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It’s Going to Get Worse, and That’s Good!

Our only health is the disease
If we obey the dying nurse
Whose constant care is not to please
But to remind of our, and Adam’s curse,
And that, to be restored, our sickness must grow worse.
Eliot/Quartets/East Coker

The outcome of the recent nationwide popularity contests is, looked at rationally, good for the red and very bad for the blue. It was not, as many suggested it would be, GREAT! for the red, but it was  — taken all in all — a good showing. It was not a showing that finishes the work to be done, but one that takes the red several solid strides forward.  And it remains a day that was very bad for the blue.

It was a day that was not as yet bad enough for the blue to shed true blue believers. But soon the bad will become bad enough for many blues to turn red. Right now, though, right now… it’s sad that it’s just not bad enough in the blue. Make no mistake, it’s terrible but not terrible enough.

Indeed, we need some guerilla Americans ready to slide into blue bureaucracies to increase the speed of the bleeding. We need to make the blue rulers load greater, MUCH GREATER, pounds of pain onto the backs of their “loyal” bluepers. The only way to stop it is to make it go faster; to smack them harder. We just have to realize,  to paraphrase Sean Connery, “Sometimes there are blue voters who take it to the wire. That’s what they’re looking for, the ultimate confrontation—they want a smack.”

And a smack might work because at this stage voting blue is a sexual fetish and not a healthy one.

Like battered wives, the blues keep “forgiving” and crawling back to their abusers. Even though most blue cities have been developed into open-air thieves’ markets, fentanyl shooting galleries, and soft coil sidewalk sewers, the bluepers still — somehow — think things are fine. Or if not “fine” at least still at the stage where when their leather daddies lash their asses it will still be stimulating and satisfying to their ideological libidos. Why do the blues keep voting for democrats that consistently rob them while riding them like sweating weasels in heat? The vote blue secret is the same secret that powers the pummeling that bluepers take just before those magic moments of make-up sex.

“Oh to make me feel really good my lad,
You gotta make me feel really really bad. . .”
— Lady Gaga

Make-up sex is one of those things that goes on but doesn’t call out too much conversation.  The Battering of Babes is discussed to death, but makeup sex is one of those silent secrets that everybody knows and nobody says. For those that have had it after a long dry spell, make-up sex has a lightning bolt inside it that will make you pay almost anything to feel it strike again. It’s easy to get hooked on make-up sex.

Bluepers get that sex hit all the time in their sewer cities. If you are blue you will, as we all can see, suffer a doddering drool cup senior-Senior Citizen for a pretend president. You will, as you do every day in the city of New York, avoid being shoved onto the subway tracks by walking in the streets where you risk being shot in the head. Whew! In Los Angeles, every trapped in your auto commute between home and office and the reverse is fraught with lethal risk. That makes every successful passage fill you with the endorphins of sexual excitement. When that happens and you keep coming back for more makeup sex, you have gone from just plain blue to True Blue.

If you are True Blue in a Blue city you have your ideological sex life set. Especially if you are a masochist with a background in bottoming. As a blue bottom, you find it easy to be happy in your prison of perversion for the present, but only for the present.

Going forward the problem of blue policy continues to increase in intensity. Once the ideology of woke wins the blue policy has to run to the last bus stop. And beyond. There’s no reverse. There’s no repentance. The policies that keep a place blue are the same policies that slowly reduce the area to a crime-soaked, inequality-ridden, unsafe transportation network, with slums next to penthouses, all overrun with junkies and killers. And at some point, these areas become so lethal that the True Blues have to decide to kick their blue habit. That or die. And either outcome simplifies the voting map.

But that time is not yet.

Yet that time comes closer.

Hard times for all are already coming in the door. It’s going to get harder, much harder, in the blue zones. It’s going to get worse, much worse, in the blue zones. If you are in one, get out if you can. If you can’t, hunker down. If you are outside a blue zone, relax, kick back and do what you can to make it worse. When it comes to handling the bluepers of the nation, let your motto be:

“You want it darker?
We kill the flame”


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  • captflee November 10, 2022, 3:49 PM

    Tell it!

  • captflee November 10, 2022, 3:51 PM

    Watching vidyas of the Ukies goin’ after the Rooskie navy with drones aloft, afloat, and undersea, has put me to thinking about piracy..errr..privateering as a second career. Prolly all manner of containerized systems on the black market iff’n you got the scratch. Wouldn’t need too big a ship in any event. Maybe get together a syndicate, a la Milo Minderbinder. Or blockade running…

    Be that as it may, your efforts of late have been EPIC, my brother.

  • Teresa Pittman November 10, 2022, 4:43 PM

    I left it. And I won’t tell you what it has been like to get squatters legally removed from a piece of property I own. Still working on it in fact. But I am many miles away and in a wonderful small town in rural KS. Moved here sight unseen. Do not hesitate to move away from it. There are a lot of good places with decent people. It’s a much better place to deal with hard times.

  • Wade Hampton November 10, 2022, 5:21 PM

    Amen Ms. Pittman. It’s important to move away from the blue state crazies if you can. I moved from a commie town in NC (Chapel Hill) to a mid-size town in the Appalachians. Bring family if you can. It’s not safe to live in blue state areas. And it’s going to get worse.

    People here in the Appalachian mountains are relaxed and friendly. Chapel Hill might just as well have been Newark NJ in terms of civilizational decay.

  • Terry November 10, 2022, 6:23 PM

    Some fun for the red shirts. Get a book on dirty tricks. Read the book. Place some tricks in your memory bank between the ears. Give said book to a like minded red shirt acquaintance. Have that person repeat the sequence and so on, and so on.

    Use these tricks on blue belly “marks”. Leftists cannot tolerate jokes (dirty tricks) played on them. There are no limits to the nastiness of these tricks. We are in a no rules of engagement war. The goons at the top have made this as clear as a bell. Hell’s Bell.

    Disclaimer: Above for entertainment purposes only, no harm intended. Bring on the dark days blue belly.

  • Will M November 10, 2022, 6:56 PM

    Wonderful thought, but I have my doubts. First, whatever woes they may bring on themselves, they won’t blame themselves, they’ll find a way to blame us. Then there is their sheer hatred of us to consider; it’s a hatred that’s now part of their collective DNA. Many, many of them absolutely believe that we are indeed “a threat to democracy”, which may mean that in their minds overcoming us is absolutely paramount, no matter what hardships their destruction policies inflict on them.

    I’m all for seeing them sink under the weight of their own inequities, and Godspeed to that, but I’m just not counting on their voluntary surrender. The best I can see at present is an amicable parting of the ways, a fragmentation. But because of what I said previously, I also have doubts about the “amicable”.

  • Anonymous November 10, 2022, 7:29 PM

    Sometimes you have to expand a problem in order to solve it. — Donald Rumsfeld

  • Casey Klahn November 10, 2022, 9:37 PM

    Hard times in LeftyLand? I never use “Blue” or “Red,” because it’s painfully obvious that the Left wouldn’t stand to be tarred as what they are: Red Commies. So, they insist on being “Blue”. True blue.

    But, a hard times a gonna fall. Self-inflicted, to be sure. It’s loathsome to see the inner city hell of drug addicted homeless, and yet the Left cannot seem to test their own politics against the outcomes. They offer leniency for the crimes committed by homeless druggies – in fact, give them a dose at the door to the city and invite them in. Never arrest, much less prosecute, small-time crime. How’s that working out? It’s producing homelessness and crime. Marxist demoniacs would be more than thrilled to see your suburban home wrecked, occupied, and trashed by city zombies. Mr. and Mrs. Middle America, who sometimes pull the lever for democrats, cannot fathom this: the democrat hates you, and wants your property either confiscated, or destroyed.

    Yes, the Left got handed a defeat last Tuesday, but in the meantime they also got away with murder. The cheat machine still survives and I find it incomprehensible how they spend an effort to make you believe the shit you can obviously see is above board, and then later tell you you’re crazy for seeing it.

  • Dan D. November 11, 2022, 7:08 AM

    This is classic Atlas Shrugged stuff. I couldn’t agree more; stop producing and let the looters starve.

  • Jack Lawson November 11, 2022, 7:31 AM

    Ha! This EMT Fireman of New York asked my opinion on preparedness a ways back. The first thing I advised him was to MOVE. One year later he contacted me as his movers were loading the last from his apartment in downtown New York. Moved to Florida. Neither his wife or he hasn’t regretted it, in fact is overjoyed that he moved!


    • Jack November 12, 2022, 6:46 AM

      I hope he and his wife went, fully prepared to embrace the ‘not-NY” attitudes of the folks of Florida and leave any psychological trappings of NY behind him. Otherwise, all they’re doing is moving to spread what they’ve learned to live with ‘up there’.

  • tfA-t November 11, 2022, 7:58 AM

    so true.. but, always be careful what you wish for- ‘unintended consequences’ and all…

  • Annie Rose November 11, 2022, 8:01 AM

    Greetings from deep inside the bowels of the blue hive, 30 miles north of Chiraq. The blue hive just re-elected Gov. Fred Flinstone, who has immediately promised to force kids to take the death jab if they want to go to school next fall. He thinks he will run for President. God help us. Three amendments also passed that will greatly increase our taxes: one to protect the forest preserve districts by hiring only minorities, one to fund new local mental health boards to supplement the sea of bloated bureaucracy of tax funded mental health agencies we already have, and one that makes it virtually impossible to work unless you join a union. Our taxes are already astronomical and now people voted to be taxed even more and decrease their standard of living!

    As an undercover conservative and devout Christian, I can confirm that it is truly surreal to see and hear the cognitive dissonance around me. The openly shared, venomous hatred of us is real. Since I have had to blend in for almost 40 years just to keep a job and have contact with others, it is assumed that I am one of the hive. Just the other day, a new acquaintance bragged about shunning one of her sons and his children for over two years for the crimes of refusing to get the death jab, being an evangelical Christian, and horror of horrors-a Trump supporter. (My disguise is just that good that she had no idea that I would have loved to invite her son and his family to my Thanksgiving table!) Her hatred for her own flesh and blood literally dripped off her tongue. I think she wished death upon him and his family. This was thought justified, because his sister has a baby with an extremely rare cancer, found at birth, who is immune-compromised from the life saving cancer treatments she has had to endure this past year. (She got stem cells from her fully vaxxed and boosted mom! What could possibly go wrong with that? They sadly will find out.) Everyone else in the family has been shot up and boosted so they can gather as a family, but the allegedly villainous son refuses. (Good for him!) She then told me that her vaxxed family and herself have still had the coo multiple times! She simply couldn’t understand it. I commented that yes, it was surely strange how we were all promised that it would protect us and now it’s clear that it offers no protection from the coo at all. She nodded in agreement. Then she told me that her best friend had been diagnosed with the same extremely rare form of cancer just one week before her grand-daughter’s diagnosis! Her friend wondered if it was caused by her death jab. She had reassured her that it was impossible, because her newborn grand-daughter was too young to get the shot, yet got the same cancer. When her friend asked if the baby’s mom had been vaxxed, she said she had during the pregnancy, but of course that would have had no effect on the baby!! I wanted to scream “Thalidamide babies” at her!!! But what good would it have done? If that doesn’t wake someone up to the lies we have all been fed, then descending into the upcoming “shtruggles” won’t turn them from their destruction either. Finally, she told me with a note of relief and dare I say, joy, that her baby grand-daughter had just been given medical clearance to get her first clot shot—the shot not just 5 minutes before she had lamented didn’t work and that her friend wondered if it had given her cancer!!! I just stared at her in horror. I then told her that I hoped that she and her family would find some way to bridge the rift with her son and his family, and then silently prayed for her soul. The anguish she and her vaxxed family will endure in the next year or so will be overwhelming, and she is willfully blind to it. Her son and his family may be the only ones left alive to help them.

    This woman also was masked up the entire time at our small group event and during lunch in a crowded restaurant, because her immune compromised grand-daughter was having her first year birthday party in two days, and she didn’t want to catch the coo and possibly give it to her. She could have stayed home in isolation if she really was terrified, but she was a true believer in the magic of the mask. Of course, she assumed we were all vaxxed and therefor safe from spreading disease. She gave the restaurant hostess grief about wanting to be seated far away from the crowd, fearfully glancing at the others seated nearby. This crazy, deluded woman chose a booth near a crowded bar and directly on the flight line of the seating area, so that everyone going to the plastic wrapped, unventilated, jam packed outdoor eating area (the restaurants in our area want you to feel safe from the coo by eating outside even in the dead of winter, but hermetically seal you in plastic tents and put up heaters to keep you warm—just like a petri dish growing bacteria) had to pass our table. She glared at everyone who walked by unmasked. She was fine around me even though I was maskless. Go figure. The coo evidently knows to stay far away when masks are removed for eating, because she did take hers off to put food in her mouth! These covidiians are truly crazy!

    I would flee the blue hive or as I call it, Racoon City, except we have family here that needs us who can’t move with us. All we can do is hunker down and look after one another and our neighbors when the wheels come fully off.

    • Mike Austin November 11, 2022, 1:29 PM

      My God what a dystopian nightmare. Those people are scarcely human.

  • Sean November 11, 2022, 9:02 AM

    To me, all this has a very Byzantine feel to it. The two parties there, Blues and Greens, were both politically and sports grounded. They would fight colossal battles in the streets of Constantinople, that the Army would have to intervene in to make them stop. They kept this up even when the Turks were creeping ever closer to the Capitol. So far, no Turks here, but perceived weakness abroad will bring the inevitable. The Blue Hive cities that were once the envy of the world are now spoken of with horror and disgust, and its denizens keep clamoring for more of the “equity” that turned America in to a third world shit hole. One can see the edges of the place rotting and collapsing. What ever city you find yourself in America, whatever your conditions, I urge you to get out, now, unless it is a viable place, and looks to be in the future. Unless you want to see what real horror looks like in the fall. The Blues made sure to import enough invaders here illegally, to guarantee destruction.

    • Mike Austin November 11, 2022, 1:28 PM

      Paging Belisarius: “Bring on the Nika Riots!”

  • Dirk November 11, 2022, 1:51 PM

    What we are experiencing is a new strategy. The left can not, will not allow the great news of a red wave to seal the deal. So the press froze it in play.

    Their tactics have broke even the strongest of hard core right men and women. At some level we wanted,we demanded that excitement from that Red Wave. We fucking earned that wave, dammit. Yet the media the blue team stole even that.

    The outcome will be the same, the excitement of The Red Wave, was suppressed. Brilliant actually,

    Look at the spin on the events past few days, the rights wicked pissed, end fightings happening, what was and will be gained in the end, when TOTALS of vote counts are in. will be tainted by our end fighting, our anger.

    A very small example is, I was initially wicked pissed off at Trump. Yet after I saw the correct numbers, Trump was wildly successful, I was pissed that Trump went after Desantis, how dare he attack the most successful politician this election.

    Florida went the distance shut the left wing nonsense down, before it was allowed to happen. Not so the other states. Florida shutting down the lies pre election allowed for zero wiggle room, zero room for the left to talk shit, to continue what their strategy plans been across the nation.

    Again brilliant actually. Look at the outcomes in every other state. Pandemonium,,,,,wicked pissed off right wingers, calling bullshit on everything, everyone.

    WE WON!, no matter how you look at it, the numbers don’t lie.

    This ain’t over until its over, so pull your heads out of your asses, quit talking nonsense, or psycho babbled, on lies half truths and straight up bullshit. While the blue states play silly games, go PT, shoot another mag, pop a target in the head at 1000m, but quit over reacting, we are doing exactly what the left has programmed us to do. Their laughing at our ignorance, they are playing us, still knowing a lot of blue got kicked to the curb, a lot more blues about to get kicked to the curb.

    The red team did an outstanding job, I believe when vote counting done and said, we will be in a good/er spot, certainly much better then 24 months ago.

    NOTHING pushes my button more then Biden on TV with that smirk that bullshit line, “ I’m not changing a thing”. The fuck your not president douche bag. You and the dems got owned, We The People just don’t realize it yet.

    End of the day, conservatives got owned by a blue prank.

    Lastly here in oregon bill 114 the anti gun bill is 50/50, was picking up a few shotguns yesterday, the gun store was flooded with customers, buying guns to be under the date, should it break bad.

    I was able to score a Beretta 303 semi auto shotgun 12, a 870 shorty 20, a Winchester model 12, 12 ga. Ten pounds of Varget.

    A court in Texas has overturned ATF on the 80% lowers ban. The courts explained that ATF doesn’t make law, they enforce those laws. The window for 80% purchases of Mrs and any 80% pistols is open again. If you didn’t stock up, now is your opportunity.

    Happy Veterans Day, to my brother and sister Vets.


    • ghostsniper November 11, 2022, 2:20 PM

      Once more, best place to buy 80% lowers?

  • Dirk November 12, 2022, 8:59 AM

    Lots of places, I’ve built, or our crew have built 100 or more of these, we prefer D5 80% ers. They have a few features that set them apart from all the other lowers

    They are forged with the trigger guard as integral to the lower, not pinned like most, often roll pins are used to pin the bottom of the trigger area. Setting roll pins is cake, removing roll pins without a roll pin remover is a bitch.

    Also the bolt hold back/ release is no longer a roll pin, but a very small set screw, a dab of lock tight, tighten the hex head pin with the provided set screw, your golden.

    I had a 5D lower with me at the gun store the other day, many in the line were picking up lowers, a lot of Palametto and other bottom feeder lowers. I was showing the guys the difference regarding the built in lower trigger guard, VS their new purchases having a roll pin in the front. The guys in line didn’t have the good jig for routing the 80% lowers.

    The good jig, from5D, should be on every gunsmiths work bench. “ I’m not a gunsmith” however my “smith kit” is extensive.

    The other guys lowers were fine, will do the job, its just that after I’ve/We’ve built sooooo many of these D5 lowers we just recognize the differences, in quality and build material.

    Ghost we are also using AERO lower parts kits, and their uppers. Out of Washington State, i gotta warn you their tolerances are tight, like real tight. We’ve had to run a round file thru literally ever trigger hook detent and a flat file over the edges, just lightly for better function. “Bottom pin on the trigger group’.

    AERO bolt carrier groups and charging handles are also used, any over the counter parts will work together, we just have a inside line at AERO.

    Lastly sights. Spend the money get good backup sights. We run TROY sights, i run the hooded “HK” front sights, on the front of the rifle, standard folding sights. The hooded HK sight is wicked fast for picking up the front sight.

    RedDots of Lowe power scopes.
    Lots of great choices in this department. If your in open country run the scopes, right bullet and bullet spin you can get 600y easily. I run T1 red dots, i can shoot at 600, with hold overs out to 800y.

    A reminder the 556/233 is not a battle rifle. The m4 is a dam good rifle but its important to recognize its limitations.

    Good luck, if you need help I’m happy to help as i can.


    • ghostsniper November 12, 2022, 11:45 AM

      OK, thanks.
      Will get with 5D asap.
      I’m currently building another AR based on the exact same properties as my last one.
      However it will have an Adams Arms piston kit installed instead of the gas impingement like my other one. It will have a Troy 13″ Alpha rail and flip ups in FDE like my other one.

      Next after that one will be the exact same thing but in 7.62. Been wanting this one for awhile. Also wanting to do a .50 and maybe a 12 ga.