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Alexander Graham Bell began his experiments with tetrahedral box kites in 1898,eventually developing elaborate structures comprised of multiple compound tetrahedral kites covered in maroon silk, constructed with the aim of being to carry a human through the air.

File under “Media whores soon forgotten”-Liberals No Longer Want Megyn Kelly It seems that Kelly was only liked because she served as a dividing force at Fox.

I don’t know who coined “Reeeee” for the sound progressives make when in the middle of a scream fest about some – mostly imaginary and unintended – offense. A Cultural Revolution in Slow Motion

The Japanese Museum of Rocks That Look Like Faces | Colossal

There are reserves of kindness and decent behavior between the races that are reenacted and renewed every day. It is vital not to lose sight of actual people in all the abstractions.

Would Your Dog Eat You if You Died? Get the Facts. …. and in case of suicide, salt your face first.

Everyone always asks me how I got to this point (running a fake nipple company and all) so long story short, I love the look and made it happen. Just Nips Fake Nipples

Among the lumpen-IQatry, the tendency is to regard SATs, NAEP, and so on as surrogates for IQ, and thus for intelligence. This is error.

Will DEATH!!!! work as a political message?Althouse: “Death” framing worked so well for Republicans, so Hillary Clinton tries to deploy it for the Democratic side.

“What exactly is the LGB “cause” now? We have the right to marry, are not being beaten and killed in the streets. We are accepted by 70% of the country, etc. I’ve left the whole “pride” movement since 2012. The only thing that would make me go back is if they actually started caring about those gays being killed in the Middle East. But it seems like the LGB has taken on Islam as a new minority to hold up. Makes me SICK.” Oh, and here it is! : TumblrInAction

Sense of Events: Until my dying day I will swear that this was normal

Who Americans spend their time with.

The only way a counter culture gets any traction is if it is indifferent, or even hostile, to the prevailing morality.

There are two types of principles a people live by. There are those that precede their demise and those they create after they triumph. The people desperately clinging to their principles, lecturing those willing to do what it takes to win, will be buried with those principles. The winners, meanwhile, will be busy crafting a new morality. That’s the lesson of history. The people with a future get to write the past. Boomer Cons | The Z Blog

The Latest Escalation in Syria – What Is Really Going On? Just try to imagine this: you are flying, in total illegality, over hostile territory and preparing to strike a target when suddenly your radar warning receiver goes off and tells you “you got 30 seconds or (much?) less to decide whether there is a 300lbs (150kg) warhead coming at you at 4000mph (6400kmh) or not”.

An Unusual Hole in Mars The most unusual hole is on the upper right, spans about 100-meters, and seems to punch through to a lower level.

The Use and Abuse of Witchdoctors for Life – sam[ ]zdat In 2012, the recipe for gri-gri was revealed to an elder in a dream. If you ingest it and follow certain ritual commandments, then bullets cannot harm you.

I Travelled 25000 Km In Siberia To Photograph Its Indigenous People, 6 Months Later Here’s The Result

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  • Bunny June 26, 2017, 11:46 AM

    If my dog eats me when I’m dead, I won’t care because I’ll be dead. Works out perfectly. Might upset the family, though. Yes, many experience kind and decent interactions with different races every day. All it takes is kind and decent people and it’s not outside the realm of possibility to cultivate a preponderance of those sorts.

  • jwm June 26, 2017, 4:59 PM

    Dogs’ll eatcha’. Cats won’t. Score one for the felines in the eternal Dog vs. Cat war. 🙂


  • ghostsniper June 26, 2017, 6:20 PM

    I thought it said cats eat the lips and nose?

  • jwm June 27, 2017, 7:55 AM

    Truth to tell, I skimmed, and didn’t get much past the part where it said that dogs are more likely to chow down on you. There was some god-awful pop-up thing covering the text, and some Super Important story about carbon gender warming that’s going to melt the penguins, or something. I have come to despise Nat Geo. Anyway, of my two cats, I’d trust Ol’ Buddy, but the Skinamalink would probably see me croaked and reach for the ketchup. He’s kinda’ sneaky like that.