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Let’s Review 16: Happy Hanukkah Edition

Meme of the day | Stella’s Place

Probably the best thing about the current nuclear wave of Tranny Mania is that, if left unimpeded, it will destroy women’s sports, firmly establish that gender is real and that men and women have different mean levels of athletic ability, anger lesbian feminists to the point where they engage in brutal and prolonged bloody street battles to establish dominance over male-to-female trannies, and herald in a new era where everyone returns to traditional gender roles, men stop being such pussies, and women wear chaste and modest Amish clothing while they resume baking pies.The Week That Perished

DNA Testing Companies Like 23andme Admit Adding Fake African Ancestry To White Profiles In Order To “Screw With Racists”

(Garrison Keillor, unperson) Ah, but the erasure of history is a thing now, don’t you know? Remember the tearing down of the monuments? Sometimes I think people have gone mad in their race to show who’s the most righteous of all in pursuing and destroying the witches of our age.

The Port Authority Attack is a Snapshot of Our Future

MOTUS A.D.: Another Croc Drops In Kitchen Confidential, Tony penned the definitive expose of his “twenty-five years of sex, drugs, bad behavior and haute cuisine” and reports that your meal was likely prepared by a team of “wacked-out moral degenerates, dope fiends, refugees, a thuggish assortment of drunks, sneak thieves, sluts, and psychopaths.” Apparently he wasn’t exaggerating.

Six New Tiny Anteater Species Found—Hiding in Plain Sight

The Case of the Missing Catastrophe  The most strident objections to the Jerusalem decision and tax bill weren’t because of the specific arguments against them so much as their delegimizing effect on global governance.  Both actions (as well as the earlier repudiation of the Paris Climate Agreement and the threatened ditching of the Iran nuclear deal) thumbed their noses at the global order. They were an assault on its entire structure. Worst of all they struck at the money.

The Most Impressive Gingerbread Houses of All Time – Chowhound

The Life of Bugmen | French is a good example of the soulless bugman that is now a feature of Conservative Inc. These are establishment men, who stand for nothing, because they traded away whatever integrity they possessed for a small salary and place in the system. In addition to peddling conspiracy theories about President Trump, they are now tasked with convincing conservative voters to vote against their own interests.

CHEONG: Feminist Dating Guide Reveals Secrets to Being Alone and Miserable Forever

Charles Jenkins, American soldier who defected to North Korea, dies at 77 He memorized the teachings of President Kim Il Sung and killed rats that crawled out of his toilet.

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  • Harry December 12, 2017, 3:27 PM

    Happy Chanukah.

  • DrTedNelson December 12, 2017, 4:45 PM

    So there really is a Chanukah Harry! as seen above.

  • Howard Nelson December 12, 2017, 9:17 PM

    Meme of the Day, Stella’s Place

    There, elsewhere, rockets red glare, anti-rockets flare, bombs bursting in air, there flag is still there. And there spirit never flagged.
    That is a modern meaning of the meme Menorah!

  • Harry December 13, 2017, 2:41 PM

    DrTedNelson, you win.