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Innovators Among Us: There Are Americans Who Can Beat This Thing

From the daily and invaluable Bill Whittle’s Daily CoronaSphere Lounge Episode 5: Don’t Just Flatten the Curve: Raise the Bar with Bill Whittle [ Subscribe now or subscribe later.]

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  • ghostsniper March 25, 2020, 12:09 PM

    Well yes, of course.
    Once you realize that the whole thing is 2% substance and 98% media hype.
    John Venlet’s been saying this since day one and I agree.
    How can you believe the media lies it’s ass off about everything in the world but is telling the truth about this virus boogeyman?
    Frankly, I’m not convinced this covid19 thing exists at all.
    The guy that owns the property next door is a doctor in a major hospital and he came by the other day to borrow some drill bits which I loaned him. He said he has no direct knowledge that the virus exists but all the operating room staff have to act like it does. He will be in the operating room tomorrow, Thursday, and then he must quarantine at the hospital for 14 days. He has been off for the past 2 weeks and the hospital is only doing “essential” surgeries.

    Remember, they killed a president, dropped 2 skyscrapers, started wars, and hundreds of other crimes, is a virus, fake or real, beyond possibility? Remember what Goeble said?

  • John Venlet March 26, 2020, 11:46 AM

    Frankly, I’m not convinced this covid19 thing exists at all.

    As an additional thought in response to Ghostsniper’s statement, above, do any readers here personally know anyone in your family, or extended family, who has the Kung Flu, or who has had the Kung Flu? I personally do not. Additionally, I do not know of any friend, or friend of a friend who says or has said to be contact with any individual who is afflicted with, or been afflicted by, the Kung Flu. Anybody?

  • ghostsniper March 27, 2020, 11:59 AM

    Well, since nobody else has responded, and a few days have elapsed, I’ll respond. I do not know of anyone with direct contact with the virus and I have family in 3 of the 4 corners of the US. I have heard of a few people but all of them are at least 3 times removed. Friends of friends that my wife knows but I do not know. My wife doesn’t know the virused people neither. Have I confused you yet.

    I am also hearing of, what would you call it, associative virus. That is, for example, a guy falls from ladder breaking his neck and dying and an autopsy reveals he had the virus. He didn’t die FROM the virus but the media makes it seem like he did. Same with people dying in car crashes.

    I have not left the compound since 2 weeks ago yesterday and don’t know when I will again. We are out of regular milk and now must use powdered but I don’t use it much any way. My wife uses it more than me. I’m not convinced this virus deal is NOT a hoax.

  • ghostsniper March 27, 2020, 12:03 PM

    One more thing. If everyone is supposed to stay home to avoid catching the virus how come it’s OK for “essentials” to venture out into the fray, aren’t they susceptible to virus attack too? And then, why is it OK for people to venture out to get things from the store that the essential hero’s are stocking but they are also supposed to stay home? IOW, how are you supposed to both stay home and venture out? How come the media has lied continuously for 30 years but are telling the truth about the virus? I bet nobody responds to this.

  • John Venlet March 27, 2020, 12:37 PM

    The questions you ponder, I also am pondering, and can offer no answers, Ghostsniper. I venture out approximately once per day and take looksees in various stores, whether I need to or not. Was in a Office Max today, grabbing some ink cartridges for my Lovely Melis. Only one guy in the store, that I could see, and it was an older gentleman manning the cash register. I also stopped in a local neighborhood grocery store, D&W, to grab some bananas. There were shoppers, not a ton but some, and none wearing masks, and the same employees that are usually around that time of day, were there at that time (approx. 10:45 a.m.). This particular D&W had no tp or paper towels, and the meat shelves were not quite bare, but had limited availability of all meats. I have nephews and nieces in CA, and a brother in OR. No dire news from either of these kin, and my brother in OR, Salem area, is associated with emergency military personnel. He states they are busy, with lots of meetings, preparations for this and that, but no dire situations. My closest friend, who lives in the Keweenaw Peninsula, up in the U.P. of Michigan, and was recently given the bad news of a re-occurrence of cancer, has been in and out of the major medical player’s offices here in GR this past week while staying in my home. He reports that though visitors are denied entry to the local hospitals, within the premises themselves, there appears to be no chaos, excessive fear, or patients in the hallways. The hospitals have set up triage tents, actually tarped areas, to test and isolate individuals who may need virus care, prior to any admittance to the hospital itself. Things do not add up for me, but I do wash my hands, but I’ve always done that.