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Let’s Review 80: Old Cars and One-Liners

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Men are divided into two camps: those who believe in original sin and those who are idiots. –Dávila

The Search for E.T. Will Almost Certainly Start with Eyeball Planets.

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In 1940 two twin-engine airplanes collided mid-air –interlocked, they flew for five miles and landed safely

From Blue Wave to Blue Trickle to Blue Gurgle

If you increase your share of a large voting block, like say white people, you get more votes than if you increase your share of a small voting block, like Hispanics.

Early Hackers Used Whistles From Cap’n Crunch Cereal Boxes

The Reds want war. They won’t stop until they have one. Know your local Party members.

There’s finally a drug that prevents migraines instead of just treating them  

Journalists’ brains function at a lower level than average 

Google Removes ‘Don’t Be Evil’ Clause From Its Code of Conduct

Google Plus Has Become Ground Zero for ISIS Propaganda  

Jim Carrey’s ‘Dark Crimes’ Backfires Like a Meal of Refried Beans  

MS-13 gang member nicknamed ‘Animal’ sentenced to 40 years  

The White House has a growing sinkhole on the north lawn 

Mr. Sessions, Your ‘Extraordinary Circumstances’ Are Here 

The Niceness Effect | Popularity and the desire to be liked are at the center of our contemporary political disasters.


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  • Bram May 24, 2018, 8:16 AM

    It just got a bit misty in here. My Dad’s first car was a ’64 Mustang. My brothers and I talked about it a few times – but Leukemia killed him before we were able to do something like that.

  • Vanderleun May 24, 2018, 8:23 AM

    I know what you mean. My own father died too soon for me to know him as a man and as a father.

  • ghostsniper May 24, 2018, 8:05 PM

    It’s one of my greatest regrets. My dad died from a heart attack at age 47 in 1980, when I was still an irresponsible punk. He never got to know the real me or my wife or our kid or our grand kids and he and I weren’t getting along when he died.

    The worst part?

    I remember him telling me the same thing about his dad (they weren’t getting along when his dad died), and me vowing that that wasn’t going to happen to us (my dad and I). But it went down like that anyway. That regret is always there, even 38 years later, every day.

    I had a 66′ Mustang convertible and it was a beautiful metalflake dark green with black top and interior and Keystone mags with Tigerpaws. My dad bought it for $1000 in 1971 and sold it to me on payments cause I didn’t have any credit.

  • Rob De Witt May 24, 2018, 10:27 PM

    Regrets or not, I hope you can all by this point recognize how lucky you were to have a father. You didn’t do anything to deserve it, you just got issued a winning lottery ticket.

    Be grateful.

  • ghostsniper May 25, 2018, 4:51 AM

    You’re absolutely right Rob, and I am very thankful.
    Almost every day.
    In the 25 years I knew my dad he taught me so much, some of it I’m not even aware of.
    2 days ago while replacing a door knob I was holding the handle down to install the long screw that is inconveniently behind the handle (it was a lever set) and showed my wife how I extend the index finger on my left hand, which was holding the lever down, to steady the tip of the phillips screwdriver so that it could be inserted into the screw cause my right hand was shaking a little. A little trick my dad taught me when I was but a wee lad, and now *passed onto my wife*. I taught my son this trick many years ago.

    THAT is how family is supposed to work, and I wonder what fills that void in men that did not have that guidance? I imagine that same sort of thing is also true of women. I know both my sisters still make recipes that my mother used to make, and probably a host of other things that are used everyday. What are all these things replaced with? Voids don’t stay vacant for long.

    **In the past 10 years I have become very aware of my aging, and believing my wife will outlive me. I have been teaching her little things, and preparing her for my eventual absence. It’s sort of a little joking thing between us, with serious results. We joke about it now, but reality will always have it’s way. We bide our time as we have it, and we live like we want while we can, as long as we can.

  • Rob De Witt May 25, 2018, 10:17 AM

    I wonder what fills that void in men that did not have that guidance

    And the answer is, “Nothing”; your illustration of being taught how to use a screwdriver is the perfect example. I’ve figured everything out for myself, and it shows, brother.