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Let’s Review 7

Chelsea Clinton Denies Al Sharpton’s Claim Hillary Wants Another Baby

Steve Sailer calls it “the Coalition of the Fringes”. I call it The Fuggernaut. The reality both terms describe is the same: the forces arrayed against Heritage America are a slop bucket of human scree. Every fug under the black hole sun has come out of the goonwork to “resist” Trumperica, and in so doing they have revealed themselves as the bitter spiteful degenerate bloodsucking transnormal effluvia lashing out at anything conceivably connected to what is true and beautiful and worth fighting for in the world. The Fuggernaut

Was ‘Internet’ First Used For A Transistor Radio?

The first interstellar object to visit us is more incredible than we ever expected

How to make your own KFC bath without Japan’€™s official Kentucky Fried Chicken bath salts  Eleven herbs and spices plus one bathtub makes for an unforgettable beauty ritual.

Cry Me a River: Kathy Griffin Whines Because She Can’t Get Work.

Why the Democrats Really Turned on Bill Clinton    They wouldn’t go quietly. And now the left is making it a mandatory retirement. Act 1 blames Hillary for rigging the primaries. Act 2 calls out Bill’s abuse of women. Acts 3, 4 and 5 will delve into some other Clinton scandals that Democrats have been denying for over a generation.

 “Al” Franken’s “Legislation”   Franken was the primary sponsor of S. 920 (113th): Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Non-Intercourse Act of 2013.

Tiffany & Co. Shows What Happens When a Luxury Brand Gets Desperate    A sterling silver coffee can for $1,500, a sterling silver crazy straw, and a $9,000 ball of yarn (also in sterling silver). Not every object in the collection is silver, though most of them are.

Let’s All Savor The Democrats’ Pervgate Pain – Recently, noted Clinton supporter (Is this a theme or what?) Lena Dunham raised her face up from the steam table long enough to claim the (very) young lady who just accused her producing pal of rape is lying. Apparently, the rule is that, “We must believe women … when they are making useful accusations.”

How Pumpkin Pie Sparked a 19th-Century Culture War   Southern cooks adapted the traditional meal to local traditions, and the Yankee pumpkin pie was often transformed into sweet potato pie, a Southern favorite.

Low Delusion is the Highest IQ    Africans are as primitive and superstitious as back in the days when they couldn’t even feed themselves. That is to say, last week. Yet African delusions are more comical than maladaptive. The difference between the two is enormous, as this graph poignantly depicts. Africans are not at all delusional about their interests vis-a-vis those of others. They are equally clear-headed about expanding their range, power, and population at the expense of those they despise; and doing so not with apologies, but rather fury at our languid pace of relinquishment.

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  • Casey Klahn November 21, 2017, 9:35 PM

    I didn’t want my dessert until after Thanksgiving! This post is so full of sweet schadenfreudian laughs, my teeth ache. I don’t think I can get enough of pervgate, with the very talented, but oh so intolerably and smugly liberal Charlie Rose the most recent to get thumped by the Karmic Wheel of humorous endings. This is chocolate sauce over fudge over a bowl of sugar. I hope Hollywood, CBS, PBS and the whole democrat congressional pool end up in rehab…on the Poseidon.
    So, the guy that bones his dog; is that also wrong to do? Cannot keep up, these days.

  • Nori November 22, 2017, 4:27 AM

    The Fuggernaut. “The bitter,spiteful,degenerate,bloodsucking transnormal effluvia lashing out at anything”. Boy howdy. And they are so very proud of themselves for doing it, as though endless hashtag tirades to the twatterverse accomplish a damn thing. Normie America needed to see this-to see just how low too many in this country have sunk. It will get worse,before it gets better.
    My former MIL was born in Minnesota 80+ yrs ago to farm family who had immigrated from Europe. She and her 11 siblings grew up to lead hard-working, productive lives. One younger brother became a Marine,who survived the horror of a little place called Iwo Jima. Minnesotans of that era were smart and tough. Americans.
    Today’s Minnesotans sent the goon Jesse Ventura to the Governor’s Chair, and keep sending the dimwitted gasbag Al Franken to the US Senate. They keep importing even dimmer-witted denizens of the utterly failed African country Somalia,who promptly get on welfare,never to leave. All this occured in the past couple of decades. Not picking on Minnesota per se, it’s just a petri dish of what’s happened in other parts of America.
    Fuggernaut, Mogadishu style. Smell the khat?

  • Nori November 22, 2017, 7:57 AM

    Sheesh…wake up & smell the covfefe. They emigrated to America, and all this occurred. Honest, I really did grad-gee-ate 7th grade.

  • james wilson November 22, 2017, 10:47 AM

    Chelsea’s pic is one of those things I can’t unsee, but now I can’t remember the others, so there’s that.