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Linkskrieg: Going to Pot All the Time Now

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em: Pro-cannabis people will say that cannabis is the greatest medication ever, and harmless.

  • Others — often in the same field that I’m in, people who treat patients, people who do research with cannabis — will at times misrepresent the facts as well. They will go into a room of 100 or 200 high schoolers and relay the message that cannabis is as dangerous as fentanyl. That’s not true either. These camps seem to feel that even a single shred of evidence that runs counter to their narrative hurts them.

The eternal sadness of the single-fob Jag owner’s mind: Global car manufacturers that rely on sourcing parts from China are now on the front line of the crisis and facing shutdowns.

  • UK-based Jaguar Land Rover said yesterday it was just two weeks from having to halt production at its car plants at Castle Bromwich, Halewood and Solihull as it runs out of parts. CEO Sir Ralph Speth said it had resorted to bringing vital parts from China in the holds of commercial flights and was currently only able to provide a single key fob to customers taking delivery of new vehicles.

This opinion in the Wall Street Journal got 5 Journal reporters thrown out in retaliation.

  • China Is the Real Sick Man of Asia – WSJ China is as ripe as a country can be for a massive economic correction. Even a small initial shock could lead to a massive bonfire of the vanities as all the false values, inflated expectations and misallocated assets implode. If that comes, it is far from clear that China’s regulators and decision makers have the technical skills or the political authority to minimize the damage—especially since that would involve enormous losses to the wealth of the politically connected.

Don Surber: Dollar General America vs. Lululemon Athletica

  • “69% of U.S. voters live closer to a Cracker Barrel, Tractor Supply Company, Hobby Lobby or Bass Pro Shops location than to one of those high-end brands.” Let’s call it what it is: Dollar General America. They are ubiquitous. Republicans are winning there because they go where the votes are.

Woke Rule No. 1 is that anything with “Principles” in its name is a grift.Embarrassing Festival Of Never Trump Losers Occurs For Some Reason

Progressivism is a cult of iconoclasm. We have had more unintentional change in the last two centuries than at any other point in human history,

  • and progressivism has ridden that change into social disintegration, which has allowed will to power to overwhelm social restraint. To clarify, iconoclasm is a natural instinct, and is a useful tool in the right context. Divorced from its appropriate context, iconoclasm is a spiritual cancer.

Dear bitter kids and grandkids, Fuck off and get  to work. Strong letter follows: Old people should not be so quick to condemn the young people for mocking Baby Boomers or criticizing civic nationalism.

  • At the root of that mockery is a bitterness at knowing they can never experience what their ancestors experienced. There will be no miracle on ice for the young. The social capital that made such a thing possible was converted into money and traded away by global capitalism. They have a right to be bitter over what their ancestors bequeathed them.

Never a rose without a thorn.   The virus that challenged the world  

  • The alternative to the contraction as readers of the Belmont Club already know is componentization. Like applications on your smart phone, each has to be separated from the others by standard interfaces so that corruption in one does not destroy them all. That is the future political parties must envision instead of rehashing Marxist manifestos from the early 20th century. Chief among componentization’s needs must be a world wide text only satellite based system, unfettered by prior censorship open to every fully attributed person on the planet.

Chaos Theory made real by a bat?

Barr Speaks: Attorney General William Barr Skewers ‘Remarkably Monolithic’ Press

  • “When the entire press ‘advances along the same track,’ as Tocqueville put it, the relationship between the press and the energized majority becomes mutually reinforcing. Not only does it become easier for the press to mobilize a majority, but the mobilized majority becomes more powerful and overweening with the press as its ally. This is not a positive cycle, and I think it is fair to say that it puts the press’ role as a breakwater for the tyranny of the majority in jeopardy. The key to restoring the press in that vital role is to cultivate a greater diversity of voices in the media.”

‘Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished:    The Morning Report – 2/26/20

  •   The good news is a showdown between Trump and Sanders would be epic, not just because Trump’s rhetorical skills and stage presence, but because his no holds barred defense of himself is really a no holds barred defense of America, the American people, heritage and history. And with Trump, the best defense is a good offense and he will go on offense. Let all America see the madness of Bernie Sanders and the Democrat Party, yes, he and they are one and the same, in stark contrast with America made great again.

Maths is hardz and then you sinks:  Spain builds submarine 70 tons too heavy after putting a decimal in the wrong place 

  •  HARTFORD, Conn. — A new, Spanish-designed submarine has a weighty problem: The vessel is more than 70 tons too heavy, and officials fear if it goes out to sea, it will not be able to surface. Bardaji said the problem was discovered in the second half of last year, and Navantia told defence officials that somebody had apparently put a decimal point in the wrong place. “Apparently somebody in the calculations made a mistake in the very beginning and nobody paid attention to review the calculations,” he said.

Stupid question answered with love:  Do You Need a Handheld Minigun? Of Course You Do.

  •   The XM556 Microgun was designed and engineered around the 5.56mm NATO cartridge. This defensive suppression weapon is significantly smaller and lighter than it’s big brother the M134. It was meant to stand in place of anywhere high suppressive fire wanted without the weight or footprint of the larger M134 electrically driven Gatling gun system. The current XM556 Microgun is smaller and lighter than some current 5.56mm beltfed Squad Automatic Weapons currently on the market, with 4times the firepower.

NYT needs to find a hole to get sick in:  NYT panics over 2020 race

  • This is the America we grew up in, where drag queens host readings for toddlers at libraries? Where a judge in Texas orders a 7-year-old boy to be doped up with hormone-bending drugs because his mom wants to get back at her ex by turning his son into a daughter? Where a CEO loses his job because of a $1,000 campaign donation to a popular cause? Where the government sues the Little Sisters of the Poor to force them to buy birth control? Where a president is impeached not for any crime but over a phone call? Where the previous president tells laid off factory workers their jobs are not coming back, ha ha ha? Where saying all lives matter is racist but saying black lives matter is not?

Americans to Bloomberg, “Go fuck yourself with an atom bomb.”  This debate brought to you by Michael Bloomberg

  • The debate was sponsored by Michael Bloomberg, who supported it with two 60-second ads that provided a merciful break from the yipping and yelling that otherwise suffused the proceedings. The New York Post provides the footnote here: Giving the thing a twisty sort of postmodern moment, that’s gotta be a first. Bloomberg’s team must have figured that Bloomberg wouldn’t be able to make the case for himself in the free time CBS donated to the event last night and they know their man.

Finally, LINKSKRIEG knows what you want; what you really want,…

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  • Saul February 29, 2020, 7:42 AM

    “Dear bitter kids and grandkids”

    I do believe that soon our children and grandchildren will get an opportunity to become the greatest generation. The politics, the world situation and the economics are all coming to a point of no return and it is a tossup which bubble will burst first.

  • jwm February 29, 2020, 7:53 AM

    On the weed
    You want addictive? Look at the bean. Just try going cold turkey from coffee. It’s no joke at all. Grouchy, headache, dull brained, and craving. Bad craving, and for a long time. Nicotine runs it a very close second. You want addictive? Take a look at everyone and his uncle running around with their faces shoved into the smartphone. People can’t even get through a restaurant meal with a hot date without fixing up on the blue glow every twenty seconds or so.
    I’ve been smoking on and off for half a century. Can’t deny it, I love the stuff. But is it addictive? Anything. Anything that delivers an immediate change of consciousness can and will become “addictive”. And yeah, smoking weed can get out of hand. There are few things so pleasurable as taking a 4:00 am wake n’ bake. One toke. pour 16 ounces of bean, and settle down in the dark before the smoke kicks in. The smoke pulls you into the dreamflight, and the caffeine keeps the brain afloat so you don’t sink back into sleep. It totally rocks.
    But here’s the difference with weed. When the smoking is getting out of hand, you know it. And when it comes time to stop, you stop. There is no craving like with coffee, or cigarettes. Of course, it is hard to break out of a habit. When it’s overwhelmingly hard there is the twelve step program. I’m an apostate from that, but I don’t deny that it works. It’s probably the only thing that really does.

    I quit cigs along time ago. I’ve heard a lot of people whine about how hard it is. And yes, it’s hard. There is a bad craving for nicotine that lasts for weeks. Maybe I’m exceptional here, but the way I looked at it, I bought the ticket. I’m taking the ride. I toughed it out. Same with alcohol. I quit drinking in ’90, and I was one sick SOB getting through it. But I got through it. And the weed? I’ve learned to never make “finger in the air, never-again declarations” But sometimes you get “The Voice” and you know. It’s been a couple months since I smoked, my head’s cleared out, and I have a lot of stuff I want to do. Smoking isn’t on the list, and I have no plans and no desire to put it back. One day at a time, and all that.
    You want addictive? Take a day-long drive, leave your smartphone at home, and get back to me. Double dog dare you.


  • Andrew X February 29, 2020, 7:56 AM

    That Spanish submarine link is a bit odd, in that, well, swap out the ‘d’…. it’s a bit old. It’s from 2013.

    The latest, sez Ghoulgel, is that Electric Boat of Connecticut recommended that they build the submarine 30-odd feet longer to account for the error…. and now it won’t fit into it’s dedicated berths. Or at least, that was the issue in 2018. I think they may actually be ready to or already have brought this sub into service, running at a much higher cost than was expected.

    And yes, they were told that there would be math.

  • Vanderleun February 29, 2020, 8:01 AM

    From 2013, yes. But often I go by the adage: The net is so vast an item is news if it is news to me.

  • ghostsniper February 29, 2020, 8:40 AM

    The worst thing about weed is that gov’t thugz can kill you over it if they want to. THAT finally convinced me to leave it alone. If the governor made it not illegal today I’d start looking for a source immediately. I know where I can get some in FL and CA but not around here. If I could get 1 ounce of good stuff with seeds I’d start a small farm.

  • Casey Klahn February 29, 2020, 4:50 PM

    Fucking Spain.

  • ghostsniper February 29, 2020, 6:55 PM

    If the minigun fires 4k rds per minute, and in bulk 5.56 rds cost .25 each, if you held the trigger down for 4 mins and 18 seconds you would no longer own your house. j/k maff iz har

  • TwoDogs February 29, 2020, 7:41 PM

    Saul, if that moment comes I’m afraid they’ll be totally inadequate to deal with it. Our kids will collapse into puddles of their own piss before they’d harm a hair on the nappy head of any POC, no matter how deserving. This will be their, and our society’s downfall.

  • bob sykes March 1, 2020, 4:51 AM

    A year later, some of those boys were in Hue.

  • Snakepit Kansas March 1, 2020, 3:49 PM

    Bob & Casey, Hue: read Run Between the Raindrops by Capt. Dale Dye. Great read.

    Ghost, 4K rounds/minute certainly would put a dent in the bank account. I’d still like one of those mini-guns mounted to my old pick-up truck. I could mount the trigger to stick shift. Also somewhat expensive is shooting odd/obsolete calibers out of a bolt gun, like .250-3000Savage & 7mmWbyMag. Therefore I roll my own for economics as well as extreme accuracy.

    Submarines…why would Spain design their own sub? FFS. Go buy one and save the embarrassment. They should just stick to their expertise, beautiful women and decent table wine. Same thing for the Italians as all their locally designed military planes have hair under the wings, might as well just buy something already NATO certified.

  • ghostsniper March 1, 2020, 5:20 PM

    @Snake, there a device out there that installs on a trigger and works kinda like a fishing reel. Turn the handle and the gun fires. Turn fast and the gun shoots fast. There are Utuubz out there where people have connected that device to a battery powered drill.

    Regarding odd ammo. I have a gun that shoots specific ammo and no other gun in the world shoots it. A 1957 Winchester model 71 in .348 cal. I have about 300 rds for it and I’m always looking for more but they are hard to find and are very expensive. I just now looked on ammoseek.com and the lowest price is $38.12 + shipping for 20 rds, or, $1.91 a rd. I’ve owned this gun for about 30 years and have fired it sparingly and have saved the brass (maybe 200 rds worth) anticipating getting a reloading rig but thus far I have not done so. I took that gun to a gun store about 10 years ago to see what it was worth and the owner offered me $3k for it. I didn’t sell cause it was my ol’ gray haired Pappy’s Pennsylvania deer gun and I want to pass it to my son some day.

  • CC March 2, 2020, 9:53 AM

    Ghost, check out Grafs – Brass and loading dies for your caliber, and I know Barnes and Hornady surely make bullets, and Hodgen’s has load data.
    At least with an initial expense to build up reloadable stock, you can shoot the thing once in a while, instead of it gathering dust!
    Good luck!