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Saturday Review

“In reality the boundary line between radical and reactionary is not always distinct. The reactionary manifests radicalism when he comes to recreate his ideal past. His image of the past is based less on what it actually was than on what he wants the future to be. He innovates more than he reconstructs. A somewhat similar shift occurs in the case of the radical when he goes about building his new world. He feels the need for practical guidance, and since he has rejected and destroyed the present he is compelled to link the new world with some point in the past. If he has to employ violence in shaping the new, his view of man’s nature darkens and approaches closer to that of the reactionary.” — Eric Hoffer, The True Believer

On the trail, Eberhart renamed himself after his adopted home, Nimblewill creek. He began in the swamps of Florida and hiked north on flooded trails, where the dark, reptilian waters sometimes reached to his waist. When he emerged from the swamps, all 10 of his toenails fell off. By the time he reached Quebec, it was already late October. RTWT at: The man who went on a hike – and never stopped walking 

Stuck. We’re Stuck:  A civilization at a decision point is almost by definition walking the razor’s edge between two futures.  One future may lead to a catastrophe whose survivors must begin again from scratch.  The other choice leads to a radical improvement in the human standard of living and greater potential for all. It would seem an easy choice. But the characteristic of a system in institutional crisis, which along with the lack of new energy sources and a failure of public education create our “world in disarray”, is that the right choice is impossible to make. You can’t choose the future, only variants of the past.  Any road away from perdition requires huge political risks that are difficult to overcome.

First date: Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens met 40,000 years ago in the Czech Republic

Camille Paglia: On Trump, Democrats, Transgenderism, and Islamist Terror   Political correctness represents the fossilized institutionalization of once-vital revolutionary ideas, which have become mere rote formulas. It is repressively Stalinist, dependent on a labyrinthine, parasitic bureaucracy to enforce its empty dictates.

Mars surface is looking much deadlier than we previously thought:    In that case we need to put Elon Musk on Mars tomorrow.

“American journalism is collapsing before our eyes,” I wrote that the so-called cream of the media crop was “engaged in a naked display of partisanship” designed to bury Trump and elect Hillary Clinton.The evidence was on the front page, the back page, the culture pages, even the sports pages. It was at the top of the broadcast and at the bottom of the broadcast. Day in, day out, in every media market in America, Trump was savaged like no other candidate in memory. We were watching the total collapse of standards, with fairness and balance tossed overboard. Every story was an opinion masquerading as news, and every opinion ran in the same direction — toward Clinton and away from Trump. RTWT at: Why the media has broken down in the age of Trump | New York Post

Put it this way: because God exists, I’m getting a kick out of this terrestrial life. But for the same reason, I would’t want it to go on forever. Conversely, if God didn’t exist, life might not go on forever, but it would sure feel that way. RTWT at: One Cʘsmos: The Latest in Boredom Extension

August 1942. “Shepherd with his horse and dog on Gravelly Range, Madison County, Montana.”: Shorpy Historic Picture Archive 

Maybe you have a closet like this, or an inconvenient drawer: Think of all the corporations and universities and municipal offices, the billions of closets hiding secret inventories. Old media accumulate for all kinds of reasons — nostalgia, ambivalence, data security, paranoia — and all of us, eventually, become the managers of our own distributed personal archives. We never know when we might need to access that data again. – -Closet Archive

Remarks by President Trump on Regulatory Relief  : One gentleman from Maryland was talking about an 18-mile road. And he brought with him some of the approvals that they’ve gotten and paid for. They spent $29 million for an environmental report, weighing 70 pounds and costing $24,000 per page.

They Want Us Dead – I said women are terrible drivers and with Sharia, you don’t have to worry about broads driving ever again. I said it’s awesome because you get to punish your wife if she doesn’t want to blow you. You make her sleep on the couch and if she still refuses, you get to beat the shit out of her.

Watanabe Masanao poses with a wall decorated with old cell phones which he has collected over 20 years at his electronic shop in Tokyo, Japan, on July 5, 2017. Photos of the Week: 7/1–7/7 – The Atlantic

Greatest antitheft device when the thieves are millennials: Man leads Jeffco deputies on low-speed chase in stolen flatbed truck after unable to get out of 1st gear The driver – later identified as 29-year-old Randy Dewayne Vert – refused to stop and continued driving south on Center Point Parkway, Christian said. Vert was apparently unfamiliar with the complexities of a modern manual transmission.

A 1998 Tomb Thumb wedding, held at Cleveland Tri-Learning School to raise funds for a class trip.

Jennie takes Tom, eye-rolling Honeymooner, “provided that you do not smoke or drink; provided that you will never mention how your mother used to cook, or sew on buttons, or make your shirt-bosoms shine; provided that you carry up coal three times a day, put out the ashes once a week, bring up the tub, and put up and take down the clothes-line on wash-day, and perform faithfully all other duties demanded by a ‘new woman’ of the nineteenth century.”At this the pair is pronounced married, and everyone bows and recesses.

RTWT at: At Tom Thumb Weddings, Children Get Faux-Married to Each Other – Atlas Obscura

Signs of the Apocalypse:

At 100,000 light-years across, Messier 77 is one of largest galaxies in the Messier catalogue — so massive that its gravity causes other nearby galaxies to twist and become warped. RTWT at: Very Large Telescope Takes Close Look at Messier 77 | Astronomy | Sci-News.com

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  • Nori July 8, 2017, 7:16 AM

    The Camille Paglia interview in the Weekly Substandard was jarring. She’s a world-renowned longtime lesbo lefty who calls out the Dems on their massively retarded f**k-up running Hillary Antoinette. She decries the treatment of women under sharia. She recognizes the idiocy of the transgender movement. She even disses Chuck Schumer! Yet she voted for Bernie in the primary,Stein in the general, and sings the praises of our newer,prettier lady savior of color, Kamala Harris?? How can such diametrically opposed ideas exist in the same brain?

  • Snakepit Kansas July 9, 2017, 6:09 AM

    Whenever I am driving around town and see a Bernie bumper sticker on someone’s car I feel compelled to try to see the face of the driver, who must not know a damn thing about economics and history.

  • David July 9, 2017, 8:32 AM

    Re: Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and Camille Paglia

    People believe what they choose to believe. Part of their brains may be logical, but there is part of the brain in all of us that wants to make intuitive “leaps of faith” that defy logic, evidence and reality, because we WISH it to be so. A person’s relative IQ doesn’t have any relationship to this.
    Camille can be funny, intelligent, logical, rational, and then, suddenly, she makes “leaps of faith” that defy a lot of the previous context of her thoughts and writings.
    Donald Trump is in some ways a very bizarre person, though I voted for him. Because the thought of someone as corrupt and venal as Hillary Clinton having the political power of the Presidency was just too horrendous to imagine. Ditto Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Jill Stein or a host of other Leftist malcontents. But the Media would make is seem as if some kind of Utopia had arrived if that were the case. Better read up on just what John Mill meant about Utopia, too.
    As the years pass, more will be revealed as to just how incompetent and malevolent Barack Obama really was as President.

  • Nori July 9, 2017, 3:06 PM

    Couple yrs ago,my big male Akita started struggling to get in & out of the truck,so we started walking thru the neighborhood instead of driving anywhere. My dogs did not like strange dogs,so I kept on the lookout for other dogwalkers,and kept my distance,but would always wave & say Mornin’,and would get a wave & smile back. Then one day we rounded a corner & came face to face with 2 Chihuahuas,each dressed in different outfits-hats,jackets,and skirts. At the other end of the leashes was a 20-something ponytailed,bearded guy. His dogs were barking their tiny little faces off & lunging for my 2 guys,the 135lb Akita & 65lb Chow-Lab mix. My dogs were cool,we simply crossed the street while BeardBoy’s dogs went apeshit-he made no effort to quiet or restrain them. We saw them frequently after that,he never cracked a smile,and his dogs were dressed differently every time.

    Then one morning I saw the trio going into his house. The one with the “Bernie for President” sign in his front yard,and,of course, a Prius in the driveway-with CA plates. (This is AZ). I swear I am not making this up.
    I thought about adding the Evil Black Rifle to my dogwalking attire and strolling past his place,but I decided that would be unladylike.

  • ghostsniper July 10, 2017, 6:51 AM


    Not hardly, especially today. The times, they is constantly changin’.
    Guns are very attractive these days and not just for the *shooting* thing but for the overall package. A person that possesses guns probably has a better grip on life in general – and the reverse is also true. I do agree that grandstanding and advertising is unnecessary but a small emblem or some such is harmless. and who knows, maybe it will cause a ne’er do’well to stay away, they watch for stuff like that.

    My wife was anti-gun in the beginning, 34 years ago, and for no valid reason but over time she learned that guns are in my life, and in hers too to a certain degree, if she wanted to stay in my life. It’s been a long, slow conversion and it’s not complete, yet. But a year ago she encouraged me to build an AR15 and I was shocked at first I decided to see where this was headed.

    I know no one else that has built an AR and it had been close to 4 decades since I handled an M16 and I had never fired an AR. I spent several months researching then I started buying parts. I took my time and bought pretty good components and the tools to construct them and study material as well as extensive online referencing. There were some bumps in the road and it cost more than I anticipated but now that it’s over I want to do it again.

    Looks similar to, but better than, this:

    It’s better to be thought of as a gunner, than not.
    Nobody wants to get shot, even with a non-existent gun.
    Call it a ghost gun – it exists only in the mind of the perceiver.

    FWIW, Shannon sports a camo collar and leash and she steps proud when wearing it.

  • Nori July 10, 2017, 1:41 PM

    I used “unladylike” as a trigger 🙂
    Building one from scratch,damn,that’s hardcore. Congrats on a daunting job well done,nice rifle. My favorite local gunshop has a whole shelf in their back room of failed do-it-yourself builds that went sideways. I do wear one of their baseball caps when dogwalking,which probably explains the sour look from progdog boy.

  • ghostsniper July 10, 2017, 7:45 PM

    Never heard of anyone failing before, but I guess it’s possible.
    83 parts, most are self explanatory, and if you know which end of the screwdriver to jam in a tarriss’s eyeball you should do alright.

    Word of caution, keep your eye on that prog creature, they’re unstable.