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Let’s Review 106: Mighty Oaks and Demented Liberals

I do love solitary oak trees I photographed this one today on a back road on my way to a local recycling center. Here in the Upper Midwest, the story of such trees on farms usually begins with a great-grandparent, who spared a tree while clearing a field for agriculture, so that he and the hired hands would have a shady spot to rest for lunch during planting, weeding, or harvesting chores. Over the subsequent years those trees often became surrounded by rocks and small boulders that the frost heaved up every spring, and which were thrown under the tree (“rock picking”) to get them away from the tilling equipment. After a decade or two of this, the tree is de facto protected from being cut, even when the advent of tractors with air conditioning negated the original purpose of the tree. Left to themselves in the center of a field, the oaks fill out to a wonderful symmetry not achieved in the closer confines of a yard or roadside (though this one appears to have lost a branch UL in some remote storm). Perhaps not apparent at this magnification is that the owners of this farm have placed a bench at the base of the tree, so that someone can still come down to spend a pleasant summer afternoon in the shade of a huge tree.

Judge: Medicaid Must Also Cover Race Reassignment | Pigment dysphoria is a crippling condition that sets people at odds with their own visual, cultural and historical identification, according to experts. It can make a light-skinned woman who identifies as dark-skinned, for example, feel like a person without a racially-motivated social group. The condition is universal, afflicting all persons without regard to race, sex, or political affiliation.

The Utter Stupidity of ‘Straw Bans’ More than half of all plastics in the ocean come from SE Asia (that includes China, of course, with which we continue to insist we should have a “free and open trade” regime.) Poisoning and polluting is how they hold down costs there, and some of that goes into the oceans. Nearly all of the rest comes from Africa. Less than 5% comes from every other western nation combined.

Plastic Straw Ban in Santa Barbara Has Jail Time Punishment Yes, you read that right.

What’s So Secret About Whole Foods? Under Amazon, A Lot It Seems – Amazon’s earnings statements aren’t much help either. Revenue from Whole Foods is part of the company’s “physical store” line item, which means sales from the chain’s wild Alaska sockeye salmon and small-batch olive oil are lumped in with revenue from Amazon’s bookstores.

Facebook’s $100 billion-plus rout is the biggest loss in stock market history

SCOTUS Nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s Wife Targeted By NY Times And AP The New York Times is currently requesting that The Village of Chevy Chase Section 5 hand over “any emails to or from Ms. Kavanaugh that contain any of the keywords or terms listed below.” And what a list it is, including words like “liberal,” “abortion,” “gay,” and “federalist,” while also explicitly asking for e-mails containing the names of certain individuals.

The trick of the Left is to focus on those negative things in an arbitrary fashion. For the things they like, they speak only of the positives. Weed will save lives, reduce pain, relax people. For things they dislike, they speak only of the negatives. Straws will hurt turtles, and won’t degrade for decades. Animals might ingest them. Ban straws. Legalize weed. Ban guns. Legalize gay marriage. There is no principle here, no overriding guidance they are following, only arbitrary emotions. These are the whims of a mob.

An Eight Foot Micro Vehicle Will Soon Make its Way onto European Streets | The Microlino, a front-loading super compact vehicle from Swiss mobility company Micro, has just been approved for European streets. The mini electric vehicle is smaller than a Smart Car, and comes with a rechargeable battery that works with any standard European electricity outlet.

Teen’s gallbladder removed after eating too many Hot Cheetos and Takis

California DMV worker slept 3 hours a day on the job for nearly 4 years Twitter: It’s Not a ‘Shadow Ban’ Unless You’re the Only One Who Sees Your Posts | Breitbart

Delingpole: Silicon Valley Is Killing Free Speech.

Open-Source Icon: Rural America’s Classic Metal Mailbox-with-Flag Design – Shaped like a small tunnel (with an arched top and flat front, back and bottom), the now-classic metal mailbox with a red flag on the side was designed by United States Post Office employee Roy Joroleman in 1915. Left unpatented, the box has become a universal symbol of postal delivery over the past century. But for years leading up to its creation, the design landscape of mail delivery looked a lot different.

The Polls Are Crazy | My guess is that the polls are missing major currents that will become clear, as in 2016, only after the votes are counted. What those currents will turn out to be, no one really knows. I will say this, however: a large majority of voters disapprove of Democrats trying to murder Republican Congressmen while they are playing baseball, beating up Republicans in the street, hounding Republicans when they go out to dinner with their families, busing in “protesters” to make noise outside Republicans’ houses, and threatening violence against Republicans’ children.

State of the Culture: The Dems target Christian adoption agencies and teen girls get mastectomies Dr. Marc DuPéré, a plastic surgeon in Toronto who calls himself a “€œleader in the LGBT community ”€ has admitted to performing double mastectomies on girls as young as fourteen who believe themselves to be ”€˜boys.”Trump Negotiates, the Press Lies | The original headline in the New York Times (a former newspaper) read: With Surprise Deal, U.S. and E.U. Step Back From Trade War. Which raises the question: surprise to whom? Not to Trump. He said it was going to happen! A surprise only to the New York Times, so immersed in its own false narrative that reality takes them off guard. Likewise, the networks, who played the whole thing as if Trump had either backed down or blundered into the success he engineered and predicted.

Shared Values! GRAPHIC — Suspected Burglars Lynched by Neighbors in Southern Mexico Mexican authorities are looking into the lynching of four suspected burglars in the coastal state of Tabasco. Three victims were allegedly beaten and hanged, while the fourth was dragged from a moving vehicle by neighbors in the tourist town of Macuspana. One of the victims was a 16-year-old.

Cowboys VP Stephen Jones: ‘Stand for the Anthem or Play Somewhere Else’

Never Yet Melted Harper’S Suddenly Finds Trump Supporters Are the Cool Kids Back then, for example, the CIA was understood to be a nest of liars and psychopaths who toppled democratically chosen leaders, lied to the public to start wars, and ran sick experiments on innocents using drugs and mind-control techniques. In Three Days of the Condor, a thriller from the period, Robert Redford plays a lowly CIA officer who discovers that the agency is nothing more than a crime ring. These days, however, with Trump playing the heavy, the CIA is revered by many liberals as a bulwark of integrity, its missions sacred, its conclusions unimpeachable, and its former director, John Brennan, worthy of a high-profile cable news job. The FBI draws similar adulation, never mind its history of spying on the likes of Ernest Hemingway, John Lennon, and Martin Luther King Jr.

Barak Obama was the definition of an empty suit. He managed to make John Forbes Kerry seem complex. Yet, millions of white people showed up to vote, crying as they pulled the lever, believing they were about to experience the rapture. Obama was obviously a feckless ninny, but it was easier to believe he was the messiah, so most people went along with supporting him. It turns out that the most effective movements are the ones that make it easiest for people to accept things that are obviously untrue.

Our Preening Pop Culture Hypocrites – Excommunication, public shaming, and hypocrisy comprise what you are; you are the leftist liberals and Democrats. You have become everything you yourselves hated; you have become the 1980s evangelical “Republicans” of your worst nightmares. You have called for boycotts and assaults of those who disagree with you. You mock all those who believe they or you aren’t a higher power, and that there is one. What the Left, and by proxy, the whole Democratic Party, has allowed to become of most forms of social media makes anything that happened in the 1980s seem like child’s play. Not the type of child’s play many on the Left are so fond of tweeting about, though.

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  • Sancho July 28, 2018, 6:56 PM

    “Plastic Straw Ban in Santa Barbara Has Jail Time Punishment
    Yes, you read that right.”

    Obviously this is just a fiendish plot to drive Dennis Miller out of his ancestral homeland. STAY STRONG, brother!!

    They do produce a wine or two of note…. PIF! BURN IT DOWN!!!

  • John the River July 28, 2018, 8:29 PM

    Giving out plastic straws mandates a jail sentence.

    Under a recent Cali law; all previous felonies that involve burglary or illegally taking someone elses property can no longer be the subject of arrest.

    Yes. That totally makes sense. What a wonderful state, I’d like to move there tomorrow. NOT.

  • Casey Klahn July 30, 2018, 10:33 AM

    Nutty-fornia. We were there for @ 2 weeks, and I almost never could remember to go into the store with a shopping bag. Re-using shopping bags is a filthy, stupid practice. Go figure. I gave the clerk push-back just about every time. The store didn’t set the rule; the state did (if I understand correctly). Doesn’t matter – I push back wherever stupidity in glaringly obviousness rears its head.

    Whatever happened to stores serving their customers? I suppose that’s a bygone, tender era.

    I don’t enjoy using straws very often, except on milkshakes. But, FFS. Get a clue.