justice and fairness are delivered through the love of God, not through the love of man regardless of his skin color. We used to understand this. Love, submission and obedience to God ended slavery and Jim Crow, and they will retard the last vestiges of American bigotry.

White liberals have convinced black people to take God out of the equation and replace Him with Barack Obama, LeBron James, Dr. Harry Edwards, Colin Kaepernick, Black Lives Matter and all the other approved symbols of unapologetic blackness.

I object to this insanity. Love of my skin color is not America’s salvation. Random white people loving me is not the key to my happiness, freedom or success in this country.

RTWT AT Whitlock: Black Pride Religion Ordained By White Liberals Taking Black People And America Straight To Hell

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  • ghostsniper November 23, 2020, 12:10 PM

    “We didn’t die out because of…”

    …they breed faster than they kill each other off, and are funded massively with money stolen from the productive.

    Wanna see the “economy” soar like never before in human history?
    Stop ALL of the stealing from the productive right now.
    Short of that, as shrub once sed: “This sucker’s going down!”

  • Jewel November 23, 2020, 5:07 PM

    The Nappy Headed Spectre of Hair Discrimination is stalking the land. Thanks be to Dove ™ for smugly reminding us of their corporate virtue signalling!

  • Jewel November 23, 2020, 5:08 PM

    The Nappy Headed Spectre of Hair Discrimination is stalking the land. Thanks be to Dove ™ for smugly reminding us of their corporate virtue signalling!

  • wmprof November 23, 2020, 5:55 PM

    Jason has grown much. His early writings in the KC Star were rote from the plantation.

  • Steve inthe sticks November 24, 2020, 1:30 AM

    Jason is part of the “talented tenth,” so doesn’t need the affirmative action grift to succeed. However, when it comes down to rug cuttin’ time, I wonder which side of the rug he’ll choose to stand on?

  • Sean Cory November 24, 2020, 3:07 AM

    He gets it. He is a child of God, made in His image and likeness. Submission to Our Father’s will is the one certain way to peace, prosperity and salvation. Mr. Whitlock has garnered that which is supposed to come with age and experience: wisdom. Yap on about “talented tenth” and “nappy headed” whatever all you want but none of that will bring you anything good or worthy of respect. You too are a child of God and once you realize that, if you ever do, then you can come to grips with what is required to achieve true peace and, ultimately, joy: do to others what you would have them do to you.

  • Snakepit Kansas November 24, 2020, 5:01 AM

    Nicely said. We cannot go wrong with the Golden Rule.

  • EX-Californian Pete November 25, 2020, 7:22 AM

    I wonder how many Americans have grown weary of the “Black Lives Matter Movement” that’s been forced on them. How sad that blacks and angry white Liberals think that rioting, looting, burning, spray painting terrorist messages, tearing down statues and monuments, and demanding de-funding of our LEOs will somehow help or advance the black race.

    Yet they turn a blind eye to the very things that are the most damaging to blacks-
    61% of all black deaths in the USA are from ABORTIONS.
    Blacks have the (consistently) highest murder rates in the USA- for decades.
    72% of black “fathers” in the USA abandon their offspring after they are born.
    Blacks consistently have the lowest High School graduation rates.
    Blacks are 12.9% of the USA population, yet commit 54% of all violent crimes and murders.
    98.4% of all black “ghettos” are in DEMOCRAT-RUN cities. See any patterns, here?

    And again, blacks are 12.9% of the USA population, yet they are the dominate race- (76%) in TV ads on Roku and cable.
    I wonder how that makes the average American feel towards blacks.

  • Jim November 29, 2020, 5:15 AM

    We all need to be careful that we don’t put any cause, no matter how noble and good, ahead of the Bible in terms of how our lives are guided and directed. The Bible should always be the absolute authority and guide for our lives. It should guide us in how we fight for justice in the world.

    If, for example, we are guided by “the fight against racism” rather than by the Bible, we will be susceptible to adopting anti-biblical positions on certain issues. For example, many people in the civil rights movement are pro-abortion – Jesse Jackson comes to mind. The group Black Lives Matter is pro-LGBT. That’s because the Bible is not their first and ultimate authority; “the fight against racial injustice” is their first and ultimate authority, and so they also fight against what they perceive as discrimination against LGBT people. The problem is, those who live the LGBT lifestyle are living a sinful lifestyle; and we learn that from reading the Bible, not from the spokesmen of the movement. And while I may not personally discriminate against an LGBT person, I certainly will not march and demonstrate for special victim protection for those living that lifestyle; for if I do, I am fighting against God’s clearly stated values.

  • Mark December 2, 2020, 6:56 PM

    BLM is a marxist organization.

    I was raised to ignore skin color. I have had brown bosses, brown co workers, and brown subordinates. Never an issue with racism either way.

    Then B Hussein O was elevated from junior senator to the white house (quite illegally since he was not born in the USA) and suddenly i was a racist bitter clinger.

    Odd that a moslem could be a marxist, but lookit what we got.

    Now we have vibrant diversity rioting when criminals choose to get shot by cops instead of simply following instructions to not reach into the van for a weapon.

    As long as we have official government categories dividing us into different pigeonholes, we will have racial strife, exacerbated by poverty pimps like Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, Cameltoe Harris (Not any blacker than Rachel Dolezal), Beetlejuice Lightfoot, maxine waters, et al.

    The USA has the richest poor people on earth. Tvs cell phones, cars free housing and free food. And its all paid for by the productive members of society. The ones that voted for Trump, and had their votes invalidated by treasonous Democrat politicians.

    This buffoonery will come to a screeching halt if Mr. Trump does not prevail in the near future.
    I see bloodshed and lots of it in the offing.

    I pray for peaceful resolution, but I anticipate the 2A being utilized in a big way.

    Please God, help us to do good and overcome the forces of satan.