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Let’s Review 61: Machine Gun Nests to the Border Edition

DNA tests for IQ are coming, but it might not be smart to take one –

Prince Rupert’s Revenge A curious thing is happening to this new center of the Progressive battle line. Their moral certainty about the innate equality of man and his infinite malleability, is crumbling in the face of scientific reality. They simply have no answer to what genetic research is revealing about man.

Knuckledraggin’ brings us “Russia in 15 Seconds”

H-1B Visa Opening Day Arrives – 85,000 Tech Job Giveaway as Americans Watch from the Sidelines

Some of my readers may already know that I’ve been banned from Twitter. You may not know the reason, however. Some folks were arguing that the word “retarded” should be banned from Twitter discourse. Naturally, I replied that this was retarded. Twitter has apparently sided with those demanding censorship, so let it be known that the social media platform has banned use of this word. Using it results in account suspension. hat’s pretty retarded. The Government is Your Mother, and Mother Knows Best

Why the Sewer is the Most Wondrous Everyday Invention

The God-Emperor continues to be more popular with the US electorate than Obama ever was. At this point, he could go down to the border, personally machine gun invading immigrants, and his popularity would increase 10 percent. The Stormy Daniels affair reveals that we have reached the point of negative returns for media hit pieces on the president. Vox Popoli: The Lightbringer

Down with borders! You see how it works? We have no right to our borders, although other nations do. Israel has no right to its borders, although other nations do.

Martin Baron of the Washington Post denied Amazon has any influence on his newspaper. “There isn’t anybody here who is paid by Amazon. Not one penny,” Baron told the Times. That is a lie. Jeff Bezos received $1,681,840 from Amazon last year.

Back to the Blog    Of course, as I wrote that blog post encouraging blogging for more grown-up reasons, Facebook and Twitter were ramping up, and all of that teen expression would quickly move to social media. Then the grown-ups went there, too. It was fun for a while. I met many people through Twitter who became and remain important collaborators and friends. But the salad days of ”€œblog to reflect, tweet to connect”€ are gone. Long gone. Over the last year, especially, it has seemed much more like ”€œblog to write, tweet to fight.”

Man Exposes Himself To Child In Target Women’s Bathroom | Daily Wire

The availability and quality of food can also move groups along behavioral scales. Well-fed honeybee colonies are very tolerant of intruding workers from nearby hives, letting them penetrate the nest and even take supplies. But when the same colonies are allowed to go without food for several days, they attack every intruder at the nest entrance. In general, primates also become increasingly intolerant of strangers and aggressive toward other group members during times of food shortages. — From Sociobiology: The New Synthesis by E.O. Wilson

Let’€™s start with the basic premise that the GOP establishment is terrible, and as its defining characteristic, its cowardice is only overshadowed by its sheer incompetence. But even those hacks might be able to win the midterms and keep hope alive for the resurrection of the America we love. It’€™s all thanks to the aggressive scumminess of our leftist enemies –€“ and yeah, anyone proposing to take my God-given rights to speak, worship, and defend myself, and/or my life, all of which they have recently told me they seek to take, is my enemy. 

Katie Johnson who claimed that she was assaulted by Donald Trump FABRICATED story

“So Laura Ingraham tweeted some innocuous criticism directed at Der Twerpenfuhrer Hogg, he sicced the left-wing left-wing mob on her, and she apologized? Really? I thought we had learned our lesson about that by now. Oh, and then she lost a bunch of corporate sponsors, anyway, so fat lot of good her groveling did her. Look, it’s real simple: Never apologize. It is impossible to appease a howling mob. That’s the lesson of Donald Trump. He spent his entire campaign not apologizing his way to victory. And yet the GOPe and the NeverTrumpers have apparently come to some sort of agreement, pledging to each other never to learn anything from Trump. It’s probably the only promise they’ll keep.”

We must send traitors such as John Brennan, Susan Rice, and Jim Comey to prison for corrupting our national security system to spy on the political opposition. Such punishment will improve the odds against someone else trying this.

COBB: What you almost never hear, when successful black people encounter racism is how much it affects them. There are individuals who may have been detained by police officers and cuffed on the curb, and for them it is the most humiliating experience ever, but they walk away and return to their professions. And yet there are black families who deal with the reality of visiting brothers, sons and husbands in prison. That’s worlds apart, but it’s called the same racism. And clearly in recent years it has been popular to assert that ‘unarmed black males’ are endangered by gun happy police. If black lives matter, why concentrate on 400 dead instead of 193,000 that serve in the US armed forces? What about the 34.9% of 18–24 year old black Americans who are enrolled in post-secondary education? When is the last time you saw a movie including black college students? Well a 1/3 are there.

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  • ghostsniper April 4, 2018, 7:07 PM

    About that Target policy regarding allowing men that “identify” with being a woman.
    Is it OK for a man dressed as a man, but “identifies” as a woman, to use the Target women’s bathroom?
    Not that I really give a shit and as far as I can remember have never entered a Target store in my life and don’t really see any reason to. It’s not that it’s my agenda, to avoid Target, it’s just that there are none around here and the only one that comes to mind is in Columbus and I have to drive way past a Walmart to get to it, so why would I go there? Anyway, this was just a brain twister, you know, like a tongue twister but in your brain.

    See how convoluted the american communist mind is?

  • Casey Klahn April 4, 2018, 8:28 PM

    I was forced to go into a Target this week, and compelled to use the bathroom. gave me the creeps the whole time.

    I took my son to The Death of Stalin last night. It was great history lesson for him, although he knows much of it already. The taste of fear and the immersive quality of that was palpable (and the movie was a comedy, so…). I found it interesting that movie actors and the like would make it, given the raw truth of the socialist state and how totalitarian it is. See it. It makes the video imbed, 15 seconds of Russia, much more meaningful. If we don’t incarcerate some politicians soon, we’ll be that much further down the road to Stalinism. It. Will. Suck.

  • ghostsniper April 5, 2018, 4:47 AM

    @Casey – “expandable baton”

    Inexpensive, quick, expedient, and less problem in the long run.
    In a confined space a firearm can do the shooter damage, and the ahem, aftermath can be overwhelming.

    Get 2 batons. One to practice with, striking trees, large boulders, whatever, to give you experience on how the thing acts and responds to different stimuli so that you can perfect your quick-draw and delivery in a variety of circumstances, and one for open carry in places where ne’er do wells may occur.

    Something that seems like natural karma or natures balance, whatever, is that the more prepared you are the less likely it is for bad things to happen to you.

    This does not mean you should not carry your equalizer.

  • Casey Klahn April 5, 2018, 9:40 AM

    I got extensive training with the riot baton in the NG, in the 70s. We were taught what kills, so that we could use less-than-lethal force as a result of that knowledge.

    Those were interesting days.

    Ghost, I’m not worried @ Target for myself. But, I have teenagers. What worried me was the Stalinism movie. My favorite governor, the witch from Oregon, is in the news today saying she’ll refuse to send the NG to the Mexican border. Thatcunt. Her NG will be too busy confiscating guns from Oregon citizens under the new Red Flag law, I suppose.

    Under Oregon’s new law, the “red flags” include if your firearm is dangerous. This is their tripwire: your gun is dangerous.

    Learn it. Live it. Love it.

  • Eskyman April 5, 2018, 4:18 PM

    Re: batons- they are illegal to possess or carry in California, unless you are police. Most any kind of club or baton is illegal, and this source even says that having a baseball bat under your bed is arguably illegal:


    Does this make any sense? No, but it’s California.

  • Vanderleun April 5, 2018, 6:04 PM

    Some years back I asked a professional bodyguard/driver what he used in his car.

    “I always keep a framing hammer and a shortbladed saw close at hand. Keep my carpenter’s union card up to date too. You’d be amazed at how fast people back off when you start slashing with a saw.”

  • ghostsniper April 5, 2018, 7:39 PM

    Funny thing, I can walk right down the main aisle in the Mall of America wearing my well worn hammer holster with the 28oz Estwing framing hammer hanging halfway to the floor and nobody would bat an eyelash. No license required. But if I open carry my pristine Beretta 92FS that is supposedly “guaranteed by the 2nd amendment” thongs will be instantly soiled in the hundreds.

    Take a 28oz Estwing to a stout piece of southern yellow pine and watch it shred and imagine what that would do to human skallz. Now do the same thing with that Beretta and that gun would be junk in seconds.

    My Beretta normally has 17 rds in it and when I carry there are another 34 rds on the otherside of the belt, 51rds total, so even if I was a deadeye shot only 51 people will be involved and the media would be busy for weeks.

    But the rounds in that Estwing are unlimited and it will cleave in both directions and probably just as fast as any trigger ever fired and the media would yawn.

    It’s not about the guns and never was.

  • DLJ6 April 6, 2018, 9:13 AM

    Ah yes, expediting the left’s want to further weaponize the Federal Govt. requires that those of us on the right de-weaponize.

  • ghostsniper April 6, 2018, 9:18 AM