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Let’s Review 93: Guns and No Butter

Compact Defense Rifles For The Survivalist: Although the Keltec SU16C is a lightweight and capable rifle, I would relegate it to the “Truck Gun”, or “Get home Bag gun” and not give it the position of “Combat Rifle”. Empty, this rifle weighs right under six pounds with the optic and is 26.75 inches long. The only reason I still have this rifle is due to it’s super lightweight and compact size.

When Nemesis finally hit Clinton on November 8, 2016, she was stunned, unable to even extend a simple public gesture of concession on election night. From there, Nemesis took her on a downward spiral. Clinton descended from once polling as the most popular woman in the U.S. to a rather sad figure, scapegoating, weaving conspiracy theories, blame-gaming, and endlessly replaying the disaster of 2016—a sort of poor, blinded and dethroned Oedipus wandering in exile in the fashion of peripatetic former FBI Director James Comey, whose character and fate in some ways are similar to Clinton’s. Hillary’s Hamartia | Hoover Institution

Who is likely to be a creative? Who wants to see their vision broadcast to the world? Who wants to imprint their worldview on others? The field is a draw for the progressive coalition members. On top of this, as the nation becomes more diverse, more specific marketing can be cultivated for the niche customer. Global Hue is an advertising firm that specializes in advertising for minorities. They will win other advertising contracts, so creating campaigns now come with the automatic ‘see it through black/Hispanic/white eyes’ setting. These employees bring their progressivism and apply it to every situation for a thirty-second ad spot.

Pope Forgets the Lake of Fire ... instead you get….  Nothingness. Jean-Paul Sartre without having to sit through a play. Alzheimer’s from the age of 2. You pick any highlight moment out of your life—like the time you climbed Machu Picchu with a Peruvian babe and chewed coca leaves so you could have sex for three days—and that whole event doesn’t exist anymore. You’re not just separated from God, you’re separated from yourself.

I sneer at “œenvironmental sensitivities.” In my own building, for instance, more than one hundred working toilets were smashed up and landfilled to make way for models that use 20 percent less water, but must be flushed multiple times. They plug often, nonetheless, but can only be fixed by a professional plumber with a college degree – an ecological disaster, of insane waste, like almost every environmental scheme.

Who Really Invented Sloppy Joes?

From John Adams to Massachusetts Militia, 11 October 1798 Avarice, Ambition, Revenge or Galantry, would break the strongest Cords of our Constitution as a Whale goes through a Net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

Not journalism, but only journalisme engagé;   Mr. Davies feared this would be the future. For a moment he was dark, for what he described was a spirit of malice; an overwhelmingly destructive attitude of mind; and deriving from that, a terrible blindness. The engaged journalist can no longer see what is right before his eyes. He makes no concession to realities. He cannot attribute –€” to his ”€œJohnson”€ or his “€œNixon”€ or his “Trump”€ –€” any particle of honest intention. He focuses instead on a compulsive hatred, with no self-deprecating relief. In his imagination, he beholds a pure monster. He becomes what he beholds.

Now It All Starts Making Sense ” Deep State” Fixer €: Henry John Kerner, The Cover-Up Expert. Yesterday it was revealed that Henry J Kerner (Henry Kerner), as a former McCain senior staff official, was part of a bipartisan DC team who constructed the IRS weaponization program to target the Tea Party.  That’s bad enough.  However, a little more digging, you’re not going to believe this: the same guy who was attached to the prior investigations, is now in charge of all DC “corruption” and “whistle-blowing” cases, including the current FBI and DOJ corruption.

How the US has prepared for nuclear Armageddon – in pictures | An armoured and unceremonious exit (right) from the White House in the back of the Treasury Annex, now known as Freedman’s Bank. The bank connects to the White House via two tunnels – one under Pennsylvania Avenue to the Treasury Building (left), the second under East Executive Avenue from the Treasury Building to the East Wing of the White House. According to the White House Historical Association, the escape tunnel to the Treasury went out of favour after the construction of the Presidential Emergency Operations Center beneath the White House.

Distillery Warehouse Collapse Causes 9,000 Bourbon Barrels to Crash

THIS IS ACTUALLY QUITE PHENOMENAL BUT I SUSPECT THE ESTIMATE IS ON THE LOW SIDE: Report: Nearly 400 million guns in private hands.     I won’t be happy until we have more than half.

The seditious foreigner and the parasitic, rejectionist minority (and AntiFa auxiliaries) are the new aristocracy (or, perhaps more accurately, the new favored Janissaries) and Washington politicians get and hold power by licking the boots of the wealthy.  Liberty’s Torch: Disconnect.

Kathy Forth’s suicide ォ   All women love drama, all women create drama, and all women create drama because they are looking for a spanking from a strong man. All women are like that. Childlessness and the lack of a strong man in their lives greatly worsens this problem.

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  • ghostsniper June 24, 2018, 4:57 AM

    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People.”

    The primary problem with that parchment under glass is that it has no teeth – no penalties for those that “attempt” to violate the laws it contains.

    Notice the word “attempt”.

    If you attempt to kill me there is a penalty for that.
    If you attempt to violate my natural rights as explained in that parchment, currently, there is no penalty for that. There should be, and the penalty should be fast, consistent, reliable, so as to act as a deterrent to others that may consider doing the same.

    The laws set forth in the constitution should be inviolate as they supposedly form the foundation for the country but when a major part of that foundation is missing there can be no structural stability.

  • ca June 24, 2018, 6:37 AM

    Here’s another essential article (actually, four-parter) on what needs to get down before the whole thing goes sidesways:


    May God bless and keep you and yours.