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Liner Notes for “The Labyrinth”

The bulk of Western civilization was built on the courage of men who were willing to brave the mysteries of the sea.

Today, everyone in Silicon Valley has to subscribe to the ninety-five theses of the social justice warrior’s creed, beginning with certain dogmas about race, sexuality, and the essential lovableness of jihadist Muslims.

So people are uploading the equivalent of 193 million copies of War and Peace books, or 75,000 copies of War and Peace movies, every single day.

Hillary announces new computer scheme, gets hacked right out the gate

The Limits Of Honesty–Even Tucker Carlson Can’t Say The Looters Are Black

Record-breaking Triceratops fossil found in Denver

Why North Korea and the United States are Near War | Scott Adams’ Blog

Bad Places to Hide: Atlantic Ocean | You can just make out something that’s clearly not a wave. It is, in fact, a shark.

We shamelessly hug trees, massage the earth with our feet, and talk erotically to plants.

The Hidden Memories of Plants – Atlas Obscura

New York Daily News sold for one dollar... and worth every penny!

Lifestyles of the rich and tyrannical in Pyongyang

Dear Wilhelm and Family! A German Writes In Praise Of Hitler And Anti-Semitism (1936) |

The Rise And Fall Of Tower Records “If you were cool, you were cool. If you were an asshole, then you got treated like an asshole.”

 CNN says it is unethical for Trump to wear a hat

Even large octopuses – the largest species, the Giant Pacific, has an arm span of more than six metres and weighs a hundred pounds – can fit through an opening an inch wide, or about the size of its eye. This, combined with their considerable strength – a mature male Giant Pacific can lift thirty pounds with each of its 1600 suckers – means that octopuses are difficult to keep in captivity. €˜The Soul of an Octopus by Sy Montgomery

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  • Nori September 5, 2017, 9:13 PM

    Ah,those wooden ships upon the water, very free. Easy, the way it’s supposed to be.
    Going where no man has ever gone before. They did. They really did. Damn sure was’nt easy,at all. Part of why they did it. Curiosity. What’s out there? Riches? Yes. Most goes to the financiers of the expedition, but the wealth of what was not known before is the real prize. Western Civ has been basking in the results of what muscle, blood, and curiosity produce. In short, Western Civ. Viking longships traversed the North Atlantic, famous for hurricane-force winds in frigid seas. Imagine the comfort. They kept going, those pale penis men. Built bigger, better wooden ships that circumvented the globe. Discovered it. Mapped it. Later on, their sons built different ships,some that landed on a star their greatgreatgreatgreat grandfathers had gazed on during those watery earthbound voyages.
    Courage and curiosity, it’s a killer, and it produces great things.

  • Eskyman September 6, 2017, 12:09 PM

    Fascinating articles, all. Don’t know how you do it: you obviously have some means of slowing down the passage of Time, to allow you to find all these interesting links.

    That Octopus article really sucked me in, and held me firmly in its slimy grasp! Now I’m perplexed. How does a being which cannot see color mimic colors so perfectly it fools predators? But then, how do journalists write down facts which they then cannot see, to reach conclusions that the facts do not support?

    No, I think the Octopus conundrum is more easily solvable. I doubt there’s a single journalist that can escape from a jam jar, though I do enjoy the thought of putting them in one to see them try.