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Lavender in the Labyrinth

Loiter Squad on Twitter: ““yeah it’s lavender air freshener” https://t.co/4ZPH81rP6Y”

Liberals Gather to Scream at the Sky No, I don’t see these tow-heads as fringe-kookburgers. I see them as a direction where we’re headed. We haven’t quite had anything like this before, have we? We had the hippie movement. Before hippies, there were beatniks. But this is different. It’s a heading, I think, that won’t be changed until such time as some influence from the outside produces such change. The individuals might grow out of it, as real life challenges them to recognize reality & actually solve problems. But they will be replaced by more ditzy kids just entering the phase, so that it hangs around us like a bad smell. It is the price of our success, we have all these airheads who have time to protest about nothing.

The Prophet of Affirmative Action Second, it seems probable that this group will seek personal satisfaction and public recognition by aggressive conduct, which, although ostensibly directed at external injustices and problems, will in fact be primarily motivated by the psychological needs of the members of the group to overcome feelings of inferiority caused by lack of success in their studies. Since the common denominator of the group of students with lower qualifications is one of race this aggressive expression will undoubtedly take the form of racial demands–the employment of faculty on the basis of race, a marking system based on race, the establishment of a black curriculum and a black law journal, an increase in black financial aid, and a rule against expulsion of black students who fail to satisfy minimum academic standards.

Technology Takeover? Reality Check Even McDonalds will need people to load frozen patties into the cooking robots, top off the ketchup and mustard tanks, etc. We just won’t have pre-literate Third World troglodytes and Common Core Trigglypuff grads trying to puzzle out how to input the burgers from pictures of same, and make change for a twenty without taking off their shoes. That’s akin to telling me that the DMV will be replacing the fifty people doing make-work jobs with five machines that will actually work, without taking two-hour potty breaks, and don’t come with a pre-loaded Entitlement Chip and surly attitude.

You Can Have My Ad-Blocking When You Pry It From My Cold, Dead Computer. The page I landed on immediately threw up a screen-covering box demanding I either put them on my ad-blockers whitelist immediately OR pay them some stupid amount of money to “subscribe”. I’ll even name names here, that’s how pissed I am. It was TheChive. Fuckers. They try to soften the fuckery by saying ad-blocking is just not cool, and throw a little “thank you” in there, but it’s about as sincere as the IRS saying “sorry for the theft”. Okay, there are very few things in the world that will get me to add some random website to my whitelist, and demanding I do this is absolutely not one of them. In fact, demanding anything is a pretty quick way for me to tell you to go shove a rabid honey badger up your ass. I respond pretty well to “please” and “if you don’t mind”. Otherwise, it’s honey badger time.

Bannon: China Is ‘an Enemy of Incalculable Power, Not a Strategic Partner and We Have to Understand That’ He fundamentally went through how the Chinese Confuscious mercantilist authoritative model has beaten the West: “€œIt’€™s their world now . They’€™re a hegemonic power. It’s not that they’€™re rising to be a hegemonic power. It’s not that what they always wanted to be was considered a great power along with the United States and Russia. They’€™re saying, hey, the game’s over. They will dominate ten separate industries, including robotics, artificial intelligence, chip manufacturing, all by the year 2525 and they’€™re very far down the road in doing that.€ €œNumber two is ‘one belt, one road,’ where they’€™re taking the geopolitical strategies of this guy named Mackinder, a Scottish guy and Mahan, who was this great theoretician in America that laid out what the British did in sea power. The Chinese are doing it. They’€™re tying together the central Asian countries with this Old Silk road. The World Island, who controls central Asia controls the world.”€

The kids today   According to a recent survey of “millennials” (or as I prefer, “the kids today”), about half would like to live under “socialism,” instead of whatever they have now. They are the latest generation educated, or more precisely idiotized, by our state school systems. Among my baby-boom contemporaries coming of age in the ’sixties, the proportion was about one-quarter. We need not wait more generations to forget completely the most obvious lessons of recent history. One has only to ride the trolley through Greater Parkdale to watch the little thumbs texting.

Chiefly, they want to be taken care of. They want to make the mess that others clean up. They want a paradise in which they will not be held accountable for their actions, one that will ultimately compass the execution of those to whom they have taken a dislike. By comparison to them, one might account the earlier, minority, socialist generations heroic in a way: they were willing to do their own killings. The kids today come late to this game.

By the humble method of hospital abortions, and in North America alone, we have already killed ten times as many as the Nazi death camps, though only half as many as the Communists. I know this is to reduce modern history to mere body counts; but anything more subtle would be lost on our millennials. Indeed, even the subtlety that abortion means killing a human being is lost on most of them, so effectively have they been infused with the euphemisms of progressive thinking.

Sense of Events: Enough warning flags about Devin Kelly to have started a semaphore battalion This is a case of Templatus Interruptus:  1. Man commits mass murder. 2. Media and Dems blame weak gun laws and the NRA. 3. Oops – existing law covered it. 4. A federal entity failed to follow that federal law. 5. Hey, let’s talk about Trump pouring koi into a fish pond in Tokyo!

Harvard University hosts anal sex workshop – The College Fix Students were also allowed to take whatever they wanted from a bountiful amount of male and female condoms, sex toy cleaners, and literature from Planned Parenthood. Anal 101 is one of a number of events as part of Harvard’s student organized sex week observance. Other events later in the week include “Beyond the Hub: Broadening Your Porn Horizons” and “Unleashed: Kink 101.”

MOTUS A.D.: I Love Being Hated What would Andrew Breitbart make of the country in general and the Donald in particular if he were still alive? I think that the man who invented conservative citizen journalism and activism would have LOVED Trump. How could he not?  Trump is the archetype of Breitbart’€™s everyman: an ordinary, outside the Beltway citizen disenfranchised by both parties as well as the media. Trump is the everyman who found his voice — yugely — and in the process the voice of millions of other disenfranchised Americans — the deplorables.  He also discovered the power of one of Andrew’s favorite media work-arounds (hint, TWEET, TWEET!), for better or worse.

Jon Stewart Mill on Twitter: “Modern Westerners have the strange disposition of wanting to be cultural relativists across space, but moral absolutists across time.”

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  • Stargazer November 12, 2017, 1:05 PM

    I too have seen the ad-blocking ultimatum recently. If I really want to visit the site, I temporarily exit private browsing, do what I want to at the site, then reenter private browsing and promptly delete all session and browsing history including cookies.

  • Casey Klahn November 12, 2017, 1:12 PM

    The Loiter video: isn’t that the governor of Oregon in the passenger’s seat? I could swear it’s her…

  • PA Cat November 12, 2017, 1:31 PM

    I confess to being downright pleased by the growing number of sites unhappy about ad blockers. These jerks brought it on themselves by cluttering up their web pages with ugly or visually distracting ads. I just make a mental note to avoid any site that demands to be whitelisted; saves a lot of time, too, that I used to spend on sites that aren’t really worth it.

  • bart simpsonson November 12, 2017, 4:20 PM

    Anal 101 at Hahvad or any other “institution of higher learning” is really more about the rest of us taking it up the a$$ than anything else. At their whim and for their pleasure.

  • MMinLamesa November 13, 2017, 1:44 AM

    That video was the funniest thing I’ve seen this lifetime. I am still laughing-thanx dude for getting my week off like that.

  • John the River November 13, 2017, 6:42 AM

    No it’s not the ads we object to (just put quiet little pictures on the side with a discreet “For your consideration”…Okay Dokey!)
    It’s the Flashing! Loud! attention demanding epileptic fit starting distractions that got you blocked.

    And you are right, first came the ad-blocker then came the Auto-Blacklist of bad sites and next…next…

    Bun Bun! Whose motto is “First I kill all the Telemarketers…then…”

  • ghostsniper November 13, 2017, 3:00 PM

    The habitual pop up that wants you to sign up for something pushes me over the top.
    I just close the whole tab.
    In the past my vindictive self would fill the email slot as: fuckyou@blowme.com or similar.
    Why in the world are popular merchants purposely pissing people off and causing potential customers to leave?

    There seems to be a nihilistic suicidal tendency that has become stylishly fashionable amongst almost everyone.