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The Kids Are NOT Alright by Bad_Brad
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The Kids Are NOT Alright by Bad_Brad

Celebrating the culture of hugs and drugs

“We’ve turned a bunch of these kids into time bombs. The snow flakes, soccer moms, and school districts did it. But we let it happen.

“Have you seen the picture of the 17 year old shooter in Maryland? He looks like the all American boy growing up next door.

“This shit didn’t happen when I was a kid and as you know weapons were a lot more accessible. This bomber’s reason for doing what he did were a reaction to “The Struggles in his life”. You don’t handle struggle well when you grow up never losing. There’s no losers, just participation trophies. Particularly if your a young boy going through school being told you should act like a girl. And believe me that’s exactly what these zero tolerance programs in our schools have accomplished.

“The X Sac County Sheriff, John McGinness has a radio show on our local news station and he just nailed this the other day.  Back when we were kids if you had a beef with someone you’d meet them after school, beat the shit out of each other and were eating lunch together the next day as best friends.

“I think back on my own life experience back at that age. As a Freshmen in High School I was destroying my age group. the cool thing about wrestling is if your wrestling on the Frosh team, but want to wrestle on the JV or Varsity team is all you need to do is challenge the wrestler that occupies that spot. I did just the with the JV wrestler. My first match as a JV I got my ass kicked all over the damn mat. I shook the winner’s hand but was so pissed I didn’t speak a word to anybody for a couple days.

So at that point I could either man the fuck up and decide how to get better, or grab a gun and shoot a bunch of people. Option two was never a consideration back then. Because we knew we would eventually lose. And there were no trophies for losers. So I worked a lot harder. Got a lot smarter. The end result of losing. That motivation is not there for boys that are raised as girls and told “Your Perfect Just The Way You Are”.

“The end result is what, 22 dead in the last 3 weeks? And now we get to listen to David Hogg wild march out and spew his rehearsed shit, programmed by the same people that caused this in the first place? Fuck that. We need to start laying blame were it belongs. At the feet of the progressives. I’ll tell you who the true victim is here though. That poor cop that had to kill that 17 year old in Maryland. That would be tough to get past.” Recording: Bomber had no specific motive, just very troubled – Bad_Brad gives his view of our tender time bombs @ IOTW Report

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  • ghostsniper March 23, 2018, 4:46 AM

    Turn it off.

  • AbigailAdams March 23, 2018, 9:31 AM

    Really good post, Gerard!

    And it makes me think about something related. Is this why it seems more twenty-somethings are going trans or “identifying” as women? If you can’t fulfill your God-given gender assignment, do you decide to retreat to the safety of calling yourself a woman? I don’t know, but it seems like the only “sane” response if you can’t stand and fight.

  • Ed March 23, 2018, 4:58 PM

    Yeah, but this bomber was home schooled. Maybe there is a tradeoff between public school indoctrination and pathetic nonsense, and having to find your place in a group of peers in classes and around the school. Seems like this guy wasn’t well socialized.

  • Bad_Brad March 23, 2018, 6:37 PM

    Thanks for thinking my sloppy rant was worth posting Gerard. On a side note I just heard the girl that was shot in Maryland was declared brain dead. Very sad all the way around.

  • Geoff C. The Saltine March 23, 2018, 6:59 PM

    Thanks Mr. V. The Unhearded need to be heard,
    Call you later. Hope all is well with your Mom and you.

  • ghostsniper March 24, 2018, 2:56 PM

    Ed hopped right over my comment above.
    Just because he didn’t attend a public indoctrination facility doesn’t mean he was being properly educated elsewhere.

    Basically, the killer was thrown away by his parent’s.
    Unfortunate as that is, that’s the end of that story right there.
    A crime was committed and that is all that needs to be addressed, emotionalism needs to be banned from the building.

    Black’s Law Dictionary states the primary reason for justice is to make the victim whole.
    Locking this killer in a cage won’t do that, in fact, it will further victimize the victims.
    What’s the monetary value of a human life?
    (100,000,000 emotional crybaby’s just soiled themselves and burst into tears)
    Ask an insurance company, they place value on human heads everyday.
    Whatever that value is, times the number of victims, is the amount in legal tenders that killer owes to the victims. Not “The system”, the victims. Directly.

    No he will mostly likely never pay the debt in full but he can surely be forced to spend the rest of his life working toward it. No sitting on his ass on the taxpayer’s dime. Working. His. Ass. Off.

    And yes, you can get money out of a turnip, the IRS does it all the time.
    Put the IRS in charge of the justice system and watch things start to turn around immediately.

    When people have been taught from the time they are born that there will be terrible consequences to their behavior, and prominent display of those consequences, then you will see real crimes (as opposed to all the fake crimes out there now) drop to single digits nationwide.

    Yes, there are people out there that don’t mind prison life. It beats sleeping in the raining snow in the street, starving. A warm jail cell, cable TV, 3 hots, medical, reach-arounds, etc. No wonder the prisons are always over crowded.

    Reward poor behavior and get more of it.