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Life Preservers in the Labyrinth

‘Fire up Thunder Creek and the mountain
— troy’s burning!
The cloud mutters 
The mountains are your mind.’
 – –  Gary Snyder (‘Burning 17,’ Myths and Texts, p. 53).

Hurricanes, Nightclubs, and Logic Traps    There are many ways out of kafkatraps. But for me, the easiest is this: the operator is a liar. The operator has his own agenda, and is attempting to use you to achieve it. Whatever he claims to care about, be it the plight of poor black people, or the children, or religious liberty, or economic equality, the claim is a lie. Either it is his own lie, or he is in service to someone else’s lie. Whatever the case, the entire kafkatrap can be dismissed on that basis.

Stuff That Scares Black People, Ranked 3. Large Crowds of Other Black People Don’t get me wrong—black people love other black people. It’s just that when it’s too many black people in one place at one time for no apparent reason, that can cause some concern. Especially if they’re all running in one direction. I know—it’s uncomfortable—but find the lie.

Total Information War   Ours is the information age, so the wars will be information wars, especially the civil wars. The corruption of the internet by global corporations on behalf of the emerging global elite is an obvious example. In fact, the corruption of the registrars by companies like Google should be read as a phase change in the information war. The globalists have moved onto a new tactic, as the old tactics have failed. Our rulers have decided they must abandon that principle.

The response from the dissidents, to the attack on speech by Big Tech, has been an effort to create separate platforms. Gab is an alternative social media platform and others are now in the works. A parallel internet is slowly starting to sprout up with people looking into creating new registrars, new search engines and new funding mechanisms. It is a slow process, and as the attack on Gab shows, one that will be met with escalating attacks from Silicon Valley. We are into a total information war now.

Bone Zones    Why would female beauty emerge anywhere? Because there is a shortage of men, and women have to compete for men, which is not the usual thing. Where do women have to compete for men? Where the men are engaging extremely dangerous occupations and lots of them get killed, occurred in Northwestern Europe over the centuries. Working in the mountains, logging, mining, fishing in the North Sea, all very dangerous ways to make a living. Or in places where there has been sustained violent conflict and huge numbers of men were killed off. Beautiful women in Kiev? World War I, Red Revolution, Holodomor, Great Purge, Barbarossa, Nazi occupation … . All of Eastern Europe is similar. The Baltics were especially hard hit.

Female beauty is nature reasserting life and fertility in the face of bloodshed and slaughter.

That’s a great final insight. Beauty is the flower of bloodshed.

Hunting the “Nazi Hunters”  ProPublica is a fraud. If the people who work there are “journalists,” I’m an NBA first-round draft pick. ProPublica is run by a charlatan who exemplifies everything that’s bad about his supposed profession. It’s a foul enterprise run by foul people. A “journalistic institution” funded by Democrat billionaires tried to shutter a publishing house (one that even some of its harshest critics agree is beneficial). This would be big news if the world of American journalism were populated by actual investigative reporters, rather than sock puppets dancing at the end of the strings that accompany their big fat welfare checks.

‘Party of Lincoln’ No More – American Greatness     “America was a land for individuals,” Ken Masugi has written, “not of, by, and for castes, whether of class or race, and thus it was a land of opportunity for those who cherished work, character, and faith.”

And finally, just how extreme is the Irma prep? People are evacuating their chickens.

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  • Casey Klahn September 8, 2017, 5:38 PM

    Bone Zones: very funny. Cannot unsee that one. After, I think it was the 30 Years and the Hundred Years, wars, the Christian churches in Europe for a time even encouraged 2 wives per man. Incentive to survive an apocalypse? Of course, there’s always the double-edged sword of bigamy…2 wives!

    Speaking of which, the Z Blogman mentions these wars (I hadn’t read him, yet!) I do chuff at the term “Total…War,” because that has a meaning not within the context of his essay. Can we harness every plant and platform, and every citizen, to wage “Information War?” Still, it’s a good analogy that this is an event meet to our age: an ideological duel fought on information platforms. I don’t know the tactical next move, but I’m doubtful that alt tech is going to succeed. Have you seen the size of GooglFaceTwit? My intuition is to adopt light infantry tactics to attack along tangental lines. Shitstroming Memes delivered on their own platforms when the event cycle creates a gap in the line. Running absurdist candidates not aligned with the legacy parties. Reading and commenting on American Digest.

    Kafkatraps? Good one. We used to call that begging the question. But, I like it. Certainly, the trap of getting all conservatives to disown ideologies they don’t give a shit about, and then tarring them with the same, is one of these. Good to know your logic.

    Party of Lincoln? Party off, Lincoln. Part “E” of Lincoln. Lincoln who? This was the election in which I left the GOP. I live in Lincoln County, where we mind our own business, until provoked. I’m the party, now. I live in the Land of 323.1 million parties.

  • Monty James September 8, 2017, 9:47 PM
  • Rob De Witt September 9, 2017, 1:45 AM

    Why would female beauty emerge anywhere? Because there is a shortage of men, and women have to compete for men, which is not the usual thing.

    My late great web-buddy Buck Pennington of Exile in Portales used to say guys our age just came through the timeline at the best of all possible times, when women all wanted to get laid and we just did our best to help. I’d get him groaning in envy at my tales of being one of the apparently few straight men in San Francisco in the period before the AIDS epidemic. The gay guys were just going nuts, and the pretty girls were constantly whining about there being no straight men around. To which I answered “Ahem.”

    It was decidedly, as my Southern friends put it, an embarrassment of pussy. And there were droves of beautiful girls to be seen, here there and everywhere. It was like suddenly discovering yourself to be tall, handsome, and rich.

  • Bunny September 9, 2017, 3:59 PM

    Heartiste and RoK are always pulling out these amusing theories from God knows where, much like feminists. It’s possible that the Christian bigamy thing never happened, although Luther was a little kinky. ” Leonhard Theobald, ‘Der angebliche Bigamiebeschluß des fränkischen Kreistages’ [‘The So-called Bigamy Decision of the Franconian Kreistag’], Beitrage zur Bayerischen kirchengeschichte [Contributions to Bavarian Church History] 23 (1916 – bound volume dated 1917) Erlangen: 199-200 (Theobald reporting that the Franconian Kreistag did not hold session between 1645 and 1664, and that there is no record of such a law in the extant archives of Nürnberg, Ansbach, or Bamberg, Theobald believing that the editors of the Fränkisches Archiv must have misunderstood a draft of some other legislation from 1650).
    ^ Alfred Altmann, ‘Verein für Geschichte der Stadt Nürnburg,’ Jahresbericht über das 43 Vereinsjahr 1920 [Annual Report for the 43rd Year 1920 of the Historical Society of the City of Nuremberg] (Nürnberg 1920): 13-15 (Altmann reporting a lecture he had given discussing the polygamy permission said to have been granted in Nuremberg in 1650, Altmann characterizing the Fränkisches Archiv as ‘merely a popular journal, not an edition of state documents,’ and describing the tradition as ‘a literary fantasy’). ”
    If there were such a document, it was not a church document. Most of what I’ve seen on the Franconian Kreistag bigamy decision has turned up on Islamic or Morman websites, so draw your own conclusion. Bigamy and polygamy were prohibited by the Council of Trent , 1545-1563.

  • Casey Klahn September 9, 2017, 8:26 PM

    Bunny: noted. Thanks.

  • Missy September 10, 2017, 5:49 PM

    “Female beauty is nature reasserting life and fertility in the face of bloodshed and slaughter.
    That’s a great final insight. Beauty is the flower of bloodshed.”

    Wow. Yes.

  • Bunny September 11, 2017, 4:58 PM

    Well, that’s very poetical and all, but think about it. If the flower of manhood is being killed off in massive numbers, that leaves only a remnant of young hunks and a preponderance of unfit old men in the gene pool. Assuming the remaining men contribute fully one half of the genetic material involved and fewer of these are lookers, wouldn’t that tend to reduce the occurrence of physical beauty, even if they were to impregnate hot chicks only?