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Let’s Review 102: From Platform Crocs to King Abdalla II of Jordan’s SIG MCX  

So Platform Crocs Are Now a Thing    Who would make such an atrocity? € you might ask.  Well friends, Balenciaga has your back. Balenciaga, if you’€™re not aware, is a Spanish fashion brand that’€™s basically just trolling everyone at this point, and the latest evidence is this monstrosity that costs $850. That’€™s right, PLATFORM Crocs for $850!

The Wave | So far the liberal world order has made no serious intellectual effort to understand the Wave, leaving the task to late-night comedians. They have preferred to depict it as the product of subhuman, bigoted minds whose feeble arguments can be contemptuously dismissed by symbolically floating rubber blimps over London; or by falling back on explanations such as Nazism, despite the fact we are in the wrong century, without a recent world war, in the middle of an economic boom and the beneficiaries of too many decades of politically correct instruction for that thesis to be easily accepted.

“Nothing would be easier politically than to refuse to meet, to refuse to engage, but that would not accomplish anything. As president, I cannot make decisions on foreign policy in a futile effort to appease partisan critics, or the media, or Democrats who want to do nothing but resist and obstruct.” Trump and Putin and the fear-mongering MSM

When I was a boy, our betters in America were trying to force soccer and the metric system on us. The people doing it were all loathsome snobs. Worse yet, all of them were the children of working-class people who should have known better. But, their parents sent them off to the state college and they came back thinking they were sophisticated citizens of the world, so they loved soccer. Yep, soccer was a Boomer fetish.   Why I Hate Soccer 

Political Disinformation, Dezinformatsiya    Leftists began infiltrating academia more than a century ago. One of their key goals was influencing those planning careers in journalism. I saw this first hand, as a journalism major at a university in California in the early 1980s. Any student who spoke up for conservative ideals was immediately pounced on by the School of Journalism faculty. And most of the students would usually pile on, in a harmony that would make Chairman Mao proud. Even back then, the leftist diatribes in lectures and classroom “discussions” (indoctrination sessions) were pronounced and sustained. I can only imagine what things are like in journalism schools today–in the era of Social Justice Warriors, Safe Spaces, and Trigger Warnings.

Here’s the problem with Jonah Goldberg and why we’ve ejected him from the movement forever:   He never took a damn thing he’s written seriously. It’s all just a hustle, a paycheck. So it’s very easy for him to forget things he’s written before — he didn’t mean them when he wrote them, so it’s easy enough to slough them off like a snake’s old skin now. We. Are. Done. With. You. Ace of Spades HQ

 The Siege of Minas Tirith or How to Turn Fudds Into Gun Rights Supporters    My guns are (mostly) the ones liberals swear they don’t want to take away. For now, they’re too busy trying to take my neighbor’s AR, or making sure a mother in the inner city can’t acquire the means to defend her family, to bother any case-hardened traditionalists like me. For now.

Duct tape used to haul boat nets B.C. driver hefty fine   Vessel was held with duct-tape reinforced straps on a trailer with no brakes and a handmade axle

Christian doctor fired for saying people cannot ‘choose their gender’ reveals he spoke out because he ‘could not live with himself if he didn’t and claims colleagues are too frightened to back him up

 Bring back the Blasphemy Laws   Observe that, as usual, equality is the intellectual justification for evil. Equality is evil and Thomas Jefferson’s flights of rhetorical fancy notwithstanding, all men are most certainly not created equal in any way, legal, material, or spiritual. Equality is the retarded version of “ye shall be as gods” and nothing good ever comes of it.

The “labor activists” who surrounded Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and her boyfriend in a movie theater, spit on her, taunted him, chased them away; the restaurant workers who refused service to White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders and then followed her family to another location to harass them; the protesters who surrounded Mitch McConnell outside a Kentucky restaurant, telling the 76-year-old Senate majority leader, “We know where you live…” — these people are punks; thugs. Their high purposes, their righteous philosophies, their political certainties — all these are worth exactly as much as a wife-beater’s tears: nothing. They are the bulliers of women and the menacers of old men.  Why Leftists Become Thugs

” for reasons “     Used as an explanation as to why you are requesting something when you don’t want the people to know why. The more sinister your statement sounds in context, the better. What is that cute girl’s name on the left of the picture? I want to know for reasons…

More People Use a Gun in Self-Defense Each Year Than Die in Car Accidents  A gun is a tool, plain and simple. You should own a gun for the same reason you install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, purchase fire extinguishers, and buckle your seat belt. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Smart people are prepared. Foolish people bring a knife—or nothing at all—to a gunfight. The gun grabbers say: “There is no evidence that guns save lives.” The truth: If there is no proof that guns save lives, then why does every American law enforcement agency, including the U.S. Secret Service, carry guns? What’s the point of the guns?

Did the Human Hand Evolve as a Lean Mean Bone-Smashing Machine? 

The Great Unsolved Mystery of Missing Marjorie West   Around three p.m. Cecilia headed to the road to rest in the car. Her husband, Shirley, prepared to go trout fishing in the stream with Lloyd. The girls, Dorothea and Marjorie, wanted to pick wildflowers. Shirley warned them to watch for rattlesnakes behind the boulder nearby. The girls gathered a bouquet of violets. Dorothea headed to the car to deliver them to their mother. When she turned around, her sister was gone.

Another Joke From The Mueller Gang   The core allegation here is that these defendants are the guys who succeeded in hacking the DNC and Podesta information by means of a “spearphishing” campaign, and that they then strategically released the information in the run-up to the 2016 election.  Does Mueller actually have any evidence that that is true?  Don’t worry, you will never find out.  There will never be discovery or a trial in this case.  It could be real, or it could be completely made up.
There actually is a good way that the Mueller gang could come up with definitive proof of hacking of the DNC servers and of who are the perpetrators — by taking possession of and analyzing the servers themselves.  Did the Mueller team do that?  No.  Preposterous!  So what is their alternative source of information?  They don’t say!

Zap Cane Stun Gun Walking Stick |     This zap cane has 1 million volts of output power to protect you on your walks. The bad guys may think its just a cane to help you get along, but with million volts at your disposal you can make them quit the area, pronto. Made by the same ZAP factory that makes the great flashlight stun gun, now make a tremendous stun taser cane with flashlight.

Missing the red for all the green |   Although Germany’s entire defense budget is $42 billion, it is as Donald Trump provocatively observed, only twice as much — approximately $21 billion — as it pays to Russia in gas purchases.  The facts are stark.  “About 35% of Germany’s gas is imported from Russia, and fracking is banned at least until 2021. A former Chancellor of Germany sits on the Gazprom board.”  At a time when Putin is the international bad guy it’s disturbingly hard to deny that much of his bankroll originates in Europe.

King Abdalla II of Jordan and his SIG MCX       In this video, King Abdalla II of Jordan is participating in a vehicle tactics demonstration with his son, Hussein, who is also a crown prince and the heir to the Jordanian throne . I am sure this video will cause mixed reactions, but, no matter what you think, doing vehicle tactics together is an awesome way to spend a father-son weekend.

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  • Teri Pittman July 16, 2018, 11:27 AM

    I’m not sure why soccer is supposed to be a Boomer sport. I’ve never been able to stand it. We have perfectly good sports that we came up with and I see no reason to ape what “the rest of the world” likes. It’s tiresome to be badgered to care about something that I have no interest in.

  • PA Cat July 16, 2018, 11:34 AM

    Apropos of soccer, any “sport” in which the French can become world champions tells you everything you need to know about it. The Frogs have not even sent a qualified team (to date) to the World Baseball Classic, let alone won it.

  • Mike Anderson July 16, 2018, 12:20 PM

    Dig King Abdalla’s prone-on-the-car-top shooting stance. Probably not suitable for my ragtop roadster, though.

  • Flyover July 16, 2018, 1:15 PM

    Looking at the “French” team, one could surmise they are not genetically French.

  • bud July 16, 2018, 3:31 PM

    Probably not good if you don’t own a country, and have to pay for the paint damage the muzzle blast leaves. No idea whether the mouse gun does much, but 300 Win Mag level rounds blister paint and can crack a windshield if you are too close firing across a hood.

  • Snakepit Kansas July 16, 2018, 5:38 PM

    bud, the mouse gun will leave more than a welt. I’d prefer at least a 14 inch barrel. The advantages of an SBR are simply getting the thing in and out of a vehicle. Just my opinion. Yes, the mighty .300WINMAG (or even better .300WBYMAG!) will take down any living creature in North America at long distances. The recoil from either is not for the feint of heart. If someone was shooting at me, I wouldn’t worry much about the pain on the car.