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Let’s Review 90: Of Killer Robots and Furbabies

If I am not in total control of this robot, I want it destroyed on sight.

myötähäpeä 1. secondhand embarrassment (personal embarrassment one feels on account of and for another who is making a fool of him or herself), vicarious embarrassment.

OKAY OKAY, THAT’S ENOUGH WITH THE FUCKING FURBABIES! Frozen Treats for Dogs That You Can Eat Too While every season holds different charms for dog owners (even brutal winter walks give way to magic moments with doggos frolicking in the snow!), there’s nothing quite like lazy summer days with your furry friend. It’s the season of restaurant patios, front stoop sittin’, and beach outings, all rife with opportunities to bring along your buddy (sun’s out, tongues out). And while you can totally pony up a few bucks for those fancy dog cupcakes at your favorite cupcake shop, or blow away your Starbucks budget with too many Puppuccino trips (they’re free, but you need a treat, too!), there are plenty of frozen concoctions that you can make at home for both you and your pup to enjoy!

Have you ever encountered, outside the pages of farce, a more self-important poseur than James Comey? A more Uriah-Heep-like fanatic than Robert Mueller? A more rodentine representative of bureaucratic double-talk than Andrew McCabe? Seen from the right perspective, these characters are hilarious. But seen from another perspective, they are not funny. They’re terrifying. The men and women in this story are not, most of them, evil. Rather, they are pedestrian expressions of that self-engorging bureaucracy we call the administrative state.

Ownership of 750 pound, $372 million emerald may finally be settled.

It’s raining octopus! Sea creatures fall from the sky after being ‘sucked from the ocean by a waterspout and carried into the coastal city’ during a powerful storm in China

When someone hears you approach, you’re told to “Halt! (Important safety tip for those who aren’t prior-service military: “Halt!” is always shorthand-speak for “I see you, and my front sight is leveled on your center-of-mass.” Halt is therefore not a suggestion, any time it is heard. You may safely assume your position is even sketchier than that, depending on the darkness level, the experience level of a given group, or the tactical situation. Respond appropriately. Bullets in flight have no friends forward of the muzzle, and neither do sentries on post until the my team/not my team question has been sorted out to their satisfaction.)

Recommendo: 10 Hours of Underwater Footage Provides a Soothing View of Sea Life Feeling stressed? This 10-hour video by BBC Earth is sure to instill a sense a calm and tranquility.

Harvard University ‘discriminates against Asian-Americans’ “An Asian-American applicant with 25% chance of admission, for example, would have a 35% chance if he were white, 75% if he were Hispanic, and 95% chance if he were African-American.”

The world’s oldest bridge is being preserved in Iraq

“Well, just replace the shutoff valve.”, they said. “Can’t. The valve at the curb doesn’t work. No way to turn off the water.” “Oh. Yeah. Well, Nick can probably do that. He changes shutoff valves on live water and gas pipes all the time. “Really?” “Yeah. He can do it live.” “Sign me up.” And thus, I met the Chuck Norris of plumbers.

To the deranged mouth-breathers on the left, hearing the truth is like dousing a vampire with holy water. But let’s face it; anyone who has regularly read these pages knows we have well documented Joe Biden IS A Moron.

The white protests designed to convert the devil are a sad reenactment of the so-called prolife movement. For 45 years the prolifers have been protesting legalized abortion, and for 45 years they have gotten no results. Yet they never look at the obvious reason why the liberals keep winning the abortion wars. The liberals keep winning because they have no fear of white Christians. Whenever a white Christian actually does what is necessary and kills an abortion doctor, the ‘prolifers’ run and hide under their beds while screaming, “I am against violence.”

I just don’t know how hard-working people in companies get laid at all anymore: Report: Netflix crew members can’t give ‘lingering hugs,’ stare for more than 5 seconds In the wake of a nationwide #MeToo reckoning, Netflix headquarters has reportedly released a new set of behavioral guidelines for film crews. Netflix crew members mustn’t flirt, give “lingering hugs” nor stare at anyone for “longer than five seconds,” according to a series of updated sexual harassment policies obtained by the Sun. Flirting and asking for a colleague’s phone number are also reportedly forbidden

‘Am I in the bad part of town?’ Tourists shocked by what they see on San Francisco streets “Is this normal or am I in a ‘bad part of town?’ Just walked past numerous homeless off their faces, screaming and running all over the sidewalk near Twitter HQ and then a murder scene. Wife is scared to leave hotel now,” wrote an AustralianReddit user Wednesday.

Things to do to keep from getting shot Don’t be a predator. A significant number of gun deaths (around 700 annually) are justifiable homicides. Usually, this is when a victim successfully defends themselves from criminal assault. Don’t live in big cities or on an Indian reservation. When you take a few big cities out of the equation, the Fifty States drops to a very low rate of death by guns per 100,000 people, well below virtually all civilized lands. Many reservations, however, are much like the gang-infested inner city neighborhoods in Chicago, DC, New York, St. Louis, and elsewhere. Don’t live in states or cities where it is hard for honest, peaceful people to get guns.

Last Sunday, Italy’s deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini announced that he was refusing to allow a boat packed with 629 alleged African “refugees” from docking on Italian shores. He also announced the new government’s plans to stop accepting all further boat people from Libya as well as to deport the estimated half-million or so African migrants who aren’t technically refugees. Spain wound up taking the migrants and Italy wound up taking the heat. All things considered, Italy won.

Don Surber: Canadian discovers the truth about USA trade “With NAFTA in place, Canada is an option when globally oriented firms considered their North American strategies; without it, Canada is a smallish market that probably can be served from the U.S. or elsewhere.”

Obama-Land Fiasco Worsens – Chicago Taxpayers Now Face $224 Million Bill

One reason conservationism is now a dog’s breakfast of libertarian nostrums and reworked liberal platitudes is that conservatism is short of conservatives. The people carrying the banner for Official Conservatism don’t know the first thing about what it means to be conservative. It is as if they have spent their lives trying to avoid the great conservative thinkers. There is no trace of the intellectual giants in the ideas of the modern conservative.

What Is the Difference Between a Burrito and an Enchilada? – Chowhound

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  • ghostsniper June 19, 2018, 11:17 AM

    It’s 93 in the shade and again today I will be 3/4 nekkid all day long.
    Shannon and me just came in from sitting on the porch where we each had a bowl of refreshing Prairie Farms Orange Vanilla ice cream. mmmmm It was vanilla ice cream with orange sherbet. mmmmm
    Shannon can’t have chocolate ya see, so I sacrifice for her. This is a normal sunny day for us and when she was about 2 she insisted on her own bowl, no more sharing.

    I changed a hot propane pipe for the first time last year and it wasn’t such a big deal afterall.
    The original water heater was 38 gal propane so I switched it out for a 52 gal electric on a timer so I can have more control over the cost. Why heat water all the time when you don’t need it and anyway there is always 52 gals of hot in there already, thus, the timer. It runs 2 hours in the morn and 2 more in the eve, then off for the other 20. So there was a corrugated gas pipe going to the old WH that was getting on my nerve. The plan was to remove the lengthy corrugated pipe and install a 6″ nipple and cap. I practiced with the empty a couple times to get my hands used to the process. Then I assembled and greased the nipple, put the pipe wrench on the corrugated and got to it. Took maybe 30 seconds total. Maybe 3 seconds as the gas was emitting. Saved myself $200 by not having to call somebody.

    $200 for 30 seconds of work, not bad.

    “Nothing builds confidence like success.”
    gs, 2099

  • Anonymous June 19, 2018, 12:59 PM

    “An Asian-American applicant with 25% chance of admission, for example, would have a 35% chance if he were white, 75% if he were Hispanic, and 95% chance if he were African-American.” I guess it’s only 95% because Harvard won’t admit you if you kill somebody during your freshman orientation visit to the campus.

  • Roger B Watts June 19, 2018, 1:18 PM

    RE: Raining octopi, don’t worry about them. I’m sure they were all eaten chop, chop. In China they even eat the pig’s squeal.

  • Howard Nelson June 19, 2018, 5:53 PM

    Fake News! Fake News!
    That’s a septapus not an octopus in the waterspout. This lousy arithmetic comes from our counting on our politicians who rarely add up correctly.

  • John The River June 19, 2018, 8:08 PM

    Sarcos Robot?

    Robot my ass, that could be an illustration for the 2oth reissue of “Waldo and Company”.

  • Gordon Scott June 19, 2018, 9:51 PM

    I had a gate valve on the house side of the meter. I closed it one day to do a bit of plumbing upstairs. When the time came to open it, it would not. The round handle just spun and spun. I called around to various companies, and no one could come out. I finally found a place, a mom-and-pop operation. They had a guy, but he was on another job. But he would come over. He did, about 45 minutes later. He looked at that gate valve, did a bit of gentle tapping, peering, listening and looking at it like a safecracker. He got the valve to open again. I was so freaking impressed.

  • Snakepit Kansas June 20, 2018, 4:05 AM

    Roger & Anonymous,

    I was in the Philippines last week with my crew. Did some diving and saw all kinds of wonderful sea creatures. Yes, China, PI, most of Asia, those things would get gobbled up completely if caught.
    As for pigs and the snout, true. At a family cookout one of the brother-in-laws was warming up a giant wok over a coconut wood fire. He put in onions, garlic, some chopped vegetables with some oil. It was starting to smell good! Various pieces of unidentifiable chopped hog guts (cleaned prior) were then added to the wok. After everything had browned he got out a plastic bag that contained congealed hog blood and dropped that in on top of everything, then let it cook down. Hell no, I didn’t even attempt to try any of that.

  • Mike Anderson June 20, 2018, 4:40 AM

    Ditto on the FURBABIES. I find the term, and the folks–mainly women–who use it, to be downright creepy. The Mrs goes a bit farther, and asks “How nice. Are you breastfeeding?”

  • pbird June 20, 2018, 9:30 AM

    Wow Snakepit, that’s disgusting. We are not all the same on this earth are we.?

  • Larry Geiger June 20, 2018, 11:27 AM

    It’s a hazardous environment. He puts the two pipes together. But. It doesn’t show him putting the nuts on. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm… Who wants to go in and put the nuts on and torque them up? Any volunteers? Nothing in there but noxious gas! I guess that I’ll have to do it myself…

  • SgtBob June 20, 2018, 11:40 AM

    Answer to Robot: Hold my beer, Billy Gene. Honey, would you bring me the RPG, please?

  • HH June 20, 2018, 5:26 PM

    re: myötähäpeä
    In American English: The Ted Mack Amateur Hour Syndrome.
    That sinking through-the-floor, stomach-churning feeling you get watching someone embarrass themselves in front of God and the whole world.

  • Vanderleun June 20, 2018, 6:00 PM

    I am so very pleased that you picked up on that, HH.