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Life just got a whole lot cheaper inside the Seattle Progressive Leper Colony

My terrifying 5-day stay inside Seattle’s ‘autonomous zone’

During five undercover days and nights in the zone, I witnessed a continuing experiment in anarchy, chaos and brute-force criminality. In order to avoid being exposed as a journalist — several reporters have been barred or expelled –” I slept and showered outside the zone. (Those inside have no showers but they do have portable bathrooms.) I took meals, and most of my water breaks, elsewhere because I was reluctant to remove my mask and risk being recognized. Every day I entered the zone twice through its semi-porous borders — once in the early afternoon, and again after sundown, staying until the wee hours.

Crime has surged inside and outside the zone.

On Saturday morning, a shooting erupted that left at least one person dead and another injured near a border checkpoint. Police were reportedly met with resistance when they tried to get to the victims, who apparently were then taken in private cars to the hospital. Cops made it into the zone to gather shell casings and evidence, some reports said, as police in riot gear stood at the border.

On Thursday, police arrested Robert James after he left the CHAZ. He is accused of sexually assaulting a deaf woman who was lured inside a tent. The same day, former city council candidate Isaiah Willoughby was arrested on suspicion of starting the arson attack on the East Precinct June 8.

Police Chief Carmen Best has stated that police response times to 911 calls in the surrounding area have “more than tripled” because they are down a station.

“Emergency calls, which often means somebody’s being assaulted, sometimes it’s a rape, sometimes it’s a robbery, but something bad is happening if it’s a top priority call, and we’re not able to get there,” she has said.

Various Occupy-type protests have occurred across the US since the original occupation near Wall Street in 2011. But CHAZ is nothing like the mostly peaceful tent city in privately-owned Zuccotti Park that was corralled and closely monitored by the NYPD….

Despite the group’s link to violent extremism, its armed members were celebrated in the CHAZ for “protecting” the new denizens. The head of CHAZ’s security is a short female named “Creature.” She and the rest of her team communicate with walkie-talkie devices and earpieces. Some of them openly carry rifles, handguns, batons or knives. Their operating base is in the open-air eating section of the Ranchos Tacos Mexican restaurant. Signs posted all over their base declares: “NO PHOTOS. NO VIDEOS.” Another sign lists Venmo names for donations.

For media crews that arrive during the day, that is certainly what they will see. People have barbecues in the street. Many bring their children to make street art. People walk their dogs.

But at night, a whole different side of CHAZ emerges.

Lacking agreed-upon leadership, those who have naturally risen to the top have done so with force or intimidation. For example, rapper Raz Simone, real name Solomon Simone, patrols CHAZ on some nights with an armed entourage. Simone, originally from Georgia, has an arrest record for child cruelty and other charges. He usually conducts his patrols carrying a long semi-auto rifle and sidearm. Last weekend, a live stream recorded Simone handing another man a rifle from the trunk of a car.

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  • John the River June 20, 2020, 5:39 PM

    The only people I feel anything for are those “Normals” living in the area that are life long residents, watched the crazy ascend, were outvoted by their ‘woke’ neighbors and are now trapped within their unsalable homes and afraid to even go out for groceries.

    It could happen to me.

  • Auntie Analogue June 20, 2020, 5:55 PM

    “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.”

  • ghostsniper June 20, 2020, 6:34 PM

    Why is that everything negro looks like a ghetto?
    Trash, squalor, crime.

  • Gordon Scott June 20, 2020, 6:46 PM

    In Minneapolis, we have an extensive and fabled park system. It deserves the acolades. It really is nice, and has been well run for 150 years. The parks are managed by an elected park board, which has its own police force (which has just disassociated from the Minneapolis PD, or is pretending to have).

    Even when the city council was full of idiots, the Park Board was kind of the grown up in the room. But in the last election the progs ran a full slate of candidates and got a working majority on the board. The first thing they tried to do was to quadruple their pay. That didn’t fly. But now, they’ve topped that.

    They have handed the parks over to the lunatics and the dope fiends.

    By vote of the board, they are allowing this years’ crop of venal vagrants to live in the parks, and are providing portapotties, running water, and other support services.

    This will not be popular even with the proggies in the public. They kind of like being able to use the parks freely and without having to scan for needles and shit. If your dog takes a dump and you don’t pick it up immediately, that’s practically a felony. But if humans shit and walk away, well, cultural enrichment or some such nonsense. And despite all of the provided facilities in the parks, there are those in the polyester domicile community who want to live free, and will stumble past a just-cleaned porta to crap wherever.

    But all of the guilty rich people are showing up to donate tents, food, clothes, soap (like anyone is gonna use that!) and money, and that means that all of their welfare payments can be cashed out to buy dope. And if you accidentally set yours and your neighbor’s tent on fire with your torch, hey, no problem, there’s plenty more.

    Last year’s Freak Fest was policed by the “AIM Patrol” allegedly associated with the ever-available and yet never accountable American Indian Movement. They were loudly and emphatically anti-drug and kept those Narcan injectors ready for the inevitable ODs. Once in a while, carefully staged for the cameras, they would roust an unoccupied tent, proclaiming it was the den of a notorious dealer. The tent and contents would be smashed and thrown in one of the city-provided dumpsters.

    The thing is, the AIM Patrolers knew exactly who and where the dealers were. In some cases AIM Patrol controlled the supply and in others, the dealers paid protection to the AP. But drugs were never, ever, in short supply.

    Minneapolis police are reporting great difficulty in getting to and investigating the rather numerous shootings happening lately. Mostly Peaceful Protesters are sometimes grappling with the cops, and interfering with ambulance crews. I hate to think what’s going to happen in Powderhorn Park when the rapes become to numerous and obvious to ignore.

  • Gordon Scott June 20, 2020, 6:53 PM

    Oh, a friend and I had an idea: The nicest real estate in town is along the parkways. The best is Lake of the Isles Parkway, which covers that lake. Houses there go for large, large sums.

    We could clean out the garages and put together a bunch of tents with stoves, a foam cooler full of beer, and ratty sleeping bags. We arrive early one morning and throw these up along this parkway, right in front of these very nice homes, most of which have BLM signs. Then we arrange a truck to pick up some future residents in the big camps. Move-In Ready Just For You, with Beer! And when you get hungry, just knock on the doors of the nearby homes. They’ll be eager to share!

  • Rob De Witt June 20, 2020, 7:18 PM
  • Anne June 20, 2020, 7:47 PM

    There is not one–NOT ONE–white straight male attorney in King County (Seattle) that will confront any one of these people, or their leaders. The King County Bar Association is a great collection of white male cowards and finally the results of that cowardice have arrived. These events are just one more extension of the same group who created, managed, and lead Evergreen University.

  • rabbit tobacco June 20, 2020, 10:04 PM

    chaz/chop gains sovereignty
    and U.N. recognizes them as
    a country?

  • DeNihilist June 20, 2020, 10:14 PM

    This seems so like Delaney’s greatest novel – Dhalgren.
    A never ending arc of sublime insanity.

  • Gnawbone Jack June 21, 2020, 3:48 AM

    DeNihilist: Unfortunately for the poor souls of Seattle, I believe your observation is correct. I never believed the setting for the novel was the Midwest and as I read it years ago (and for some insane reason, again this past winter) I pictured it on the Left coast, maybe Oakland, early 70’s.

  • ghostsniper June 21, 2020, 4:59 AM

    Hey G.Jack, you guys sent me an orange Stihl can coozy last week. Thanks!

  • Gordon Scott June 21, 2020, 4:59 AM

    Dang. Minneapolis had to deploy the snow plows to deal with all of the spent brass in the Uptown district last night. One dead, 11 wounded in the gun battle. The Star-Tribune isn’t reporting on the gunmen or victims, but one can guess.

    This makes 90 shot since May 26, or George Floyd Day. We’re not Chicago, but we also lack the sheer numbers, and the full-on ghetto neighborhoods also.

  • Wildman June 21, 2020, 6:17 AM

    They voted for it. They get to live with it. May their “virtue” keep the safe.

  • Jack June 21, 2020, 7:11 AM

    These radicals have invaded a town, taken over and are trying to establish themselves as a violent force that represents America. That’s fine.

    Shut that bitch down. Stop all power and all utilities. No internet, to cell service, no toilet paper. No food, water or medical and surround their zone with military who have the authority to use concussion grenades and to shoot to kill if anyone points a firearm at them.

    Keep the media, its cameras, helicopters and drones 10 blocks away and don’t permit any news in or out. Shut that bitch down!

  • James ONeil June 21, 2020, 7:43 AM

    Damn glad I’m way up here on top of the world.

    None the less, even though it’s raining, I think I’ll go out and cut down a few more trees today to increase the visual perimeter ’round my place.

    Just finished making an oil cloth rain poncho, good time to test it.

    The oil cloth; 9 parts paraffin, 2 parts bee’s wax, one part linseed oil. Not a bad time to practice and pass along skills and recipes from days gone by, -just in case.

  • Denny June 21, 2020, 7:49 AM

    Maybe we should just give them lots of money and let them keep things as they are. Within six months nearly all of them will be dead from overdoses.

  • Denny June 21, 2020, 8:01 AM

    We could then set up a memorial and call them “The Grateful Dead”.

  • jwm June 21, 2020, 9:26 AM

    Maybe persuade the Mexican drug bosses to donate a few pounds of meth, some nearly uncut heroin, and a pound of fresh fentanyl. Darwin will take care of the rest.

    Actually, I’d prefer that the military donate a MOAB.


  • azlibertarian June 21, 2020, 9:54 AM

    …Shut that bitch down. Stop all power and all utilities. No internet, to cell service, no toilet paper. No food, water or medical and surround their zone with military who have the authority to use concussion grenades and to shoot to kill if anyone points a firearm at them.

    Keep the media, its cameras, helicopters and drones 10 blocks away and don’t permit any news in or out. Shut that bitch down!…”

    Sorry, Jack, but I’m going to disagree. Don’t mistake me: Yours is the right first response. But by taking your approach, you will provide all the evidence necessary for America’s domestic enemies to show that what they call “Drump’s Amerikkka” is no better than the Chinese suppressing their citizens in Tiananmen Square, or heaven forbid, the Nazi’s encirclement of the Warsaw Ghetto.

    I say let ’em stew. They’ve asked for this. Let them have it, good and hard.

  • Vanderleun June 21, 2020, 10:44 AM

    And it is going to be one stinky stew.

  • Skorpion June 21, 2020, 11:53 AM

    @azlibertarian: Or as Napoleon put it, “Never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake.”

  • Jack June 21, 2020, 12:21 PM

    azlibertarian….sticks and stones. The US could control these people even if it took clandestine measures and systematically and quietly caused the various leaders and supporters to disappear, never to be seen again. Or, it can do like it has been doing and providing them with succor whenever they demand it, and continue this group to control the ground and the narrative.

    I want to be fair but truthfully I cannot see any real semblance in responding to a violent and marxist group of thugs with the actions of the Chinese in Tiananmen where unarmed hunger strikers were assailed by several hundred thousand Chinese troops nor can I see any comparison to shutting down the utilities and all services to these armed and drug addled thugs to the Nazi’s removal of several hundred thousand unarmed and corralled Jews to death camps.

    If this highly dangerous and armed encampment had no access to power, water, internet or cell service, meals or medical services and if media coverage was denied, I believe they will begin to rethink their big plan. Anyone involved in this armed takeover, if they then choose to surrender, should be jailed without bond, tried and if convicted of the charges that normally attend these acts, should be fined for a share of the destruction they have caused and supported and sentenced to at least 10 years in jail, without parole.

    And, if the US doesn’t come up with some kind of retaliatory and suppressive action against this wild little regime, what will be its policy when it occurs again and again…..as it certainly will?

    We can chose to deal with these enemies of the cities and towns and the safety of our citizens and their homes and businesses or we can make their lives a living Hell with more to come.

    The real question, at least in my mind, is are we going to permit the internal destruction of this country and its citizens by violent young communist thugs and unhappy negroes for whom nothing will satisfy or, are we going to pay attention to the words of the first sentence of a soldier’s Oath of Enlistment with a focus on domestic enemies and do all that is required to make examples of them by reducing their numbers??

  • Bikermailman June 22, 2020, 8:14 PM

    Gordon Scott June 20, 2020, 6:53 PM
    I don’t know if you were just funnin’, buuuuut… that’s thinking with your noodle. As in 4GW thinking. I’m willing to route a few fedbux your way via our gentle host, should you do such an awful (Bad dog! No bisquit!) action.

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