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Lapdances in the Labyrinth

Remember—the mighty indigenous peoples of the Americas couldn’t even figure out the wheel. The WHEEL. The average lifespan for Native Americans before Columbus committed “genocide” against them was around 35. It is now more than double that. When Columbus arrived in the New World, the total number of indigenous Injuns in what is now North America was less than two million. There currently are 5.2 million self-identified “Native Americans” in the USA alone and another two million or so in Canada. So they’re living more than twice as long and there are more than twice as many of them. That doesn’t sound like genocide to me. That sounds like an upgrade into the first-class section. The New World’s Oldest Villain

Who says there’s no good news?: Soiled ISIS Fighters Surrendering EnMasse Many of the dejected fighters reportedly have soiled themselves and await interrogation and trial by Kurdish authorities. The mass surrender of the terrorist group is particularly unusual for ISIS, who’ve made a point of fighting to the very last man. In many cases the group made the last days of battle painful for the opposing force by deploying waves of suicide bombers.

Hit the bricks on the Old Lincoln Highway in Omaha, Nebraska In Nebraska, a three-mile stretch of the highway between Omaha and Elkhorn, remains exactly as it it a century ago, complete with the same bumps and waves lining the brick-paved road. The section was paved with lower layer of concrete and a top surface of bricks as part of a surface improvement project in 1920.

Mexico is No Longer a Country Mexico has re-invented Life in the Middle Ages. The Elites live in the Castle, the Serfs live in squalor on the countryside, exposed to many dangers from the roving hordes.

Bill Gates is willing to be more reflective as he gets closer to his personal Blue Screen of death. 40 years too late- Bill Gates says ctrl-alt-delete should have been one button

“Finally, I’d like to thank Harvey Weinstein. Um, the Punisher, that’s his nickname. The Punisher, yes. For believing in my film, thank you Harvey.”

So, rephrasing her rhetorical question, would I be in favor of the same extensive system of identity verification and background checking for voting that is required for gun purchases? 1. Yes. 2. Hellz yes. The Morning Rant

All liberal drama breaks down into “A is a victim because B victimized A. C is completely oblivious to this but D is sufficiently enlightened to notice A’s victim-status, and this makes D a GOOD PERSON. The end.” House of Eratosthenes

Who says there’s no good news? North Korea could hit its enemies with plague and smallpox

An Unreal Existence The Narrative is malware corroding our sense of humanity and reality. Instead of increasing privacy so data miners cannot engage in the targeted lying which makes “fake news” so effective we decrease it the better to help the manipulators…..Currently we are obsessed with 71 genders but a nuclear or biological disaster can can flip decades of political correctness and deference to technology into their opposite. Considering all the freedoms and privacy the West has already given up to preserve the status quo the mantra “we can’t let it change us” is mockingly ironic. It is change, not changelessness which is characteristic of the present.

Christian Mercenary: Fact-Blindness and the Left

GLABELLA: People with expressive faces often end up with wrinkles in their glabella—the space between the eyebrows.
PETRICHOR: You know how it smells after it rains? That clean, greenish smell when rain lands on dry ground? That’s petrichor, from the Greek petra (stone) and ichor (the blood of Greek gods and goddesses).

Look it this way. At lease he has his “college education” to fall back on. CBS Retracts Story that Kaepernick Would Stand for Anthem if Signed

The Audacious Epigone: Sluts are nuts Unsurprisingly, being repulsive or invisible to the opposite sex is suboptimal. The ground floor girl is gold. As rides on the cock carousel increase from there, things go downhill. The more men who have ridden her, the worse her neurosis will be. Women who’ve had over 15 partners are at more than 50% greater risk of poor mental health than women who steadfastly remain tethered to ‘the one’.

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  • Daniel K Day October 9, 2017, 11:59 AM

    The Japanese text says “The pants I found on Rakuten [an internet seller] remind me of a style I have seen nowhere but in Kentucky, or alternately, a completely fried chicken…” (my own translation)

  • Bill Jones October 9, 2017, 3:29 PM

    And men are consistently saner than women. Who knew?

  • Jim October 9, 2017, 5:06 PM

    Consider this.

    The Viking discoveries and oft-doomed settlement of parts of North America are stories lost to history, but for the archeologist’s tales.

    The supposed crossings of the Atlantic as presupposed by Thor Hyerdahl and which theory he tested aboard RA, are but imaginings and wonders. No records, not even legends really, persist.

    Our vaunted “First Nations”, said to have crossed the Bering Land Bridge some tens of thousands of years ago, are deduced by the following of cave dwellings, their drawings and the Carbon 14 of their trash heaps and graves.

    Finally, we have the traditions of verbal histories as passed down by Inuit, Sioux, Apache, Navaho, Iriquois, Chyenne, Commanche and innumerable other tribes. Which tales recount the endless wars, cannibalisms, conquests and generations enslaved, which was the reality of the American Indian before and concurrent with the advent of the White Man.

    Then, in 1492, said advent landed upon the shores of Hispanola, a small Caribbean island. It would be to later voyages that the (yet un-named) American Mainland would be reached, but the Caribbean shores were enough. Word raced back to Spain, along with ship’s logs, diaries, journals, chronicles, navigation charts and innumerable artifacts, plants, the endless stories of the crews, and a few captives to display.

    Along with this cornucopia of news of a New World, came the thought of a New Dream, New Realms, New Opportunities. And, Destiny.

    All because Christopher Columbus was not only a Voyager and Discoverer.

    But he was a Chronicler of the First Order.

    In short, he was the FIRST DOCUMENTED IMMIGRANT on American Shores.

    Relate this to your libtard friends, and watch the cognitive dissonance short circuit what they have which passes for a “brain”. MOST entertaining!

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  • Snakepit Kansas October 10, 2017, 10:40 AM

    Well the slut vs. crazy data does not indicate that women are crazy because they are promiscuous or promiscuous because they are already crazy.

  • Anderson October 10, 2017, 2:56 PM

    The indigenous Americans actually did know of the wheel, but it was only found to be implemented on children’s toys. It’s the cruelest “wow, I could have had a V-8” moment of irony that I have ever read about in history. Although the Romans inventing the steam engine and using it only as an amusing miniature desktop contrivance, with no thought of scaling it up for practical use, ranks a close 2nd. I guess Rome’s surplus of slave labor would likely explain their overlook of its potential.

  • Ed Brown October 11, 2017, 12:01 AM

    I’m guessing that 3 miles of brick pavement in Omaha is probably on Dodge. Back in the day there were many brick pavements there. The streets used to sing under the car as you went along. As a kid visiting Omaha on many family vacations, I became fond of the street names there: Dodge, Blondo, Military being just a few. Not to be missed was Johnny’s Steak House, sitting practically on top of the stockyard out in South Omaha. Aromatic.