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Let’s Review 105: Moose Nose Soup and the Coming “Conflict”

Look in the mirror. We don’t hate the free press. We hate you. Personally. And our loathing for you smug pricks dates back to long before Donald Trump ever threw his hat into the ring.ヲ

So far it’s been psyops and low-voltage street conflict. Beware. All sides are locked and loaded so when restraint gives way it could be a free fall. How far and how fast things devolve can’t be known but what is known is there’s no bottom. Opportunists and predators are sniffing the wind. Prepare to support and defend your family, yourself and your community. Get serious. The classic question applies: if you’re not preparing for the worst, what are you preparing for? Stay away from crowds. Woodpile Report

Confused Mueller Reminds Nation Russia Investigation Wrapped Up Months Ago

“Seriously, I was on TV every day for, like, six months straight. We got nine people arrested on counts of high treason and uncovered a 30-person ring of Russian dark-web cybercriminals. Remember? Is this seriously not ringing any bells?” At press time, Mueller bashfully acknowledged that most of the suspects were eventually released on legal technicalities.

Facebook fiasco shows the wisdom of free speech

Facebook’s stock price dropped 24% on Wednesday afternoon. On paper, that was a drop of more than $125 billion in the company’s value. People are tired of Facebook. It is a hassle. While I post links to my blog and repeats of tweets on Facebook, I only go there to check to see if there are any direct messages. I stopped accepting friends. The reason is shadow banning and other interference in people posting. Twitter has the same problem. So does Reddit.

Forget porn stars. Forget tapes. Forget evil Vlad and Rocket Man.

Forget insulting our NATO partners (whatever that means). Forget that pseudo-socialist with the hyphenated name. Forget Mueller, sleazy Strzok , Adam “Leaker” Schiff, Fingers Clapper, Knuckles Brennan, Rocko Rosenstein, or any of the sordid crew. Forget even Twitter! (well, maybe). By comparison, those are all sideshows. As everyone knows, in politics, “It’s the economy, stupid!”

Worthy Camouflage: Uncovering the Urban Oil Derricks of Los Angeles

Our war includes all the activities below the threshold of conventional war, but above routine, peaceful competition.

Calls to boycott Tesla because Elon Musk donated to Congressional Republicans is an example of economic warfare. Boycotts of all stripes and terminating employment based on political affiliation is economic warfare; it’s intended to damage the livelihoods of political opponents. The steady stream of labeling as “fascist” and “Nazi” those who aren’t actually fascists or Nazis is information warfare intended to de-humanize political opponents and make them easier to target. Fomenting racial animosity and class war is a great indicator of social unrest because one of the requisites of domestic conflict is a politicized social base with a grievance; the bigger the grievance, the more the unrest. Politicized social bases who arm themselves to solve their grievances, instead of solving them through political channels, start insurgencies and revolutions. Violence against civilians to achieve political goals is terrorism. (We’re seeing examples of all these things, as reported in the National Intelligence Bulletin.)

Moose Muffle Stew – The animal’s nose and upper lip make a savory, umami-rich soup.

Our National Conversation on Race is a Joke

The Left doesn’t actually believe that non-white people can be racist. I know this because I spent years in some of the deeper bowels of the Left: the housing department at the University of Michigan. This is where nonsense like “intersectionality” is born. This is where students are indoctrinated to think that when a white person offends a minority, he is “racist,” but when a minority offends a white person, he is merely “prejudiced.” (Racism, campus luminaries inform us, equals power plus prejudice—not merely harboring animus toward a person because the color of their skin and then acting on it, which is a definition that only brutes profess; it’s 2018!) This is the belly of the “social justice” beast.

RULE BY OUR CYBERMASTERS BEGINS! AI is hurting people of color and the poor. Experts want to fix that

Sure, why not? | An Australian man who identifies as a transgender woman defended himself in court on Thursday, claiming that he was either possessed by a demon or his mind was addled by drugs and therefore it was his body, not him, who attacked people at a 7-Eleven with an ax last year.

“Fucked up.” “What? Can’t Hear YOU!Starbucks to Open First Signing Store in US for Deaf and Hard of Hearing “This is a historic moment in Starbucks ongoing journey to connect with the Deaf and hard of hearing community, hire and engage Deaf and hard of hearing partners, and continue to find ways to be more inclusive, accessible and welcoming to all,” said Rossann Williams, Starbucks executive vice president of U.S. Retail.

House Dress Hillary – What do you call—rather, whom should you call when a 70-year-old woman in a house dress and slippers storms the stage at a conference in Central Park, a Woodstock for the wealthy, in which this gate-crasher, with her bedraggled hair and belligerent attitude, seizes a wireless microphone and proceeds to rant against Russia; while security guards stand backstage and whisper into their mouthpieces about a “Code Bravo,” as an ambulance speeds toward 5th Avenue and 69th Street; while paramedics answer this call and the doctor, sitting atop a wheel well and next to a gurney in the back of the ambulance, fills a syringe with Thorazine? The question answers itself, except when the woman is Hillary Clinton.

The Longest Total Lunar Eclipse of the 21st Century Lights Up the Skies This Weekend

Woodpile Report There are days I take my morning coffee on the patio amongst blooming flowers, wandering gaggles of butterflies and the occasional hummingbird. I take all of this as evidence the proper definition of a complete human being is one man and one woman. Said differently, the higher forms of wealth are unquantifiable.

The Daily News Was Superman’s Paper—Tronc Fed It Kryptonite An official body-count has yet to be released by Tronc—the absurdly named Chicago newspaper publisher that bought the Daily News FOR $1.00 from real estate tycoon Mort Zuckerman in a fire sale last September—but insider estimates put the number of laid-off Daily News journalists at as high as 80.

Ninth Circuit Appeals Court: If Hawaii Restricts Citizens’ Ability to Carry Concealed, Then There Must Be An Absolute Right to Open Carry Hawaii sharply limits who can carry concealed — basically, only people who have jobs in security and law enforcement can carry concealed. The Ninth Circuit — not the whole Ninth Circuit, which is a leftwing clownshow, but two of the three judges selected randomly to review the lower court’s ruling here — rules that people have the right to carry firearms (quoting the Supreme Court’s MacDonald decision), and if the right to carry concealed is restricted by a state, that must mean that the other method of carrying, open carry, is absolute.

Describing the connections within a mere 100 atoms of gold would quickly fill the storage capacity of a hard drive the size of the whole visible universe. As a Wired article quoting Swingle said: “if you take the entire visible universe and fill it up with our best storage material, the best hard drive money can buy, you could only store the state of about 300 spins.”

Black American Culture and the Racial Wealth Gap – No element of culture harms black wealth accrual more directly than spending patterns. Nielsen, one of the world’s leading market research firms, keeps extensive data on American consumer behavior, broken down demographically. A 2017 Nielsen report found that, compared to white women, black women were 14 percent more likely to own a luxury vehicle, 16 percent more likely to purchase costume jewelry, and 9 percent more likely to purchase fine jewelry. A similar Nielsen report from 2013 found that, while only 62 percent of all Americans owned a smartphone, 71 percent of blacks owned one. Moreover, all of these spending differences were unconditional on wealth and income.

At this point, the cry for my scalp had reached fever pitch. An online petition calling for me to be sacked from the Office for Students had attracted 220,000 signatures. My daughter was refusing to go to school. My wife said that if one more person came up to her and said “Are you okay?” she was going to hit them. I felt I had no choice but to issue a public apology and stand down. In the weeks that followed, I was forced to resign from the Fulbright Commission, stripped of my Honorary Fellowship by Buckingham University, and I had to give up my nine-to-five job as head of an education charity — the one that paid the mortgage and enabled me to put food on the table and clothe my children.

Seattle’s $52M streetcar fiasco the latest setback for city’s anti-Trump mayor Seattle’s anti-Trump mayor, Jenny Durkan, may be on track for a political backlash: Her city’s $52 million money splash on public transit appears doomed because new taxpayer-funded streetcars apparently won’t fit the existing tracks.

California power grid urges consumers to conserve energy in heat wave What has the state government done? Doing their level best to eliminate any power source that isn’t wind or solar, reducing their ability to produce enough power and they have to buy power from other states, and even that’s not enough in times of high demand.

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  • Dr. Jay July 26, 2018, 10:37 AM

    Me, as I read through your epic Let’s Review 105: “How . . . What . . . oh, I see . . . no, wait . . . nuh uh . . .” Good work Dr. VanderLeun.

  • Fred July 26, 2018, 10:41 AM

    I’ll just say that while perhaps not a valid legal defense if somebody says they have a demon you should listen, for exactly 1 second and then run the other way, fast, very very fast. And ‘drug addled’ is not necessarily mutually exclusive but more likely an indicator.

    As to the Trolley, I’ve long held that Congress should maintain “Weights and Measures” standards so that men may build in teams. What’s that you say? Oh, I see.

  • John the River July 26, 2018, 12:48 PM

    “…new taxpayer-funded streetcars apparently won’t fit the existing tracks.”

    On the other hand (and more importantly) I’m sure that the engineering team was ethnically balanced and had a comforting majority of non-white, non-male members. All and all, actually a great improvement over the previous generation of cars put into service.
    Mayor Jenny Durkan when asked about the likely-hood of additional (massive) amounts of funding becoming available to bail out the city responded, “I’ve always depended on the kindness of strangers”.

  • tim July 26, 2018, 1:10 PM

    “…black women were 14 percent more likely to own a luxury vehicle, 16 percent more likely to purchase costume jewelry… while only 62 percent of all Americans owned a smartphone, 71 percent of blacks owned one. Moreover, all of these spending differences were unconditional on wealth and income.”

    Don’t be appropriating my White culture.

  • Anonymous July 26, 2018, 1:19 PM

    Worthy Camouflage: Uncovering the Urban Oil Derricks of Los Angeles. I recall one wrapped with what looked like dark green fabric in the shape of a windmill where you exited the 405 to go east on Sunset. Used to see it around 6:30 each A.M on my way to work.

  • Anderson July 26, 2018, 2:32 PM

    There is a massive amount of oil off the coast of So Cal. The congealed beads of oil that wash up on the shore are from an estimated 200 barrels per day that need release from the field. It’s literally bursting at the seams.

    If they ever “tap” it, I hope the drilling platforms will be visible from Barbra Streisand’s Malibu beach home.

  • Gordon Scott July 26, 2018, 6:19 PM

    Don’t get me started. I had a guy working for me as an assistant. He didn’t have a driver’s license. But he was going to cash his check and spend $200 to rent a car for the weekend so he and his girlfriend could have fun.

    I asked him if he had any idea what it would cost him if he got pulled over. He didn’t. He hadn’t thought that far out.

  • DWEEZIL THE WEASEL July 27, 2018, 6:51 AM

    Thank you for this article. All which you have documented points to the continued slide towards the bottom for the greedy, degenerate, incompetent, and Godless political and social culture which is the USA. There is no more time for crying over spilt milk or whining about “the good old days”. Keep vigilant and keep preparing. I personally do not know when the “correction” or “reset” will happen. However, I and my tribe are ready. Bleib ubrig.