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Let’s Review 125 : “Thou shalt not bear false witness.”

God Stalks the Kavanaugh Hearings | Roger L. Simon Nothing was as expected. A real rape had taken place but it wasn’t the one everyone was talking about. It was simultaneously a rape of Judge Kavanaugh, his family, and the American people themselves. The collateral damage was Dr. Ford, her friends, and her family. And the perpetrator was the Democratic Party, principally their Judiciary Committee members, their ranking member, and the minority leader.

Raconteur Report: Squadron Property And Cultural Rubicons   We’re witnessing the destruction of the entire rule of law to salve the tortured psychoses of sluts with daddy issues, and to pander to their impotent ravings. The only way this stops is to stop catering to it, and failing that due to a surplus of invertebrate RINOs, this is going to be rectified in the traditional manner, When a man’s reputation is sullied so casually, it ends with someone’s teeth on the pavement or a bullet hole in their liver on the dueling field. When you try to do the same thing to half of society, expecting it’ll stop anywhere short of heads on pikes is a pipe dream. And I’m not speaking metaphorically in the slightest.

“Brave New World” – A Book Review | Joel D. Hirst’s Blog There are many planners today, who believe we are only one technocratic “fix” away from a new utopia. They are part of the 9.9% – James Burnham’s ‘managerial elites’. They are dangerous, because while they believe they are creating Huxley’s “World State” where people are free from work and hunger to have limitless sex and take drugs with no hangovers; we now know from our experiences in the 20th century that their efforts will end in Gulags, death marches, famines and mass exodus.

Here is canadian purchasing power expressed in USD and gallons of milk per hour:
Ontario: $5.17/gallon
Kentucky: $0.78/gallon
Min wage: Ontario $10.64/hr
Min wage: Kentucky: $7.50/hr
Ontario Gallons/hr: 2.05 gallons/hr
Kentucky Gallons/hr: 9.61 gallons/hr

Now, I’m aware that some males, even in high school, do worse than kissing females on the cheek, but I have grown almost tired of hearing it. The kids (including quite a few professors) “know” Kavanaugh is guilty, of groping some girl in high school, thirty-six years ago. But of course the real charges are that he is white, male, Republican, and a practising Christian.

Robot Lawnmowers Are Killing Hedgehogs Erika Heller, a long-time hedgehog advocate with a Swiss nonprofit called Igelstation Winterthur, estimates that nearly half the hedgehogs brought to the group during the last couple years were injured by robot lawnmowers. These injuries include limb amputation, cut bellies, or even scalping. And that’s not including the ones that have been killed outright. “The ones that have died we don’t see, because they don’t get brought here.”


If You Hate the Patriarchy, Give Us Back Our Electricity – Return Of Kings College, once a haven for free thought, challenging ideas, and ritualistic debauchery has devolved into a paranoid, politically correct surveillance zone where anyone who dares not conform to the feminist lunacy risks total ruin. The workplace, once a place where men could work, speak frankly, curse, smoke and drink is now a drab detention center monitored 24/7 by commie, men-hating feminists in HR. Make an ‘off-color’ joke and you get to choose between putting your balls in a cinch while watching re-educational videos or being fired outright.

Mannerbund 101 – Social Matter Politics is downstream from culture when the word refers to the kabuki theater of progressive-liberal democracy, but culture is downstream from politics when the word refers to the actual systems of biological and socio-political arrangements between humans. The most basic working socio-political arrangement between humans is the Mannerbund. The only unit smaller than the Mannerbund is the man—not the individual, but the man.

The Controversial History of Foie Gras – Chowhound  “When their tastes trickled down to the middle-class population, the rich food culture that we know today became an intricate part of [French] society,” he says. Kaufman adds: “Recipes with ‘fat liver’ start to show up in important mid-17th century French cookbooks which probably explains why it is important in France.”

What Causes Chemtrails? One of the earliest known surviving references of such occurred when an American soldier by the name of Captain Ward Wells observed a peculiar sight in the heavens in October of 1918, with his letter written on the subject eventually being published in Scientific American not long after: Our attention was first drawn to the sky by the sudden appearance of several strange and startling clouds- long, graceful, looping ribbons of white. These were tapering to a point at one end, and at the other, where they dissolved into nothingness, 60 degrees across the sky, were about as broad as the width of a finger held arm’s distance from the eyes. One close observation we noticed some distance ahead of each cloud point the tiny speck of a chase plane.

It’s probably nothing:  Man Arrested Near Los Angeles With Two Active IEDs | Homeland Security

Most authors seek fame, but I seek for justice —- a holier impulse than ever entered into the ambitious struggles of the votaries of that fickle, flirting goddess. —Davy Crockett, 1834


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  • ghostsniper September 28, 2018, 2:20 PM

    Well now.
    Now that that Kavanaugh thing is over with what do you suppose the whiney assed am-coms (american communists) have in store for their REAL October surprise, or should I say, surprises? You know how children are, they’re so silly, and come up with the darndest things, as Art Linkletter would say.

    Two little things to think about.
    What if he DID do it, and even more and worse, and real proof comes out after the fact?
    What was REALLY going on that such a large distraction was necessary?

    Finally, what is the ratio of high schools doods that say they did it, and those that did do it?
    You know what I mean.

  • Grizzly September 28, 2018, 2:53 PM

    I think the article on contrails gets it wrong. As listeners of the Coast-to-Coast AM show hosted by the late Art Bell would know, those who coined the term made a clear distinction between ordinary contrails and what they called chemtrails. The former are just condensed water vapor (clouds, essentially) while the latter supposedly were made of nastier stuff, presumably sprayed into the atmosphere by aircraft, that ostensibly had all sorts of deleterious and mysterious effects upon the populace.

    Maybe the author just didn’t know, or maybe he was just making click-bait.

  • jwm September 28, 2018, 3:25 PM

    I thought about it yesterday, that the Donks, personified in these wymn, Feinstein and Ford, so casually descend into that level of evil. They are Iago in real life. They have no compunction whatsoever about violating the most basic and ancient standard of human decency. Their only impediment to murder is the fear of getting caught.


  • Haxo Angmark September 28, 2018, 4:20 PM

    Ghostsniper: “now that the Kavanaugh thing is over with…”

    I’m afraid not: The Dead Elephants just cannot stand winning, @


    there’s a nifty tells-ya-who-rules photo: the (((Feinstein))) literally pinning shabbatz goy Lisa Murkowski to the wall and issuing orders. Flake was the other Judas.

    Trump, meanwhile tweeted he was “deeply impressed” by “Dr.” Ford’s “testimony”, thereby shooting his own appointee right in the head.

  • hooodathunkit September 28, 2018, 6:28 PM

    Re: “Trump, meanwhile . . . . thereby shooting his own appointee right in the head.”

    Sticking my neck out, but I don’t think Trump is doing anything of the sort. The President seems to operate well, not asking questions of which the answer isn’t known.
    1) Deep state or not, at this point the FBI can’t find any credible evidence of Ford’s claims. There weren’t any to begin with, and they’ll get very credible witnesses who will say as much. What they can find is Ford’s medical records and medications for mental disabilities, possibly even while she took the ‘lie detector test’. All the FBI has to do is a straightforward preliminary investigation, one that Kavanaught encouraged.

    They don’t need to find disbarment-worthy counsel failing to represent Ford’s interests, failing to relay information, etcetera. Nor Ford’s past Resist☭ involvement, or the money trail from Leftists to Ford. I hope they don’t; Ford is another partly broken woman (see Cindy Sheehan) being used by the Left only to get discarded like tissue after the investigation.

    2) If the left doesn’t like Kavanaugh, just wait til they see choice #2. Desirable as you might think Kavanaugh is, remember that he is the GOP establishment nominee. The next one won’t be.

  • ghostsniper September 28, 2018, 6:58 PM

    Put on a little Blue Oyster Cult, lay back, relax…

  • azlibertarian September 28, 2018, 7:12 PM

    Trump, meanwhile tweeted he was “deeply impressed” by “Dr.” Ford’s “testimony”, thereby shooting his own appointee right in the head.

    I’m going to disagree, Haxo. Since the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings came front-and-center, I’ve noticed that President Trump has significantly turned down the rhetoric. He’s not on the Twitter machine every morning setting the topics for the news cycle. He’s not bending ears of Senators to see what can be done to get his man confirmed. He’s letting McConnell and Grassley do their jobs. You might even say that Trump is becoming “presidential”. So when he has some kind words for the woman doing her best to scuttle his nominee to the Supreme Court, I think we’re seeing the least-diplomatic President ever exercise some diplomacy.