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Let’s Review 69: Eating Sharks and Copulating Snakes

As satisfying as it would be to see the Clintons and others answer for their many crimes, if the palatine start arresting each other, the tipping point is passed. There are no honest brokers, the list of federal agencies having revealed themselves to be partisan frauds is nearly all-inclusive: the FBI, IRS, CIA, EPA and more. Consider what it means when a lynch mob would more nearly express the will of the people, and be more accountable, than these institutions.  — Woodpile Report

Is Elon Musk – the recipient of over five billion government dollars – really the focused workhorse he proclaims to be, or is he nothing more than a taxpayer-subsidized, scatterbrained mess hopelessly trying to make his science fiction dreams into reality?

The Washington D.C. March for Our Lives rally was billed as a way for the next generation of youth to speak out. But only 10% of the crowd that cheered the bizarre drama club antics on stage was under 18. The average age of the adults was 49 years old. Behind a few photogenic teens who live on cable news, March for Our Lives is run by left-wing middle-aged women and drew left-wing middle-aged women.

How to Escape and Evade a Tracker

5 Times when a Revolver is Better than an Auto Pistol Revolvers tend to come in bigger, more powerful calibers. Even a 357 magnum can be loaded with much heavier, hotter loads than what you would usually use against two legged predators.

It wouldn’t be hard at all to pervert “ad targeting” to collect a database of people who are extremely likely to be, say, military members. Or their families. You set up a company that allegedly wants to “advertise” to said people, you buy ads with that targetingand those who “click” or otherwise “interact” you now have pinpointed. You know exactly where they work, where they live (down to the actual street address), where they worship (if they worship), where their children go to school and where they shop.

Scientists Will Photograph Alien Planets With the World’s Most Powerful Camera – The scientists, who have spent the past three years developing the instrument, believe DARKNESS (shorthand for Dark-speckle Near-infrared Energy-resolved Superconducting Spectrophotometer) can overcome technical challenges that have hindered previous superconductor cameras. DARKNESS can take photos at thousands of frames per second without being plagued by read noise—a disruption that lead to an inaccurate reading of photons. Mazin said read noise also affects semiconductors in other devices, like your phone.

North of Munich, the oldest continuously operated brewery, founded by monks, is nearing its 1,000th birthday

“If you kill your enemies, they win.”-Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Apocryphal) What in the hell is going on in the Great White North? Human rights inquisitions, censorship, blasphemy laws…and a gender-neutral national anthem? A recent perusal of jobsite Indeed.com revealed that there were one hundred and twenty-six job postings pertaining to “social justice” in Greater Toronto alone. Things must be dire in Canada indeed. As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is wont to say, “Diversity is our strength.” So strong it must be buttressed by triple-digit make-work positions for token hires based purely on optics.

When Republicans say that institutional racism and plantations do exist, but that the Demoncrats are the ones running it, then Republicans may become “believable” to blacks in the USA (not African blacks, home born and bred American blacks)

The media seek to reshape public opinion. By not firing Mr. Williamson for his disgusting column, National Review sought to, as leftists like to say, “normalize” that view. By firing Mr. Williamson for his views on abortion, The Atlantic sought to make Americans who agree with him feel like more of a minority than they already are. This is the intent of the media’s hiring and firing decisions: to tell Americans what is and is not okay to think.  — The Media Wasteland 

Improvising Bags Choreographies: Disturbing Normative Ways of Doing Research In this article, we question how bags, as seemingly mundane objects, work as ontologically lively matter—as active agencies—to choreograph human–nonhuman relations and heterogeneous materialities. Working from three questions—How might a bag become? What do bags do? What do bags enable and enact?—we discuss four research-creation improvisations and the insights they generated. The article maps how bags choreographies put affects, bodies, and materialities into comotional relations to disturb normative approaches to research both within conference sessions and through writing articles.

Lest we forget:

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  • Casey Klahn April 27, 2018, 6:47 PM

    I prefer the Christians with the beer. esp. 1K old monastic beer. Who said “beer is proof that God loves us?” No matter. I’m cracking open another one just to celebrate.

    Pointing a revolver is simpler, or more natural, than a semi-auto. Revolvers come in BIG sizes. Immediate action to clear a revolver is to squeeze the trigger again; not so with the vaunted semi-auto. IMO, six shooters shoot straighter, but that’s a can of worms. That springy thingy stuck up into the grip of your semi-auto is full of bugs: the spring doesn’t push right, springs gets rusty, the ammunition stacks up wrong as it is pushed upward, the magazine itself seats wrong, etc. And, finally: a revolver was good enough for John Wayne!

    Counter-tracking. Have a place to be that takes you out of the area of interest as far as possible. Arrange a pick up, or hop transportation. “Cross into friendly lines.”

    Ad targeting. This was the subject of family discussion earlier. It doesn’t matter how many user agreements I signed with GoogleFacebookTwitter, what they’ve done with my data is nothing short of criminal enterprise writ large. A very good lawyer can undo any user agreement, and the pimply-faced technos at the sosh media sites need as much dismemberment as possible. Just the social engineering part of the sites alone is enough to make you reach for the nearest bag of feathers and bucket of tar.

  • jwm April 27, 2018, 6:48 PM

    The paper on bags is the best thing ever!


  • Eskyman April 28, 2018, 10:50 AM

    Loved the Aussie beach scene!

    I have a friend there who, as a little girl, used to collect Blue Ring octopus; she got 2 shillings for each one (back in the ’50s, the CSIRO scientists wanted them to study, and they apparently saw nothing wrong in paying little kids for them. If a child had been bitten, they’d have been dead in about 3 minutes; that’s venom worth studying, all right!)

    If you haven’t seen it, this is a good introduction to Australian wildlife:


  • Ed April 29, 2018, 1:02 AM

    “The scientists, who have spent the past three years developing the instrument, believe DARKNESS (shorthand for Dark-speckle Near-infrared Energy-resolved Superconducting Spectrophotometer) can overcome technical challenges…”

    How long did those nerds spend conjuring up that project title to give them the click-bait DARKNESS acronym? Send ’em all off to SETI summer camp.

  • pbird April 29, 2018, 6:34 PM

    See the girl in the nursie outfit couldn’t gain that much weight if she tried to. She has genetics and youth on her side. Getting really fat is not something just anyone can do. So once again, its apples and um maybe celery.
    I do get weary of people pretending that their great virtue and self control is why they are thin.