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Let’s Review 131 : Peak Doggo to Mobs in Transit… and BEYOND!

Doggo Halloween costumes have peaked

Migrant Caravan Goes Home As Trump Buys Honduras | ScrappleFace

“And speaking of mobs—are we allowed to use the word for caravan? A mob in transit?” The caravan moves on—and on – The New Neo

 Proposed Name Tag for Conferences What is Your Name Again?

The new taboo: More people regret sex change and want to ‘detransition’, surgeon says 

The Real Reason They Hate Trump What the left hates about   Trump is precisely what it hates about America.

How Manhattan Became a Rich Ghost Town – How many Wells Fargos and Duane Reades can one city block take?

Fold N Fly ✈ A database of paper airplanes with easy to follow folding instructions.

What I loved about Paul Allen BY Bill Gates  I met Paul when I was in 7th grade, and it changed my life.

100,000 Texans Camp Out 24 Hours Before Trump-Cruz Rally in Houston

PETA Claims Milk Drinkers Are White Supremacists –

The new taboo: More people regret sex change and want to ‘detransition’, surgeon says 

1956 BMW Isetta ‘Bubble Window’ Cabrio |  This cabriolet has the rare “tropical” vents in the door. Superbly restored, it has light green paint, bright green plaid upholstery, and an accessory luggage rack with an Isetta-script wicker picnic hamper on the rear. The two-section top is canvas, the forward portion rolling back in the manner of the usual sunroof and the rear part folding down onto the rear deck. The result is a truly open-air Isetta in Targa fashion. Detailing is of the finest order, with hardly a blemish to be found. Among the rarest of all Isettas, this model is certainly the most sought-after and desirable. As offered here, it presents an opportunity not soon to recur.

Some were even (Gasp!) screwed to the wall!

FOR SALE! PIONEERTOWN, CA. 92268 The Movie Set Town consists of facades of a Barbershop/Hotel/Church/TeePee/House of Negotiable Affection/jail/General Store & stable for 8 horses w/3 riding rings. This price includes an add’l 7.37 acres in 5 separate parcels, in addition to the 9 acres the house sits on.

Weimar America? Here, the Left thought it could raise racial consciousness among blacks and Hispanics without creating a similar rise in racial consciousness on the part of the whites.  It was wrong.  Now, it is openly advocating violence against Republican Party leaders and other prominent conservatives, harassing them in public places, vandalizing their property, and threatening their families.  This too will bring an equal reaction from the Right, and the Left will find to its sorrow that the Right fights rather better than the Left.

Killing Lincoln | Lincoln was a man of his age, when it came to race, despite his zealous opposition to slavery. Like all abolitionists, he did not care about the slaves, he cared about the slave holder. That was the soul he sought to save. The slaves themselves were just props on the stage of the morality play that was abolitionism.

On Khashoggi and “Caravans” Do we really trust the Turks to be honest brokers over this situation? Just how did they get a recording of what took place? It seems rather sloppy of the Saudis not to have swept their consulate for bugs or checked Khashoggi for a wire, but there are lots of other accounts of how a recording (which has apparently been played for U.S. officials) came to be.

Michael Avenatti gets hit with millions in legal fees WHO SAYS THERE’S NO GOOD NEWS? California Judge Hits Creepy Porn Lawyer with $4.85 Million Judgement…

Dear Resistance, listen to my lived totalitarian experience – you have no effing idea what you’re talking about Most of you are supposedly mature, rational adults but you seem to have at best the most superficial knowledge of history and a complete lack of self-awareness, any sense of perspective, and an ability to contextualise. Having spent your lives relatively free of hardship, deprivation and persecution on any remotely comparable scale to people in other, less fortunate corners of the world, you probably get some frisson from believing yourself to be big actors at a critical time in history, the last line of separating civilization from the descent into new dark ages. You’re free to engage in whatever ideological cosplay you want, but don’t expect others to take you seriously.

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  • Sam L. October 22, 2018, 4:07 PM

    Cute dogs.
    My name again? Sam Sam.
    The Left hates me more because I voted for Trump. I only got one vote for Trump, but as Sarah Hoyt says, I got two middle fingers for the Left.

  • Donald Sensing October 22, 2018, 4:33 PM

    The Myth of Noble Lincolnism

    I call it, “noble Lincolnism,” the idea that Abraham Lincoln and by extension the Union cause were morally pure and wholly admirable. In fact, Abraham Lincoln was a racist bigot and it is by no means unfair to say he was a white supremacist through and through. So: Let us dispense with all the nonsense that Lincoln and the Union army were moral paragons who fought to free the slaves.

  • Anon October 22, 2018, 5:26 PM

    And yet… they did!

  • ghostsniper October 23, 2018, 1:23 PM

    My dad had an Isetta about 1960 or so.
    Kinda cool, an attention getter every where it went.
    Had a 1 cylinder engine in the right rear, and it was problematic, seems my dad was always wrenchin’ on it. The whole front was the door, so it was a little funny getting out – kinda like getting up out of a well worn Lazyboy. The 4 speed shifter was on the left and all the gauges were in one little pod mounted on the steering column, which had a universl joint so it could swing out when the door was opened. Had the vacuum powered windshield wiper that slowed down when the Isetta slowed down. Has a real tight turning radius.

  • Goose October 26, 2018, 5:49 PM

    Why everywhere the wealthy congregate is a ghost town. Why, because their wealth allows them to be transient. They are always somewhere else. All of the upstate areas in NY, CT or nearby PA have become weekend areas sometimes. During the week the stores and other businesses are empty. Most cannot survive on intermittent business. If you are in the home maintenance business at some level you may survive. Cannot stand the smell and activity of the farm or manufacturing next to them, they find a means to drive it out. Of course, out go the businesses that worked on keeping them running. Slowly demand more services and taxes go up and marginal anything including people go also. No trespassing signs everywhere so access to streams or fishing is gone so is everything else that dependent upon some open access. What does is become a form of isolation. Gatherings to complain about how the locals are ripping them off and how the Police are using their road behavior to collect taxes. So if their world becomes one of corporate food and the same national chains of this or that I say they made a deal and what goes about comes about. I for one have no sympathy as we dirt people now in flyover country actually have a vibrant life and pray that they do not follow and foul this area also.