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Let’s Review 71: Sock Eating Machines vs Sh*t Eating Comedians

Turns Out Washing Machines Do Eat Socks, But There Were More Surprising Things That We Found… Today, my husband got tired of fooling with one of the washing machines that was just not working properly and decided to take it apart, starting with the bottom panel. To his shock, this is what he found…

I was an event planner for major corporations and political organizations for years. I tell you unequivocally at least 6 committee meetings to discuss, review and decide on this particular entertainer took place. The decision was approved at the top of the organization and they knew fully what they were getting. Tapes were submitted by all entertainers under consideration. The event itself was carefully scripted and timed. Many someones had copies of her routine. Since it was televised, MSNBC on site producers probably had a script so they’d know when to do audience pick up shots which require extra lighting for the cameras. These events are CAREFULLY planned with lots and lots of people involved. They knew EXACTLY what they were getting.

Only the wall and a cigarette will ever alter this reality. Basically the”press” has given up its informing role. It’s real self is now the petulant toy of short rich men. The woman who chaired this organization is a servant of Bloomberg, the gun hating dwarf who owns Bloomberg news( On air his slaves have been ordered to refer to him only as “The Founder”). He is worth 50 billion. He dispises DT because The best he could do with his own 70 million spent was become mayor. The WaPo, which is the home town paper for this turd festival, is owned by the Emperor himself. It is the number one hater of DT, by design. Servants must please their masters or become vapor. The media now is just a faction of these rich guys doing what they want. Only the wall and a cigarette will ever alter this reality.

Sense of Events: Elections are still rigged The establishment Democrat party has become the Revolutionary Vanguard of Marxism-Leninism. The Russian Bolsheviks, seeing themselves as the Vanguard, took to heart Marx’s instruction that a temporary dictatorship of the proletariat – meaning by Lenin and his gang, not the general proletariat – was the key to bringing forth True Communism.

A race actively participating and aiding in its own demise, of enabling and enriching its would-be conquerors, transcends even the rarity of the abdication of privilege—it is wholly unprecedented. This is the psychological profile of a race so thoroughly corrupted, it has framed the facilitation of its own demise as a morally responsible, and indeed virtuous, imperative.

London is under siege by a hectic invasion of toxic caterpillars Because the moths’ natural predators are not present in the UK, the moths run rampant; and, in spite of Forestry Commission efforts to halt the epidemic, outbreaks have recurred in many years since 2006.

There’s no getting around the fact that guys like Jonah Goldberg live fabulous lives while being nothing more than stooges for the Left. The sheer volume of losing by gentry conservatives should be enough to wake even the dumbest and most naive. Woodpile Report

Israel Blew Up Something Huge in Syria

Who Was Worse — Michelle Wolf or Her Audience? It was the Robespierre moment of the #MeToo movement. Sisterhood is no longer powerful. It’s sadistic – especially when aimed at women on the “wrong” side. This is of a piece with sudden silence about the accusations against Tom Brokaw. Feminism isn’t just dead. It’s decomposed.

ObamaNesia Obama Amnesia and the EPA Despite a number of scandals, there were no calls by theNew York Times editorial board for Obama EPA chief Gina McCarthy to resign, even after her agency caused the Gold King Mine spill, an environmental catastrophe for which she refused to take responsibility.

Questions must be asked, and loudly: When Alfie failed to die “minutes after life support was removed,” as the NHS doctors assured us he would, why did they not revise their opinion of his vitality and prospects for survival? Had Alfie been the child of parents who are not British citizens, would the NHS doctors have taken a different attitude toward him – or toward his parents’ right to remove him from their “care?” Had Alfie been the child of Muslim parents, would the NHS have obstructed their quest for treatment that might allow their son to live rather than to die? Are the doctors who condemned Alfie to a slow, painful death by starvation willing to stand before the television cameras and justify their totalitarian decrees? What about the judge who ruled against Alfie’s parents’ ordinary parental rights over their child – rights that would have been honored without question in a civilized nation?

For those who sense “something in the air” but think it’s only them. From PJ Media: Rep. Mo Brooks told a local radio show that one factor in the record number of retirements of GOP members may be fears of assassination… Brooks referred to the fact many members of the Republican baseball team are retiring, including Sen. Jeff Flake and Reps. Ryan Costello, Pat Meehan, Dennis Ross and Tom Rooney.

Liberty’s Torch: Corrupt, authoritarian Britain. Americans have a low opinion of Congress but return their own representatives and senators to D.C. like clockwork. “My guys ok. It’s the rest of them who suck.”

Who We Aren’t The story of man is the replacement of one people by a better people, better because they had some edge rooted in their DNA.

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  • azlibertarian May 2, 2018, 3:22 PM

    Re: Washing machines eating socks…..

    So anyway, one day Mrs. azlib came to me and said, “You need to look at the dryer. Its leaking water.” I’m no dummy, so I says to The Wife, “I’m pretty sure the dryer isn’t leaking water. Maybe the washer is leaking water, and that water has shown itself (strangely) on the floor in front of the dryer, but the dryer isn’t leaking water.”

    On arrival in our laundry room, I found that yes indeed, our dryer was leaking water [Note to self: Never contradict your wife again.]. It was this grayish black water coming out of the bottom of the dryer.

    So I pulled the dryer away from the wall, and disconnected the vent line. Inside the vent tube, I found and removed a big, sopping wet clump of dryer lint….about as big as a cat. Our laundry room is an interior room and the vent line goes up through the roof. On investigation in that direction, I found that the vent tube had somehow disconnected itself where it passes through the roof, and the line had fallen onto the ceiling, pinching itself shut. There was nowhere for the warm moist air from the dryer to escape to.

    I then looked in the other direction at the dryer. Like the washer shown in the picture in the article, our dryer is basically a rotating drum mounted inside a cube. That entire volume between the cube and the drum (where the picture shows socks have accumulated) was filled with dryer lint.

    How that dryer didn’t catch fire is more than I know, and I am forever thankful that it didn’t.

  • Vanderleun May 2, 2018, 5:06 PM

    Oh yes….. the horror, the horror!!!

  • Vanderleun May 2, 2018, 5:06 PM

    One of the more repulsive dryer stories ever.

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