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Long Parable of the Week: “Locusts; or A Tale of Monstrous Foolishness”

And the Many turned to the one man and said “Yes, fool, do not put others at risk with these questions. The Priest has told you – the new and terrible locusts HAVE A NEW NAME! Be silent in your foolishness and let the Priest tell us how we should prepare.”

And then they turned as one to the Priest and knelt before him and begged: “Oh wise one, tell us how we must prepare against the new and terrible locusts.”

So the Priest stood before them and said…

“I have spoken with great minds and with the gods, and they have told me the only way to prepare against the new and terrible locusts is to wear these hats of Monstrous Foolishness…”

…and he held a hat aloft of such exceeding monstrous foolishness that the Many were dismayed…

“Oh great one, how will the wearing of these hats of Monstrous Foolishness save us from the new and terrible locusts?” they cried.

“The great minds and the gods have studied the question and that is sufficient”, the Priest replied. “All those who have care for others will wear these hats and together we will save ourselves from the new and terrible locusts.”

The Many looked at one another and saw the wisdom of the Priest’s words, and willingly placed the hats of Monstrous Foolishness upon their heads and went back to tending their crops and their livestock, happy that they had been saved.

~ * ~

The next day the Priest came back to where the Many were tending their crops and livestock and wearing their hats of Monstrous Foolishness and said…

“Alas, I have spoken further with great minds and with the gods and they tell me the wearing of the hats of Monstrous Foolishness is not enough to save us from the new and terrible locusts. More is needed”.

The Many turned to the Priest in great alarm and cried, “oh wise one, tell us what we must do! to save us from the new and terrible locusts”

“It is this”, the Priest said, “to save us from the new and terrible locusts you must burn your crops to the ground before they can be eaten!”

“Thank you oh wise one!” the Many cried.

“Wait”, the one man of the Many said, “how will burning our crops to the ground before they can be eaten save them from the new and terrible locusts?”

“Foolish one,” the Priest answered, ” do you not understand the new and terrible locusts will pass us by if our crops are all gone?”

“But”, said the man, “you said to me that the new and terrible locusts will eat no more than the old locusts of years gone by.”

“That is true”, said the Priest.

“So, if we let the new and terrible locusts eat their fill and move on we will still have most of our crops as in years gone by, but if we burn them to the ground we will have none”.

The Priest sighed and the Many sighed also, following his example.

“Do you care nothing for those whose crops will be eaten if we do nothing?” the Priest asked in indignation.

“Do you care NOTHING for the crops that will be eaten?” echoed the Many, in great indignation for the callousness of the man.

And they went into their fields and burned all their crops to the ground so that a portion would not be eaten by the new and terrible locusts.

“But what will we do for bread,” asked the man, “now all our crops are burned to the ground?”

The Many looked troubled at this, for truly that question had not occurred to them. They turned to the Priest for answer.

“Sacrifices must be made, in times of need”, the Priest said.

“Yes”, the Many agreed, finding he spoke the very words they had in their own minds, “sacrifices must be made – and at least we are now safe from the new and terrible locusts!”

“I see the Priest has not burned HIS crops to the ground,” said the one man of the Many, “why is this?”

The Many turned to him at this and said “be silent, fool, enough of your nonsense, the Priest has spoken with great minds and with the gods and he knows best how to save us from the new and terrible locusts. All praise to our Priest and his wisdom.” ….

RTWT AT Locusts; or A Tale of Monstrous Foolishness – OffGuardian

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  • Tom Hyland February 4, 2021, 9:46 AM

    This is me… totally. I’m the guy that doesn’t want to wear a hat of foolishness… and I’m always asking questions. I’m glad you supplied this article to everyone at American Digest, Gerard. If you want to read a mind blowing tale of intrigue and treachery take a look at this. About 132 pages in length. I’m on page 50 and it’s helpful to not wear a mask while you’re reading this.

  • Joe Krill February 4, 2021, 10:03 AM

    I must remind all glaring hypocritical demoncrat marxists of the following biblical verses.

    My people are destroyed because of what you teach, you preachers, you priests.
    Teaching for gospel the opinions of men.
    Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.

  • Joe Krill February 4, 2021, 10:10 AM

    Tom Hyland, Great Book. Thanks.

    Regarding Judge Dale’s comment in his forward about public education we must remember that “We can’t keep continuing to send our children to Caesar for their education and be surprised when they come home as Romans.”

  • James O'Neil February 4, 2021, 10:42 AM

    & remember children, if you wear two, or even three hats at once you’ll be far far safer.
    & furthermore, even if you’re pricked to be safe from locusts, you must still wear your hat(s) at all times!

  • Lance de Boyle February 4, 2021, 2:16 PM

    Anti-rust Gun Bags.
    Cheaper than Zerust.

    No hats. Just dance.

    Gulliver’s Travels.
    Chapters 4 and 5

    There was a great lord at court, nearly related to the king,
    and for that reason alone used with respect.
    He was universally reckoned the most ignorant and stupid person among
    them… [Schmuck Schumer]

    In these colleges the professors contrive new rules
    and methods of agriculture and building,
    and new instruments, and tools for all trades and manufactures;
    All the fruits
    of the earth shall come to maturity at whatever season we
    think fit to choose….
    The only inconvenience is, that none of these projects
    are yet brought to perfection; and in the mean time, the
    whole country lies miserably waste, the houses in ruins, and
    the people without food or clothes. By all which, instead of
    being discouraged, they are fifty times more violently bent
    upon prosecuting their schemes, driven equally on by hope
    and despair: [Democrat party]

    my conductor led me into a room where a great physician
    … had a large
    pair of bellows, with a long slender muzzle of ivory: this
    he conveyed eight inches up the anus, and drawing in the
    wind, he affirmed he could make the guts as lank as a dried
    bladder. But when the disease was more stubborn and violent,
    he let in the muzzle while the bellows were full of wind,
    which he discharged into the body of the patient;
    then withdrew the instrument to replenish it, clapping his thumb
    strongly against the orifice of then fundament; and this
    being repeated three or four times, the adventitious wind
    would rush out, bringing the noxious along with it. [Anthony “Tiny Tot” Fauci]

    senates and great
    councils are often troubled with redundant, ebullient, and
    other peccant humours; with many diseases of the head,
    and more of the heart; with strong convulsions,
    with grievous contractions of the nerves and sinews in both hands,
    but especially the right; with spleen, flatus, vertigos, and
    deliriums; with scrofulous tumours, full of fetid purulent
    matter; with sour frothy ructations: with canine appetites,
    and crudeness of digestion, besides many others, needless
    to mention…

    Another professor showed me a large paper of instructions
    for discovering plots and conspiracies against the
    government. He advised great statesmen to examine into
    the diet of all suspected persons; their times of eating; upon
    which side they lay in bed; with which hand they wipe their
    posteriors; take a strict view of their excrements, and, from
    the colour, the odour, the taste, the consistence,
    the crudeness or maturity of digestion, form a judgment of their
    thoughts and designs; because men are never so serious,
    thoughtful, and intent, as when they are at stool… [FBI]


  • rabbit tobacco February 4, 2021, 2:40 PM

    My dad always said: listen to everybody
    and then make up your own mind.

  • Fletcher Christian February 5, 2021, 2:10 AM

    Four hundred thousand Americans dead, and still this?

  • ghostsniper February 5, 2021, 4:27 AM

    Yeah Fletch, cryin’ shame innit?
    People die.
    Nobody knew this until the 2020 communists let the cat out of the bag.
    Fear Is The Key
    So they spend several decades programming everybody to be children.
    Then, every time they say, “BOO!”, the children wet themselves and cry.

  • Sam L. February 5, 2021, 7:59 AM

    And LO! The peasants saw that the locusts saw the silly hats and fell down DEAD, and they went unto the Priest and beat the living hell out of him, yea, and the dead hell out of him, too.

  • Lance de Boyle February 5, 2021, 12:38 PM

    Now. THAT was funny, Sam L.

    And the Lord said to His buddies, Mike and Gabe,”Why are all these f^%$ers wearing hats? I hate hats. They are an abomination to Me. Besides, do I wear hats? No. I set the fashion standards in this dump. Verily, and also it’s true, I am Mister Style. Did I not smite the heathen Leisure Suited a new ass? Did I not slaughter the crap outa the NehruJacketites? [‘Yessir, you smote the living shit out of ’em, Bossman.’] Sure. I may wear a snazzy beret occasionally, but that’s only when I’m watching Jacques Cousteau pork a dolphin. Okay, maybe a sombrero on the sabbath. [‘And you look really macho in a sombrero, Sir.’] Of course I do. I’m not an ugly, lantern-jawed fag prick like that Schumer. I’m gonna turn him inside out one day. Now, I want you boys to go down there. And try to drop the tranny look, wouldja. Another f^%$ing abomination. No fruity robes, and girly hair styles. You’re not going to a gay disco. You see anyone wearing a hat, you give them a complimentary cleaving.

    And the Lord did returneth [Did He not?] to the Thorne of Hoity-Toity, and he ordered up some White Castles from a passing Amalakite. And later that evening, while watching re-runs of Dukes of Hazard [‘Man, look at that primo ass.’] the Lord [Did he not?] cutteth loose with mighty fartings. And the attending angels said, “Good one, Lord.” And the Lord, always up for a yuck [‘Did I not invent Nadler of the cheap suit and heinous waddle?’], said, “That was a good one. Hey! Pull my finger.”

  • EX-Californian Pete February 7, 2021, 8:29 AM

    Fletcher-here’s an interesting fact;

    In America, Doctors kill about 400,000 people every single year.

    But for some reason that doesn’t cause us to panic, wear masks, stay 6 feet away from them, or buy ridiculous amounts of toilet paper. Instead, we pay those Doctors exorbitant amounts of money.

  • Tom Hyland February 7, 2021, 9:06 AM

    Very few people realize that old people die.

    This is a real shocker to most individuals and is it firmly denied by a majority of Americans. When I mention that to certain folks I’m cursed and accused of declaring old people are expendable. Actually everone is expendable, wake up and face reality and maybe you’ll begin to awaken from this mortal dream you’re having.

    Currently, the United States has a population of around 330 million. The CDC counts the numbers of ALL deaths, for whatever cause, here in the States. In 2015 there were 2,712, 630 deaths… in total. The population was less then compared to now so the numbers of deaths climb up every year. 2016 accounted for 2,744,248 deaths. 2017 accounted for 2,813,503 deaths. 2018 accounted for 2,839,205 deaths. 2019 accounted for 2,854,838 deaths. The year 2020 hasn’t been tallied yet but the CDC is predicting a drop in numbers, first time this has ever happened, to 2,818,527 deaths.

    The vast majority of deaths in 2020 are being counted as due to COVID19. Deaths due to heart disease, liver & kindney disease, diabetes, alchoholism… you name it… hardly anyone dies of these causes anymore. The seasonal flu has mysteriously disappeared. Alahu Akbar.

    Personally, I contribute the drop in deaths to the fact nobody hopped in their cars and went anywhere. There were far fewer fatal car accidents because what was the point of driving to a town where the restaurants and museums are closed and the musical and cultural events have been canceled? Santa Fe is becoming a graveyard. This used to be a very interesting place to visit.

    Currently, there is a petition to stifle our Governor’s emergency powers orders. It’s titled House Bill 139.

    Here’s the link to the CDC death tolls.

    Here’s the link to HB139 to put Gov. Michelle on a tight leash. You don’t have to live here to sign it. I usually don’t touch petitions but I signed this one. It was written brilliantly.