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Let’s Review 110: Straws In the Wind

Starbucks Bans Plastic Straws, Winds Up Using More Plastic – 2018 will forever be remembered as the year that hating plastic straws went mainstream. Once the lonely cause of environmental cranks, now everyone wants to eliminate these suckers from daily life.

Peter Strzok Summoned Before Congress Again For Texts Calling Trey Gowdy ‘A Pissy Little Shithead’

One of the Obscenely-Paid Official Angry Black Guys – Van Jones I think – called the result a “whitelash.” It was endlessly repeated. He could not explain how voting for a white GUY instead of an awful white WOMAN was racist, but he didn’t have to. Nobody was going to argue with such a felicitous turn of phrase. Never mind that the original word was “back”- not “black”- lash, so the “pun” made no actual sense. It’s racist to ask black people follow-up questions, which is why Obama never got any.

Universities and their endowments are still converged, and all the mass media and internet giants are converged. Trump has few loyalists among his political appointees in government. But it is a start. A start that denies the inevitability of Blue Empire power, a start that tells us that surrender is not the only option. That Trump had the last laugh over Gay Mulatto gives every man a shot of testosterone. That Melanie is hot, while Michelle belongs in a zoo, makes every progressive everywhere look and feel bad.

Traditional Mexican Values: Great Pyramid of Cholula – During the course of excavations of the Great Pyramid over 400 human burials have been uncovered. Most of these burials date to the Postclassic Period, showing that the Great Pyramid was an important center of worship well after its use as a temple was discontinued. These burials include a number of human sacrifices, as demonstrated by mangled body parts and skulls from decapitated victims. The remains of eight individuals were found under the slab flooring of the Courtyard of Altars. These included the remains of a number of children that were deposited in ceramic pots. These children were messengers to Tlaloc (the god of rain) due to the drought occurring at this site. The disarticulated remains of at least 46 individuals were found in the area of an altar in the center of a plaza at the southwest corner of the pyramid. These remains included individuals of all ages and both sexes.

As everyone agrees, a disruptive force. He disturbs the holy cows — the vested interests, that had been peacefully flatulating in their fields. People hate him, but other people love him for this, even in Europe — the smell was becoming unbearable. “Hope and Change” masked a programme for, “more of the same.” It was just perfume. Mister Trump’s vision is the meat packer’s.

Dead company walking: Harley-Davidson Begins Kansas City Plant Shutdown As Production Shifts To Thailand

Millennial Drops Support For Socialism After Learning How Hard It Is To Get Avocado Toast In Venezuela

“Never kick a fresh turd on a hot day.” – Cowboy wisdom

I Didn’t Spend $150,000 Saving A Squirrel’s Life So It Could Live In Trump’s America When I drained my savings account, despite my wife’s threats to leave me, in order to pay to have a squirrel I found lying unconscious in the park air-lifted to a veterinary hospital, I did so because I believed the squirrel would one day recover to live in a progressive America where immigrants and refugees are welcomed with open arms. I sold the wedding ring my wife returned to me and reverse-mortgaged my house in order to afford the team of medical researchers I hired to develop the world’s first artificial squirrel heart so that the squirrel could live in a country that values equality and acceptance over hatred and fear.

South Africa Calls for 300,000 Gun Owners to Turn Over Their Weapons Now that the High Court’s initial ruling has been overturned, gun owners who failed to renew their firearms licenses must hand in their firearms to the nearest police station, where authorities will then proceed to destroy them.

It is an important lesson to learn from the failure of the American Right, in their 20th century fight with the Left. They lost because they never understood the enemy. They invested all of their time conjuring an enemy they could beat with facts and reason, while the Left went about destroying the enemies they had in their path. It’s not a mistake that a new alternative can afford to make. You don’t beat a moral order with reason. You defeat it by attacking it on moral grounds, while offering an alternative moral framework.

As everyone knows, Wyoming has always teemed with mulatto transgender pansexual cattle-ropers, which is why even uttering the term “cowboy” is a hate crime against all non-cowboys.

Every time you set foot in a Whole Foods store, you are stepping into one of the most carefully designed consumer experiences on the planet. Every detail in the store, from the font on a sign to a countertop’s wood finish, is designed to make you feel like you’re in a country market. These constitute a theatre of pre-industrial community life. This theatre, which forms the backdrop of consumer lifestyles, can be found today inside every Whole Foods, Starbucks and mall in America.

The $15 Minimum Wage Is Wreaking Havoc On NYC Dining Eventually, minimum wage laws and other prohibitive regulations will cause the world-renowned restaurant life in cities like New York, DC, and San Francisco to cease to exist. The staff skill levels will drop, the number of servers and bartenders will never be enough, and the only survivors will be fast-casual chains with low overhead and deep pockets. New York’s new look will be vacant storefronts between an occasional Pret-a-Manger or the public restroom formerly known as Starbucks. But don’t worry. That charming, downtown studio apartment will still run about $5,000 per month for the privilege of proximity to all that culture.

Words have turned to punching have turned to stabbing and running over and shooting, already. That won’t stay one-sided, nor is the other side entirely unaware of that. What’s going to surprise the hell out of them is that bullets hurt, and that it’s pretty tough to look cool with your intestines in your hands, which they didn’t mention at the pre-rally meetings. What a pisser. People who don’t learn from punches in the face are destined to be educated by bullets in the face.


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  • EndOfPatience August 6, 2018, 1:08 PM

    It is patently false that “Michelle belongs in a zoo”.

    Defensive line, maybe. Or inside linebacker. But not a zoo.

  • ghostsniper August 6, 2018, 2:56 PM

    whitelash – wait til the real whitelash happens
    they will cry like little gurlz

  • Fred August 6, 2018, 3:38 PM

    “… while offering an alternative moral framework.”

    What is it?

  • Casey Klahn August 6, 2018, 7:20 PM

    2 memes. Check. Good ones, too.

    Quote Box. Check.

    You Tube. Check.

    Social Realist artwork. Check. Good message. Tacky art, though.

    Post Impressionist masterpiece. Whoa! You might lose your conservative chops over that one!

    But, I love it. Keep up the great work!